Thursday, July 25, 2013

Baby plates.

I received some very special happy mail today from some old friends.Not old as in the are ancient no no no I mean old as in we have been friends for around 25 years that kind of old...ha ha

Carlie (my friend) paints amazing country scenes onto white china and sells them around NSW at various craft shows and markets.Her pictures make you smile and she does custom work for people as well....

I told my friend Virginia that I couldn't believe that after all these years I didn't have anything of Carlies work to remind me of her ...I said maybe a baby plate for the LM and Jaxon .They would be unreal.....Anyway I forgot all about this conversation till today.... Virginia had told Carlie and today they arrived......I LOVE THEM......

I have been friends with these wonderful ladies since Kerry was around 6 years old.We used to do markets and fairs together and when we went away for 3 day shows we travelled and stayed in the same room.Oh my God the fun we had and the laughter coming out of those rooms I can still hear it.

We had the best of times and even though we did different crafts we could watch and help the other out and as Kerry got bigger she was roped into serving at there stalls.In fact as Kerry got older she was continually approached by other stall holders to work for them at that show because they knew she was a good worker,so she would help set me up and then go to who ever she was working for and at the end of the show get a good fat pay packet.

Sadly  Carlie lost her husband and now only does limited painting.I am so lucky to have these and will treasure them always.

Virginia is the lady who got us into Himalayan cats as she had the most beautiful Toby.When we got our first one it was from the same breeder as Virginia got hers from so "Fudge"(our cat ) had the same parents as Toby.

I miss these two women very much.I used to talk to Virginia every day telling her come on make this or make that sometimes she listened sometimes she didn't....

Good friends like these two are hard to find and I will always treasure their friendship....


  1. Those plates are fabulous!!!
    Aren't sister friends absolutely necessary in this crazy whirlwind of a life???

  2. love the plates that carlie made for you say hello to Virginia for me xxxxx

    1. wow I finally worked out how comment

  3. Oh I remember Fudge the only cat I ever liked he used chase my car all the time

  4. The plates are terrific. Something to always remember them from, and the good times you always had. xxx

  5. Dee,

    Those child plates are so darn cute!
    Hugs, Lynnie


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