Monday, July 22, 2013

OMG ...... Killer Mouse

Once upon a time there was a cute little house.....

Now in this house there came a mouse not an ordinary mouse but a killer mouse....

True true true I kid you not...

Today I wasn't feeling well (whats new) ha ha and I was laying down watching TV when I felt that someone was watching me...Do you know that feeling it was creepy ....anyway I looked around and there was nothing...then out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw something so I looked down to the floor and '#$@% " (that's what I said ) there was a little huge mouse just looking at me well I don't know who got scared the most me or him but he ran off ,just then the troops arrived (Kevin and the LM) to answer my plea for help...

"Mousy mousy come on and play with me " said LM
"You sure you saw a mouse?" said Kevin
""no I made it up .....I was lying here bored and thought hey lets say there is a mouse here and have some fun with you and LM"

LM then kept looking in the wardrobe where the killer mouse was hiding the mouse was just waiting for the right time to commit his crime."Dee can I take the mouse's photo" hey mate great idea so I got my camera and sat and waited it didn't take long before he made an appearance and quick as a flash I was ready for him.


I cant believe I actually got the photo of this suspected murderer ,and that I manage to get another one......

"DA look  at my pet mouse Dee took a photo of it""......What !!!!!!!

No way mate tomorrow down to the shops for some baits and mouse traps and maybe a cat.Yes a cat that will get rid of it. Although how long does it take for a kitten to start eating mice....

I guess I will find out soon enough .

I just cant stand the thought of a mouse in my house (cripes I didn't mean to rhyme it then )but even looking at the pictures makes me cringe.

Poor LM though he keeps sitting in front of the wardrobe talking to his new friend "Mousey"


  1. Ok I'd freak out too - EXCEPT I have to say the way you captured it, it looks kind of cute LOL - really it does!

  2. I'm glad that you have it & Aidan has a new pet that won't cost anything, just a few crumbs here & there. The mouse will be bigger than a kitten so forget that one. xxx


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