Monday, February 18, 2013

Todays storm

The LM and I were having a nice quiet afternoon.He was stuffing his face with anything and  everything...."school makes me hungry" he says....

I was watching TV waiting for Kev to finish work.

BANG BANG CRASH BANG -what the heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (well that is not what I said but this looks better for when mum reads it ha ha aha

The thunder was so loud and I mean really loud that even when it finished the house was still vibrating from the noise.

The next thing LM runs in and says "it's raining ice"

Yeah he means hail.

So I crabbed the camera and LM and I sat out on the back deck and watched the hail storm .It lasted about 25mins and the hail wasn't really big but some were a good size.

It worked in my favour too as LM had left his bike and little car out on the back lawn so I gave him a little talk about thats why I get you to put your bikes away incase it rains  rant......and yes he didn't listen he was too busy in getting rain water to show Da......Oh well I tried.

The pool with the hail hitting it was an amazing site -looked just like a whirlpool.....

If you look clsely at my photos you can see the hail coming down in the rain.-does that make sense???

And then it was over.

I went back to watching tv and the LM went back to stuffing his face ha ha ha

PS Penrith was famous tonight as our hail storm made the news -whoop whoop would you like my autograph now?  



  1. Ha! Love this story. Is it kinda weird that I like hail? I kinda think it's beautiful when the skies turn that greenish color and you know the weather is changing. Anyway, just hopped over from Kelly's Korner and had to say hi! I'd LOVE to get to Australia someday so I can't wait to read along your adventures. It's on my bucket list!

  2. I don't mind the hail but I hate lightening. you certainly copped it. I didn't see it on the news but then I didn't watch the news.

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