Monday, February 4, 2013

First day of school

Well the day I have dreaded is finally here.

The LM started school today.

Kev stayed home today so he woke the little fella up and he came down for his snuggle, after getting him to eat breakfast he had his shower and he said to me "i spoke to my teacher I don't go to school for 15 more days" "ha forget it you are going  today ha ha "gee I was mean.

I made his lunches and snacks while Kev got him dressed.

OMG no more little boy he looked so grown up but I held in the tears.

We got to school and waited till they called his name then off we went to his class room.He is in KR which is Kindergarten Rosella's.

Then it was time to leave.He looked up at me and I started to choke could feel tears burning my eyes  LM looked the same so I bent down and said "hey  have fun fun fun bub"he gave me a big smile then a bigger kiss then he went over to Kev and gave Kev the biggest hug ever (LM'S way of showing he was scared) Kev ruffled his hair and then LM looked at us and off he went.....

The school journey has started.........I went home and cried.....

Also another first starter at school today was our Annaleise.She looked so cute and so much like her mother when she started school.

Good luck to our little or should I say big schoolies.   Love you both...


  1. Unfortunately they grow up so very fast.
    Both Aidan & Annaleise look so cute in the uniforms.

  2. They both look so adorable!
    I can remember sad start of school days only too well and they were 25 years ago for my babies!


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