Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fast Fun Name Braclets.

We have a school fair coming up soon so I am trying to make a heap of little things for the kids to buy.

I am using up bits and pieces that I have and wow do I have beads lots and lots of beads....

SO first up I decided to make a few bracelets with names on them for some special little girls I know.

They were such fun that the LM got in on it as well and made some for himself  and then one for his teacher and then  Mel.Then he decided to make one for every girl in his class...Grand ideas that boy has plus I think it is a nice thought so far he has made 3 he needs to make 9 so he will get there.

I tell you these are so so easy.The best part though and it made such a difference in making these was "the big eye needle" the eye splits for  nearly the whole length of the needle to let you thread the elastic thread through.

Once the needle is threaded I double it and put a little knot on the end so I am threading a double length of elastic thread through  these tiny beads with no problems.....Best buy ever made.I paid $6 for 4 well worth it and the were called Big Eye Needle.....The other good thing I love about the needle is it tends to bend as you thread the beads on which really helps....

 I just thread the beads onto the thread in whatever pattern I want or in the girls name.Once it is the desired length( I use LM as my model) I tie the thread into a couple of knots then thread the elastic back through the bracelet bring it out  and then give it another knot or two...

These are some of the bracelets I made so far.....I even had to make LM's toy  Dog Dog her own necklace because LM said ''she doesn't like bangles she is a lady and wants a necklace" How could I refuse him....

Here the LM is making his first bracelet.....I love kids doing crafts and yes I know bangles are for girls (suppose to be ) but he enjoyed it....All I did was thread his needle and when he was finished I tied them off.....I wanted him to do little patterned ones but he liked choosing his own beads and the order they went on...He didn't care if he put two red beads together he liked it so in the end I gave up and told him he was doing great...

I know the photo is almost the same as the one above but I am so proud of him for doing these as he isn't the type of kid to sit still and concentrate for too long he likes to play and run he is full on....but just for today he sat next  to me and we beaded together  just me and him and of course Dog Dog was there waiting for her necklace and together we also made some good memories of time spent together....

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  1. The seriousness on Aidan is magic & I love that he made one for his precious dog

  2. Of course boys can bead! Its a great activity, creative, hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, and of course he's being so generous making things for other people.

    I love Dog-Dogs one!!! It's the best.


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