Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Jan.

                                                     Happy Birthday to my best friend Jan....
Although you aren't with us anymore you are always in my heart and always in my thoughts.
Every time I look at your daughters I see you...The way you used to laugh and talk I am seeing these same traits in your beautiful Granddaughter Annaliese.
I will never forget you and the mischief we just to get up to.We made the best craft together.The long talks on the phone everyday.To this day I cant erase  your home or mobile phone number from my phones ....When I look at them I feel you are still here.
I am really angry that you left us all the way you did but I understand you have your own reasons and I must respect them but god it hurts.
I want to tell you about Jaxon and Aidan I want you to be here when I am sick I want to hear your laugh as we make up some scheme ....
Jan I miss you so much. No one will ever replace you in my life. We have the kind of bond that will last an eternity and all I can say is God help everyone when I am reunited with you in Heaven we will rock it once again.
Happy Birthday My Best Best Friend I love you.xxxx


  1. Always close to your heart, but you do have her daughters & grand daughter to enjoy. I'm sure that Jan is always looking down on you & I agree Heaven will rock with the two of you there when the time comes.


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