Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ruler picture frame

I forgot to post this little quickie project I made for start of school...

This is really quick to do and doesn't cost much either  2 great things to consider when making craft.

I bought the backing board for $2 from spotlight and painted it black with just some black paint I had.

The rulers I got from Woolworth's for $2 for the four .I like these ones as they were pretty plain and a nice colour...

Kev cut the rulers and stuck them on for me.....I used some white  chalk to write the year and class onto it.....and PRESTO.......

Then the LM used it for his first day of school photos.
I am really pleased how it turned out both the frame and the school photo.
I have put the frame away now till next year.I just wiped off the writing and wrapped it in tissue until 2014.
 Like I said my favorite type of craft -fast and cheap....

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  1. A really great idea & to be able to use it again is a bonus.


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