Sunday, February 10, 2013

Robyns 30th Birthday

Our niece Robyn turned 30 this week and her family gave her a surprise birthday party...

We wanted to do something different to jewellery or I made her a baby book.

Well not really a baby book but it is a book with photos of her from birth till 30......I didn't put any pictures of family in it just her.

Oh on the first page I had a photo of her with her mum and dad when she was born that's all the rest were just of her growing up..

Kev and I were really pleased with how the book turned out.I did it online from Big W and this was a hardcover book for $25 -which is for 20 pages and a great size.

These are just a couple of my favorite photos...

Kev loves this one with the cake....ha ha

 Also we wanted to give something else so I made a 30's bouquet...WHAT!!!

I made a tag saying 30 sucks and attached it to a skewer.I got a pink tin bucket (her favorite colour) put some florist oasis in it then poked some lollipops (mine were from Big w where a bag was $3 of multicoloured lollipops ) in it till it was filled.I then got some shredded cellophane and pushed it in between the pops.It may have been easier to do the cellophane first but I thought it might make it harder to push in the lollipops...

When all the lollipops were pushed in I got my skewer tag and pushed that in the middle then I added a ribbon bow

 and beautiful 30's bouquet.

You could make this for any age and it's something different to give if you had a friend in hospital.It would last longer than fresh flowers...or how about one with just pink or blue pops for a new baby the ideas are endless....

Happy 30th Robyn hope you have a wonderful year (and more)

Ps it was a great party Kev and LM came home around 12.30am.They walked home and LM said he had to hold Da's hand because Da fell over.Yes Da was a bit tipsy.Luckily they only live around the corner.
And Robyn loved her book and bouquet.

Well I am off to bed my boys are sound alseep and I think it is time for me as well.




  1. What a cute bouquet!! And the book was a wonderful idea. She's a gorgeous lady.


  2. The book looks great & I sure that Robyn loved it. Sounds like Kevin had fun.


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