Monday, July 1, 2013

Subway art for Jaxon

Last night  I finally got around to making a subway art sign for baby Jaxon I mean he is only 4 months old that's not too bad (is it ?) anyway  I love how it turned out but I don't know what back ground to use....

                                                         The light blue chevron????

                                 Or the light blue and grey chevron background????

I have sent a copy over to Kerry so she can have the final say then I will frame it...I like these as they are just a different way to show baby's birth details...

Do you like it?

Any suggestions on how to make it better?...

I think I am leaning towards the blue and grey back ground it just looks "yum" to me .Well that's the only way I can describe it.

In case you are wondering how I made this (what your not!!!) (well I am going to tell you anyway) it was done in Pic Monkey that wonderful photo editing site.

First I made a blank canvas make a blank canvas by just deleting all the cells and then save it to your desk top..I have a blank canvas on my desktop all the time so whenever I want to make something I can skip this step.(probably silly as it only takes a couple of minutes to make)

Then I went into' edit a photo' using my blank canvas as the photo.

I chose my first font to start with got it to the size I thought I should have then changed the colour then pressed the save button.

I continued with the rest of the details changing fonts,size and colours till they looked good to my eye.

Also I saved everything on each change  it is a pain in the butt  but at least you wont lose your hard work..

Once done it was saved for the last time..... we put it on a USB and took it to Office works ( a very large office supply shop which does everything) there they printed this out to the size I wanted....

Whoop Whoop another thing to cross off my to do list.......................


This pink one is for our friends daughter I just thought I would show it off with Jaxons blue one to show you a different colour variation....I have done a post on this before... here

Looks good in both pink or blue what do you think?

Also what colour background would you chose for Jaxon?

Thanks for your help

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