Monday, July 29, 2013

The little yellow table Fairy tale......

Once upon a time there was a table ....

A very sad looking table, nothing I did made it look any good ,I tried changing the items on it around but still it lacked the X factor I wanted I really liked this table as I had only just bought it from Bunnings and it was just the right size for our back deck.......

Looks sad doesn't it....

 Well all that changed when Prince Kevin came to the damsels rescue and gave the table a good coat of metal primer....

And then Prince Kevin gave it another coat of primer to make sure he covered it all....He sure is good that Prince Kevin not to mention very handsome......(yes he did get rid of these runs on the leg)

Prince Kevin then produced the magical can of Golden Yellow spray paint which promised to make my table shine......And shine it did....Very brightly it did shine.The damsel was very worried.
"Fear not fair maiden all will be fine" said Prince Kevin....

Over and over Prince Kevin spray this magical colour unto the table and she changed before our eyes... 

"Gee Prince Kevin she is mighty bright I suppose it is too late to change our mind now about the colour ?"
"Fear not sweet maiden (I think that is Prince Kevin's favourite saying) wait till you put it back in your kingdom and place your royal Jewell's upon it and then we will see how you feel then "replied Prince Kevin.
"OK Prince Kevin" swooned the maiden  hoping for a kiss or two but that is another fairytale and is a restricted rating and can not be shown on a family blog.
We aren't that type of blog here.... 

So the handsome Prince Kevin put the little yellow table back up on the back deck and the damsel put some  bits n pieces on it.

The damsel said "I love it but I need my carriage to go to the shops and get something else to go on it"
"what are you going to get ?" asked the Prince....

"I don't know till I see it "she replied.....

So they lived happily ever after the Damsel the Prince and the Prince promised to take the damsel shopping so she could buy some more Jewell's for the table.The little yellow table was also very happy and smiled and smiled no one would ignore her again....

OH take a look at the little yellow bird that I got him to paint at the same time.I think it looks so so is the 'yellow bird of happiness' yeah I know it should be the  blue bird of happiness but as I don't like the colour blue there is  no blue bird here  just a glorious yellow one......ha ha

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  1. I love it in yellow. It's the perfect shade.

    I have a bit of a thing for bright yellow too :) maybe we're craving some sunshine in our lives.

  2. You chose THE perfect shade, and I love how you staged it. The plate is stunning. Cute way of writing it - as a fairytale.


  3. 100% better with the new colour.

  4. cute "story," prince kevin did a great job and the damsel added some great pops of color to her space!

  5. Love the yellow table and your cute story!


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