Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blog 2 print...

Blog 2 Print ....have you seen their  add on blogs? I have  and for a while I thought it sounds good but no I am not interested but then.........I was doing something with my blog and crap!!! I thought I lost it all.

I tell you it was a heart wrenching 10 mins while I figured out what I did....After wards I was thinking how lucky I was and how upsetting it would be if I did lose it then I remembered Blog 2 Print.

Now my little blog has been going around 2 and a bit years and really it is just like a diary to me...little bits of my family craft and things I like but I love it and enjoy doing it and yes I have spoke with lots of wonderful people throughout my blogging  so yes I would be devasted if I lost it.

So I looked them up and read their story and thought yep I am going to do it....

I ended up having to do it in two parts (well 3 actually) as with all my pictures and bits it wouldnt all fit in so I decided to do it by years.

Plus I thought just do one book now and if I dont like it well I havn't wasted double the money.

My book is 320 pages and goes from August 2010 -August 2011.I didnt include a contents page nor did I get the comments (next book I will) also I should have gone back through my blog and enlarged all my pictures.In the beginning my pictures were smaller than what they are now...but other than that it was so easy to do.With postage to Australia I think it was $135 which I think is quite good now that I have seen it......

When it arrived I was kinda of shocked at the size.I don't know what I was expecting but this was lots better.I curled up on the bed and started going through it.OMG I had forgotten about that and oh hasn't LM grown were heard all throughout the book.

I used the same picture on the front as I use for my profile picture(no way I am putting one of me it is bad enough having to put my picture in the blog at other times)  The Little Man looks sooooo cute.
because I see that photo regulary I had forgotton how much I liked it.(weird )

When LM came home from school he saw it and there he sat for ages looking at it (well he said he was reading it )  "I really love this book Dee " "So do I mate"....Kev loved it as well which is good because of the price I was worried he would think it was a waste but no he told me to do the next one.So I have almost gone through my blog to fix things up.the next book will be from August 2011-2012 then I will do volume 3 in August this year.

Also the book only took around 30 mins to do online (the next one is longer because I am changing things around first) and from when I ordered it till it arrived in my little hands was probably 2 weeks so that was good as well.

It is just like havinga yearly book and this way it is now a keepsake to see what times were like in the olden days ha haha


  1. It looks amazing & I can't wait to have a look at it. As long as it's worth the money & you are happy with it, is all that matters.

  2. NEVER heard of this - what a brilliant idea!!!
    Have to look into this some more - thanks so much for sharing Dee!


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