Monday, February 11, 2013

52 Reasons why I love you....

Kev and I don't really do Valentine's day.

I love him he loves me yeah yeah yeah (sounds like a love song he he he) .....we know that.

We do exchange cards though-I love my cards and keep them in a box with all my treasures and keepsakes from Kev.

This year though I wanted to do something just to show Kev how much I love him and appreciate everything he does for me .Especially since I had such a crap year health wise last year and almost died.(well I did have a minor heart attack in Sept so I have a lot to be grateful for....)

I saw through Pinterest this idea

"52 Reasons why I love you....."

This is my front cover and back cover of my book........"Andever "is Kevin and mine special word.We even called our house this...

What a great idea.

I bought through EBay  a large size packet of cards ( I think they were only $6)

Used a hole punch to put a 2 holes in each card -top and bottom (this was the boring part.)

I worked out the size I wanted each quote to be-mine were 6 x 10cms then using Pic monkey I made each saying.

Then I put it in a  word document  and sized them to fit-I got 6 to a page -(I am sure there is an easier way to do this  but I am not really good on photo shop yet and this worked out fine )

I also put a couple of our favorite photos into the book on the oppisite side to the verse.I didnt want a picture on every page just the occansional one for something different.

I printed them out on white card stock.Used double sided tape to attach them onto the cards and then put them through  two metal rings (bought from Spotlight) (cards were in no particular order ) and tied a piece of ribbon onto the rings for decoration....I also used my washi tape to put a piece of either red or black tape on some of the corners.Some I just left blank once again this was in no particular order.

This picture was taken on our wedding day so it is very special to the both of us.

It was kind of time consuming writing out the quotes and at times I was near tears but the result was worth it and I can't wait to give it to Kev .I thought how am I going to think of 52 things? well once I started it was easy -I am still thinking of reasons now.Ha ha could do more how about  volume 1-volume 2 etc.....

Some of the pages with quotes.Some were funny some were from the heart....

You could do this for your mum or dad or friend -or add photos to it.It just depends on your imagination......I have seen done that are really highly decorated and some just plain and they have hand wrote the text it's just up to you and how you want to do it..

I might just have to think further on this concept as  I have a couple of more ideas running through my head about different ways to do this.......I hope you give it a try.

Happy Valentines Day....

I am going to Party at Wow Us Wednesdays at Savvy Southern Style hope you will come over and check out this wonderful site and all the great ideas that are there....
dee x

Wow Us Wednesdays


  1. What a lovely idea. He is lucky to have you and visa versa it seems. Sorry to hear about the heart attack. Hope it is all sorted now.

  2. Love is wonderful, thru the good & the not so good. I'm sure that Kevin feels the same about you. With all you have both been thru the last couple of years, true love is is alive for you both. xxx


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