Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stranger Danger


Hey  I forgot to say this before  but when we were doing the LM's Kindergarten Orientation they had a police officer come  for a visit and they gave us a talk on bullying and such.

Also they did  a talk on stranger danger.

One thing that stuck in my mind that they told us  was that when you are teaching them about strangers make sure that you tell them this...

If your child is being taken away by a stranger   DON'T CALL OUT "NO" out "NO STRANGER."...

That way if you see a child being pulled along by a adult and they are yelling out 'No' you won't mistake it for a child chucking a tantrum....But if they are saying 'NO STRANGER' you might  take more notice and who knows maybe save that child...

Makes sense doesn't it.... well it does to me...


  1. I think that it's a great idea. John followed a guy last Sunday who was carrying a screaming little girl. The guy showed John his Licence & said that his daughter was playing in the playground & would not leave, hence he picked her up, walked past us with her screaming & kicking. You just never know & better to be sure than sorrow when something happens.

  2. What great advice!!!
    God forbid you ever need to heed it but great advice none the less
    Such an important thing to share Dee

  3. Thanks Dee I just gave my kids a quick lecture. It's a great idea.

  4. I will implement this with my little ones. Thanks so much, Dee!!


  5. I always like to teach my kids stuff like this. Good of you to pass tips along! I tell my kids to fight like crazy! :).

  6. Good advice, I also read somewhere recently about teaching your kids about 'tricky people' being the ones who know them, groom them and want to harm them. The ones that might be neighbours, coaches, etc as opposed to the strangers that might snatch them. This resonated with me know my two are a little bit older.


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