Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Gorgeous God Daughter graduates....

My gorgeous God Daughter Loni graduated from Newcastle University this week with a double degree in Education....I am so  proud of you Loni this is amazing....

Loni has had it hard with both her parents dying when she was young and her beautiful sister Brianna stepped in to raise the four girls plus her own daughter.

Loni and her sisters have always amazed me that no matter what life deals you it is for a reason and just get on with it.

I know Loni will do well with her teaching degree and go far.

Love you Loni and so does your God Sister (this is a name they called each other )Kerry we are bursting with pride...

                                            Brie and my darling God daughter Loni.

Loni has just Graduated from Newcastle University where she will now go on and make the most awesome teacher you are going to have heaps of happy students in the years to come.. Loni both your parents are dancing and singing in Heaven today as they watch down on you. They are so proud as are Kevin and myself...

                          Talia ,Brianna and Loni and Princess Annaliese at Loni's Graduation.....

love you all xxx


  1. Congratulations to Loni. Jan would have been so proud. The girls are all so beautiful and a credit to Brianna for how she has brought up the girls.

  2. Aww thanks Joan! I'm so flippin proud!!!

    Special occasions like this always hurt, because Mum & Dad are supposed to be there.

    I was thinking about it right before the graduation ceremony. Loni's facebook was being flooded with lovely messages and most people said "your Mum & Dad are so proud of you..." which is true of course, but when it's said over and over by people that didn't really know them it loses its shine a little bit.

    I told Lon how amazing she is and a bunch of other mushy stuff, but I explained to her that with age, and all I've been through with the girls and being a Mum myself; I really understand how Mum & Dad felt on all those occasions. I'm bursting with pride over my girls, they (Mum & Dad) must be even a step above that!

    We've been lucky in many ways, since they are gone we have so many beautiful people in our lives that maybe wouldn't have played such a big part otherwise. Dee, you're included in that list, by the way. xox


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