Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shower cake part 2.

Today I received the icing for my baby shower cake that I am making for Kerry.

Last week I made the cakes so they have been sitting all wrapped up waiting for me to decorate them....(something I am dreading )

 I ordered my icing online for 2 reasons
1-I am too lazy to make it from scratch
2-I am too lazy to make it from scratch  ha ha   plus it was cheaper online than from my local cake supply shop.

I got it from Cakes around town  and if you order before 11.00am on one day you will get your order the next day.They also have a large range of goods for chocolate making-cake pops and cup cakes Anything you need they have and their service is quite good as well but best of all great prices.

Also I bought the little joggers from the cake decorating shop in Penrith.They are just Kerry.She is shoe addict .....Omg she even has a few pairs of Nikes just waiting for Peanut.

So here I go  -cross your fingers better still cross your legs and anything else you can ha ha  I am going to decorate my cake .....................

I finally finished  at  2.30 am, I was stuffed so I went to bed. I had  finished the cake and almost  all of the biscuit's but my bed was calling out to me...."Dee where are you ?" "Dee come to bed" hang on was that my bed or Kevin???? ha ha

What do you think? Remember I haven't done these type of cakes for near on 25years so considering that I think it has turned out quite good.

I won't lie there are lots of mistakes  just don't look to close otherwise I am really happy with the finished cake.

Mum and Kev gave me a big boost and said how great it looks but then again they have to they are my family...ha ha ha

The real test will be Kerry's reaction so my fingers are crossed there ha ha ha  .......


  1. The cake looks fabulous!!! I'm so impressed with your cake-making skills. :)

  2. Fabulous & I'm sure that Kerry loved it.


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