Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mini Golf

During the school holidays Kev and I took the LM and his cousins Zeke and Trey to Mini Golf......

Great idea hey  glad I thought of it..... some fun and some cousin bonding...
 We did have a great time.The boys were so good and were laughing and having fun.Their ages were Zeke 8, LM 5, and  Trey 3 but for this day they mixed really well together no fighting well none that I saw ha ha .....
When we got there and went in the guy gave us clubs and balls each and then I had the scorecard....Score card!!!! forget it We hadn't even got to the first hole when balls and clubs and kids were everywhere who knew who's were who's so the score card got put into my bag and was forgotten which was too bad for the only person who was concentrating and doing his best and even got a hole in one who you ask???? KEVIN...

Yep Kevin let the boys go ahead and then he had his turn doing the right strut holding his head a certain way looked sooo dam cute he did.Then he got his hole in one which I only caught the end bit of it and the boys well they didn't care they were too busy checking out the mummy in the tomb that when anyone walked past the sensor it would rise out of the coffin only to scare the @&%$ out of 3 little boys and One Old Fat Hen who almost fell over when it happened too her.The stupid part was I had been laughing at the boys when it happened to them so I knew it was there...

So after we finished it was treat time and LM and Zeke had ice cream Yeah ice cream at 11.00am am I a bad mother or a totally cool one for letting them eat ice cream so early in the day  and little Trey had salt n vinegar chips .What a great way to end the day.

If you have a chance try out Mini golf with the kids .We were lucky as ours was an indoor venue great for winter days.It could do with a good clean to get the dust off the plants and such but the boys didn't notice that only me and Kev said it could have more lighting but again the boys didn't care so I will stop whingeing and will go again.

This time I will be ready for that Mummy.....


  1. Wow-you had your hands full! Looks like fun :)
    I'm your newest follower!

  2. A great fun day had by all including you Deidre.


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