Saturday, February 16, 2013

Shower photos..

I know you guys are probably  getting sick and tired of the shower photos by now but Brie just sent me down the ones she took (300 plus) and I really love these ones and wanted to show them to you....

These are my all time favorite of Kerry being pregnant-I think she looks beautiful.
Kerry hates them she says she looks fat and yuck...Hormonial I guess but I think she is lovely and that is not you a mother talking....Well it is cause I am her mother but she just looks natural......Anyway mum me and Kev love them so Kerry I am poking my tounge out at you blah.....ha hah ah ha

                                                                       How cute is this......

This one looks like mum was talking to me and made a joke.Just the look on our faces....LOVE IT...

                             Aidan and little Charlie listening to the look on Charlies face....

LM was making a love heart for Peanut......this is the LM's picture he drew for Kerry's shower card...I love how their little mind works...

So this is kind of the last shower photos I am going to show you all.(did you hear that I am turning into a southern USA person Yes......

I have another post I want to share when I get around to writing it up on some craft and food for the party.Please I hope I havn't bored you all to much it's just that this is something special and big happening in my life at the moment.

No Kerry I did not say you were 'BIG ' I swear I didn't......he he he

Come on Peanut hurry up and get here pleassssssssse


  1. These are too cute! I love the one with the kids listening to the tummy!!!!!

    I also thoght I was your follower! So now it is official :)

  2. Kerry always looks beautiful, & I also love the photos of Aidan & Charlie listening to the baby. Get a move on baby De gois we are all waiting for your arrival.


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