Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sports day

I give up......
When LM started school we were told that they have a  sports days but kindy kids did not need sports clothes or shoes....

Ok I am fine with that.....

Then 2 weeks after the kids  started school we get told kindy kids need black joggers and sports shorts..

Get it straight will you.....

Being sick as usual I couldn't go to the shops so I looked at Target on line to see what they had.I manage to get these "Crusty Demons" joggers for $29 and they sent them to our store for pick up no charge.In all it took 5 days.I wasn't worried if they were crap because I would just get a refund but I need not worry because they are great.
Kev picked up the shorts from the uniform place-no problem...

I took LM's picture wearing them on Sports day check out the face he gave me....

Just want to crab him and smother him with kisses ha ha

So I guess I have just had my first experience of schools telling us the "night before"syndrome
Great 13 more years of this crap

Do you get this problem at home and how do you deal with last minute pop ups ?



  1. I just love the look on Aidans face. Cheekie little look, butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.


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