Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vintage toy for Jaxon


This little cute duck is 30years old....or just a bit over that.
It was given to me as part of a baby shower present to me when I was pregnant all those years ago....

It was one of Kerry's favorites when she was a baby and we called it "duck duck" ... So when she no longer played with it I put in  her treasure box.....

There is nothing fancy about "duck duck" no flashing lights or bells or little sounds that buzz and beep....Unlike toys of today "duck duck" is very plain but gee he made Kerry happy.She used squeal with laughter as she played with him and it was great to watch.

I didn't keep all her toys -I am not that anal but just a few of her favorites.I am hoping to pass them off to Kerry as well when Jaxon gets bigger.I have been carting them around for 30 years it will be Kerry's turn now ha ha

While I have been cleaning up and rearranging the house I came across "duck duck" and thought I would give it to Jaxon to play with....

He looked at it for a little while but that was it.....

He is still a bit to little for it. But I love the idea that he is playing with something that was his mothers...
Do you have any old toys that were yours or your children's when they were young?
I hope Kerry keeps "duck duck" for any other babies (I have my fingers crossed here) they may have and when those babies no longer play with "duck duck" he gets put away for her grand kids to enjoy....


  1. It warms my heart when toys are passed down from generation to generation. One day, he'll appreciate the sentiment as well. I'm keeping a few things for my kids, too.


  2. It's wonderful that you have kept so much of Kerry's things to be able to pass on. To be able to go thru the things you've saved must be lovely as many treasured moments are remembered.


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