Monday, July 8, 2013

Sunday friends and fun

What is better way of spending a beautiful Winters Sunday with friends having some fun...

Well that's what we did yesterday.

Our besties Alan and Lisa came over and we went to Ten Pin bowling....

We have never been to the new one here at Penrith but gee we will be going there again....It was GREAT...Lisa and I didn't bowl but I almost wet myself a couple of times from laughing at the way LM bowled. He was so funny...

                                  When we said we were going Ten Pin bowling LM chucked a fit...
                                                                   "no I don't want to go......"
                                                                    "I won't like it ........"
                                                                    "I can't do it........"

                                                              And after bowling it was....
                                                                 " Dee that was fun..."
"when are we going again?....."
"I love bowling...."
Next time we will play a couple of games but I wasn't sure if LM would do it so we only played one this time.

Afterwards we headed off to the Peachtree which is our local pub where we had a really delicious pizza and the boys had a beer.

It was a great afternoon ,it was only bowling and a pizza but gee it was good to be out of the house and not worrying about being sick.

Just hanging out with good friends what a great way to spend the day.......


  1. Looks like fun Dee - pizza and bowling with friends - perfect day out I think!!!

  2. A great way to spend a Sunday, a little cost for good memories.


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