Tuesday, February 19, 2013

School update.

Well we are up to two and a half  weeks at school now.I spoke to LM's teacher to see how he is going.

She is very impressed with his knowledge of numbers and what he cam write at the moment so that made me feel good but I said to her " that's OK knowing the good things but what can we do to improve on" she looked a bit startled then said "OK OK he needs to learn to wait before he does his work sheets-he thinks he knows what he is doing and doesn't wait just gets into it.Also he is learning not to yell out but to put his hand up first but other than that he is good'

Made me feel great that all our hard work with letters and numbers has worked.Kev spends a lot of time with him doing things like that I do the reading and writing bits....

Also  LM went to the library for the first time.Yeah I am bad I was always going to take him to the local library but never got around to it......bad mother.

He was so excited to bring home a book to show us...."dee this is called the cover " I really didn't know that....."and this is the spine" gee I would never have known that either.All jokes aside LM was very excited with his first of many library borrowings..

Check out his cheeky grin....
So far we have read this four times which is pretty good for him and he has picked up a couple of words ....he reading words list  is getting quite long now...

This is a train (I thought it was a truck....."see the train tracks dee" LM said ) pretty basic you say  -true but the LM isn't into drawing so this is something big around here.Very proud I was.
This one will be kept but when LM was in daycare (4 and a bit years ) I kept all his artwork.then late last year I went through it all and kept some and gave Kev some to scan and throw the rest out.With the scanned ones I made a digital book called Little Picasso and we put his artwork in this.Turned out fantastic and now they will be protected and he will love them  when he is older....

ON Thursday after school Kev and the LM has a big swim for around 40 odd Min's.When they came inside the LM went into his room to play.I could hear him talking to his gang then it was silent.
5.00pm and here he is sound asleep crashed out on his bed. Well he slept for almost 4 hours woke up had a nibble watched a little TV then went off to bed....

School is pretty full on for the little fella....

Last year we tried Kung Fu for the LM.

He went but wasn't interested spent his time looking around the room discovered the mirrors and spent the rest of the lessons dancing around.

So I thought nope he is too young lets leave it.

Fast forward to Friday night where we re enrolled him and what a difference.He did everything the teacher told him,ignored the mirrors and watched the teachers.Such a difference.

When we came out when lesson was finished he told us proudly that he "loves Kung Fu Panda and wants to go everyday"....yeah .

bye from the kartee kids mum..

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  1. No wonder the poor little fellow falls asleep early on his bed
    So many good things happening & he loves it.


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