Friday, February 8, 2013

First week of big school.

Well I survived the LM's first week of big school.

It hasn't been easy in some parts.Lucky that Kev was off for 2 days so he could take him and pick him up..

Pam had to take him another 2 days  then I was able to do the last 1 day...

WHY? you ask.My legs.

I find it really hard to walk in the morning (especially until the pain relief pills kick in )let alone drive a manual car plus this week I have been fighting a big infection in my legs which is  causing the fevers and more pain...(shut up dee and just deal with it ) Poor mum and Kev have had to listen to me be a crybaby this one cry baby thing is how bad a mother I am that I cant take him to hoo

Anyway the LM is enjoying school...He is going to bed earlier and gets up has breakfast a shower then watches TV till it is time to go.

He brings home half of his food and snacks but I figure that is just the excitement of school so I am not worrying yet.So its Friday now and I am giving him half of what he took to school on Monday.He will ask for more if he is hungry....

I asked what he did each day and he cant remember-so I told him he has to tell me of one thing he does each day or else I will keep asking.I suppose he thinks it is better to tell me something rather than have me continually ask him ha ha .So far this is working.

And this may sound weird but his vocabulary is already changing and its only been a week.He is using words he never has used before....

Last night I gave him some ice cream and  asked him what sprinkles he wanted well you could of knocked me over with a feather at his reply "well by my calculations I want 2 different types"

"Calculations"!!!!! what.......well anyway he got 2 types of sprinkles.....

You can tell Kevin is the son of a solider.

Here he is teaching LM how to polish his school shoes.
I was thinking about just using scuff stuff but NO....Kev got proper polish and is teaching the LM the proper way which can't hurt him.He actually looks quite cute doing it...

Also today he brought home a canteen price list.....OMG you would have thought it was a piece of gold..He went  into  the  kitchen  and  got  some  money  from  the  coin jar and brought it in and then started studying the canteen list to see what he could buy.....Dee how much is that word how much is that word?"too funny.He rang mum up and was telling her all about it as well.

So yes we survived and my little man is turning into a big boy real fast.I am going to fasten my seat belt as I think this is going to be a very fast bumpy ride this school thing......ha ha


  1. Oh Dee! I'm so sorry to hear about your infection. I *get* how saddening it must be for you to not take LM to school. It's missing out on the "little things" that are big things. Please keep us posted on your fever, etc. I'm so impressed with LM's vocab changes! My husband always polishes his shoes, and I love that he does this. It seems that Kevin is instilling some important life lessons here.


  2. Treasure every moment as they grow too fast.
    Just try to keep positive on your legs.
    Better days ahead. Easy for me to say, so thank goodness for our phone conversations & Optus.


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