Friday, March 8, 2013

Pink day

Today is "PINK "day at school.The school is raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness.

They had to wear pink and give a $2 donation.Well in case you haven't noticed we have a boy.No pink here.No pink shorts no pink tshirts no pink socks but I do have PINK HAIRSPRAY.......

So out it came ...cause LM's hair is dark I usually spray it white first then do the pink.Today was no different except I was in a rush but we think it looks great.

LM took Minnie Mouse as she is pink.

I felt like crap when we got to school and all the kids are wearing pink there was only a handful not wearing pink and my boy was one of them   boo hoo........

But at least he had pink hair and a pink ribbon he was happy I was not.

I am going to get him a pink shirt if it kills me for next time.I will start looking through eBay today after my chores...

Also they are  selling pink donuts and pink lemonade and pink lollie bags all for gold coin donations....I gave him some money for that as well.

Then because I am so nice  or maybe I am a suck up I made some mini pink cupcakes for LM's class.I wanted to because I thought what about the kids that didn't bring money at least they can have a pink cupcake and be happy and LM loved doing this.....

LM did the decorating.I just cooked and iced but they look "pink a luscious"

Have a great day


  1. Aidan looks good with pink hair. I love the collage of photos. Very nice.

  2. The hair looks great and my son didnt have any pink at that age either although he does now @ 18.
    The cup cakes are decorated beautifully.

  3. Love the pink hair, and really loved the look of the cupcakes, yum! I hope Aidan saved two, one for Uncle Ross and one for me.

  4. Thank you for the kola bear and key chain. Oh I just noticed that all the stuff that you sent in the box started with a k. Ive never got mail from a diffrent country. I love the pink cupcakes.


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