Saturday, July 20, 2013

Shoes or Shoe?

OMG I can't believe it.

Today when I was getting ready for the nurse to come (because of my leg dressing they come once a week to see if I am doing it OK .Come on I have been doing it for almost 7 years I think I know what I am doing by now ) I was looking at my legs (urghh )and thought I can get a shoe on I am sure of it.

I went and got one like it has been years since I have worn heels (I have to wear thongs because of bandages and the wounds) so I hold my breath and slip it on....

Sounds silly but I felt like Cinderella at that moment.I was checking out my foot in the mirror in every angle ,I took some photos and walked (well I hobbled ) around my room with a big goofy smile on my face it was only for around 10mins but it felt FANTASTIC....

Now every good side has a down side my downside was I could only get the shoe on my left foot they is now way I can get one on the right as I have the original wound still of the top of my foot.

Also my legs and feet are very "bumpy" that is where the other open wounds have healed.And while you might be thinking hey this leg is pretty good I have a large open wound on the side of this foot that you cant see which is around 10 cm x 8 cms and 2 little ones above this .I just was very careful taking the photos that you can't see them.

And sorry I used my phone to take these photos that's why they are a bit blurred....

Oh well it's a start though .....and gives me hope............Which at the moment I really need.


  1. Good for you, Dee!! We must always celebrate the small victories!!


  2. I agree with Meredith small victories will always win the war.
    At least you can now wear 1 shoe which is better than what it was. xxx

  3. You are Cinderella & you've already got Prince Charming.


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