Sunday, July 28, 2013

Spinach pastrys...

Do you eat any of the following???

Cottage cheese...
Feta cheese....

Me I cant stand any vegetables but I am trying to change the way I do things and trying to eat vegetables is one of the things I want to try to do ...

Mum!!!! what are you doing laying on the floor? I know I have never eaten vegetables but come on give me a chance and get off the floor......

Where is this post going you ask?  Well I found this recipe for some Spinach rolls here Five brothers one sister and I thought come on Dee give it a go remember small steps...and yes me being me I have changed it heaps to the original.

So here is my take on the  recipe

Spinach Pastry's...

Frozen spinach -thawed
Cottage cheese-I used about 1/3 cup
Feta cheese-About 1/4 cup crumbed up
Mixed cheese-This was Pizza cheese which is a mixture of 3 cheeses -mozzarella- Parmesan and cheddar or you can just use cheddar.I put in 1/2 cup.
1 egg.
puff pastry..
1 egg or milk to brush onto pastry
sesame seeds.

1-Put all of the above except the puff pastry into a bowl and mix.

2- cut your puff pastry into 4 pieces.

3-Place teaspoons of mixture onto pastry and fold them over to make triangles.

4- press around the edges to seal the pastry....

cook in a hot hot (around 12mins till golden brown)

Eat hot or cold.

The LM helped out with these and he said "why don't we make circles" OMG what a great idea so we did and I prefer them to the triangles. Our circles were just bite size and would be perfect for parties so they will be getting made again.

Yes they turned out good and yes I tried them.Kev liked them ,LM didn't like them too cheesy he said and me well lets say I would eat them if there was nothing else to eat...Sounds terrible thing to say but I couldn't handle the cheeses ....

 I will make them again and try different fillings.

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  1. Something nice & easy & great to always see Aidan trying to help or hinder. At least he tries very hard, a budding


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