Monday, July 22, 2013


I think I am a very old fashion decorator in my house as I love DOILIES..

I never thought of myself that way but now I realise I am.

I can't put things straight onto a surface without a doiley there first...

                                                                 My dinning table...
Do you have them in your house?

My mum does so maybe that's where I get it from.....but to prove that theory wrong is the fact that Kerry doesn't use doilies at all. Instead she may have a table runner on her dinning table but that's it...

                               Green apples and doilies can you get anything better-love it....

I have them under everything I got 90% of mine are from a shop called Every day living (but they have since closed) so if I want new ones I am stuffed.

Mine  are all white and I even have a few antique ones hanging around.

                                                                 Our  hall table....

Not all my doilies are on wooden  surfaces though

I framed this embroidered doiley that I made when I was 16years old it was made for my glory box...It didn't have to wait too long though as I got married at 17 ha ha -I had it framed a few years ago and it now hangs in my bedroom..

I made this antique doiley bunting and it is hanging in my office.I really love this piece and when we do this room up I have an new idea on where to put it...

I have a few antique doilies just "hanging" out of the drawers on  my sewing machine table in the little drawers with a bear keeping it company...

I use paper doilies and little hand dyed doilies  when I do scrap booking it gives a nice touch to the piece I am doing.

I have even put little hand dyed doilies onto baby singlets and tshirts for decorations.  They look so sweet.

I have a stack here I want to dye but just haven't got around to that yet and also have a few ideas to make a stencil with plastic doilies for another project I have in mind to do
(yeah just add them to the list )..

I just recently bought a pattern from Etsy to make a crotchet blanket that looks like a giant doiley. I want this for my room and am going to make it in white wool.The pattern is called Willow by Lisa Gutierrez.

So what do you use doilies for? Or do you use them at all?

Is it old fashioned to use them?

My main problem is I don't know what I would use if I didn't have a doiley......


  1. THey are really pretty!!! I think what I love most about them is that when I see them I ALWAYS try to imagine who made it & what her life story much love & talent :) ANnie has one with her name in it but we put it away until she gets married :) Yours are all so special I loved admiring them!!!

  2. Love that you still have one you made when you were 16! I just went back to admire them again :)

  3. I'm definitely NOT a doily person - they were all over our house when I was growing up though :)
    BUT I have to say I'm loving them in frames - now that's a brilliant idea and may just make me look at them again next time I'm thrifting!

  4. I will always love doilies the tables etc just don't look right without them.
    They have become so expensive now to buy even from the thrift shops

  5. Oh my god I need a giant Doily blanket in my life!!!

    Have you seen the Giant Doily Rugs? (search it in google images) They are the sole reason I want to learn to crochet!!!


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