Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kerry update

What a hectic day it was yesterday.At least I slept better last night after seeing both Kerry and Jaxon.

Before I say anything more I want to give thanks to you guys .you don't know me or Kerry yet the warmth  and genuine concern given to us  has been overwhelming  for me.

My family and I really appreciate all the  comments and emails and phone calls concerning my precious two ....

thanks with all my heart.......xxxx

We went to RPA yesterday and went to see Kerry first I had to see my little girl and make sure she was alright..

I was not really prepared to see her like that and as she was sleeping it made it look worse.I was naughty and took her photo so one day she can look back on it and will remember it.

As of today she is still in ICU and they are trying to stop the bleeding.She has not seen her son yet but has been told by the nurses that Jaxon has stabilized and they hope to bring him down to see her today.

A very proud and worried Nana checking out her baby Jaxon.I  am calling him JD which is his first and last name.

Pop is very happy to see his grandson. what a grin...

Emmanuel sent me this picture..,Doctors are very happy his eyes are open and he appears alert.


Proud and exhausted Daddy....

My poor JD....he is getting air pushed into his lungs and tubes to feed him.The blue thing on his belly is ice packs to cool him down I am not sure why but it has something to do with his brain....

The Doctors were very worried about brain damage and are monitoring him for signs of seizures,this is due to when he was born they had to resuscitate him as he wasn't breathing...

Emmanuel says he has Kerry's toes.I agree....

He is such a little fighter.He weighed in at 3.97kilos..... Emmanuel said he will be a football player.

Isn't he beautiful....but the photo I want to see more than anything is the one of Kerry holding her son...

thanks again everyone you truly great people  . friends...


  1. Glad to hear that u finally got to see your little girl and her bubba!! Can't wait to hear the news that kez has finally got to give her little/ big boy a kiss and cuddle she will be an awesome mum xx love to u all Mel xx

  2. Oh Congratulations Grandma - he is just beautiful !!!
    Praying for all of you - but something tells me everything is going to be OK - without a doubt!!!!!!!
    Much love,

  3. glad to hear things have improved and you have seen your precious grandson and daughter, praying this continue to improve for you

  4. God such a waiting game. All the signs look good so hopefully all fine. Don't forget all parents go through worries that their hub will be fine. Glad your girl is on the mend.

  5. Beautiful photos of a very proud Daddy, Nanna & Pop. So glad that both Kerry & Jaxon are improving with every hour. One more week and I will also be able to see Jaxon.
    Love to you all xxx

  6. Oh Dee!!! So glad you have been able to spend time with them both! I am still praying! He is just so stinkin' cute!!! :).

  7. Such a relief to see that both your daughter and grandson are doing ok. Prayers for all of you as you face whatever the next few days bring.

  8. My heart sank yesterday when Mel told us what had happened to Kerry and baby Jaxon. I remember all to clearly the day Mel had little Ali and she had to be put in the humidicrib and be flown out. The emotions you should be feeling are one's of joy not ones of fear and shear disbelief that this could be happening to your babies. Everyday became a better day and finally we got to bring a gorgeous girls home. We are all praying that you too will be bringing your beautiful daughter and baby Jaxon home soon. Can't wait to see your smiling faces cradling that gorgeous boy in your arms. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Love Sue, Heath and Stacie xox

  9. Jaxon is soooooo gorgeous. We can't wait to see the photos of Kerry with her beautiful son along side Manny and of course the first photos with his Nanna & Pop. Simone rang last night and she sends her love and prayers. We will continue to pray for you all. Love, Debra xx

  10. I do hope all will be well for this dear little boy and his Mumma, and all the family as well. Thinking of you at this difficult time.

  11. I do hope all will be well for this dear little boy and his Mumma, and all the family as well. Thinking of you at this difficult time.


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