Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kerry and Brie.

They have been friends since pre school.

Started school together.....they were inseparable.......always holding hands and laughing....
When they started school Jan (Bries mum) and I made their school uniforms together and we even made a uniform for their dolls each...(I still have Kerry's)

Jan was the best friend you could ever want.Don't get me wrong we had arguments and made up just as fast but I would do anything for her and her kids.I am god mother to Loni (she calls Kerry her god sister )Loni has just graduated from uni and is a teacher.Jan's girls are beautiful and I treasure them as if they were mine.In every girl I see different parts of Jan and it is like Jan is still here. Unfortunately Jan committed suicide years ago leaving Brie to raise the  4 girls a job she has done unbelievably and in that time Brie also had her own cutie pie and had to deal with the breakup of her relationship and also her fathers passing.So I look to Brie for inspiration for me when I feel down to think that this young girl (who is not yet 30) has survived what she has and can still smile is amazing.....

I love you Brie xx

I  also love that Brie and Kerry are still friends after all this time.....

Brie is a mother to  Annaliese who is so like Brie was when she was little and now Kerry is about to become a mother as well  God time flys if you close your eyes for a second you miss so much...
.Brie has become a wonderful wonderful mother and I talk to her heaps and get advice from her on how to raise the LM she is such a wise old soul and I love her dearly....
I hope they will always stay friends. I know they will..They don't see each other heaps or call up and say hello but when they do see each other it is like they have never been apart and I look at them and still   see the two of them giggling holding hands and skipping down the road together HEY not now I am talking about when they were 4 years old.
26 years of friendship how wonderful.
Jan we are very lucky mothers to have daughters like these two.I just wish you were here to see them I know you are watching from above but  #%*@ I miss you and no one will or can  ever take your place in my heart as my best friend.

I just had to show you all some pictures of the two of them when they started school  together.

 This is Kerry on her 1st day of school.1988 pretty cute hey..

Kerry and Brie...
Easter hat parade....

The girls had an excursion to Old Sydney Town

Best friend hugs....

Sorry about my ramblings I guess everyone likes to wander down memory lane every so often.Today is my day..

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  1. A wonderful friendship will last forever. I love the photo of the girls in their easter hats and the best friends hug.
    I'm sure that Jan is looking down & very proud of Brie & her girls. You & Jan had a wonderful friendship & lovely to see Kerry & Brie enjoying the same sort of friendship. xxx


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