Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment

I found this picture while going through and cleaning up my computer and thought I would share it again.

Tomorrow I am going to see the Infectious Disease Team at my hospital not looking forward to it but I am looking forward to getting better.
I just wonder what kind of treatment they will give me? is the LM's birthday next week and I cant arrange anything till after this visit because I don't know if I will be in hospital or what.....

You all know I am sick (yeah yeah I can hear the jokes from here )  well looking at the picture made me realise just how much we have tried and tried  to get well.

Here I was at  Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney trying to see if this would help me....I am in their Hyperbaric chamber which you breathe in 100% oxygen which is suppose to help heal wounds.This is the same chamber that they use for divers .

We got to go into the chamber it self and check it out  I started to freak out and sweat was dripping down my back it was dark yuk and very claustrophobic and I didn't like it at all.

They sit 6 or 7 patients in here on the chairs and we have to put the helmet on .The helmet is attached to oxygen and it slowly gets breathe in by me.It was like a submarine not that I have been in one but Kevin said that was the feeling you got.

Not my feeling Kev I was packing S%#@  and couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Next we went into the testing room where they put the helmet on me  and turned on the oxygen it was on for around 15mins and although you cant see it in the pictures I was a mess I was fidgeting with my rings and crying and poor Kev said he just wanted to lean over and rip it off but knew we had to try and see if it worked.

Well it didn't.They had all little clamps over me to measure the oxygen levels and I didn't respond to it.Part of me was happy with the result the other part weren't. My oxygen levels didn't change at all.If they had I would have had to travel 90mins each way to the hospital  every day for 6 weeks of treatment.

I have also tried ....

Acupuncture-didn't work and neither did the Chinese medicine that I was given...

Paw Paw treatment-this had some success except I couldn't apply the cream to my legs as the wounds were too serve and we couldn't rub it in as we should have done.Tom (the inventor of this product ) tried lots of ways to use it and even made me a lighter purer version but it couldn't help the way it did for other patients.....Although it cleared up some other problems and I would try it again.....

Bowen massage- didn't work as my legs were too much of a mess and she couldn't really press hard although we did try for around 6 weeks....

Pills pills and pills  all kinds and once I was given some experimental drugs which in fact caused a new wound to open and the fastness of it developing and the severity of it nearly had my have my foot amputated but by the stroke of luck I saw my current Doctor who managed to save it...So now we ask questions  and do research on any pill they want to give me and we have said no to a couple as they had too many side effects...

I had steroids but again all these did was cause me to put on 30plus  kilos and didn't clear anything up  so we stopped them.

The funniest  though was Viagra  yes you heard me right. It's job was( to well for me ) to get the circulation increased and blood flow  going ..... so for 3 months I was on this and yep it failed as well...We had to get authorisation to take these as it is still on trail for my type of problem .It cost almost $3000.00 dollars for 3 months supply and yet it failed.

So in all the journey has been horrible I have nearly had my foot amputated once (freaked me out terribly) but the worst was magotts.I wont go into details except to say that twice in the hot  Summer this has happened and I went to hospital.They wernt worried because they said they help clean the wound but the problem was me how gross it was to see them on my leg and have to get my father and Kevin get them off .This was the lowest point

So I know some people say you should try this or try that believe me when I say we have tried everything we can  so we just wait till the Doctors have a  new suggestion or  a new pill is granted for us to try and in the mean while we cross our fingers pray and wait....


  1. I am so sorry to hear about all this Dea. What a terrible time you have had. I hope you get some relief with this current visit.

  2. Fingers crossed for to-morrow and you never know what new thing is just around the corner. Love Mum xxx

  3. It looks ( and sounds ) like a torture chamber Dee - God love you ..................
    Wishing all the best for this next round..............


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