Sunday, August 29, 2010

Out of the mouth's of babes- 1

Just wanted to give you all a chuckle on some of the (there is no word for it) stuff that comes out of Aidan's mouth.

This is pouty face.I love this pose -photo was taken Christmas in July 2010.

* We were listening to Sunrise one morning this week and they were showing shorts of different mini concerts they have had .Well Justin Biever came on (16yr idiot) singing and the next thing you know here's Aidan  singing "Baby baby oooh"he wouldn't stop loves it....

*Aidan had to stay at Kev's mum last night well he was happy about going then he said "we have to go Nana is waiting for me" sure she probably was hiding ha ha

* Aidan's favorite man at the moment is the helicopter traffic controller....""ooh ooh helicopter man "

                                   more as I think of them
                                                                         dee xx

Miro & Allyson's Wedding

Today (Saturday) we attened the wedding of our friends Miro & Allyson at Woy Woy.It was a beautiful day which was good because the wedding was outside on the waters edge-just perfect.
Then Allyson arrived and she looked so beautiful.What is it with brides they just glow happiness.

Like I said they look so happy .

We took these of ourselves in the car.Our friends Alan & Lisa do it all the time and the have got some beautiful photos  so we thought we would have a go.


Friday, August 27, 2010

What we have been up to.

Well I didn't think there had been much happening but I have some photos to show you anyway.

On a medical note I saw my Professor on Wednesday and now I have to have a -cat scan.Seems my so called broken nose(Diagnosis by Dr Sid ha ha) may be part of some other disease he wants to check out.

Only good thing is it shouldn't be what he thinks as it usually dosn't come with mixed connective tissue -but then again I have had  things I shouldn't have all along so he just wants to rule it out.CRAP CRAP CRAP

OK he are some photos....
Here is the page of Lisa and I again -I hope you can see it better.

This is the stick we bought Kevin's friend who is turning 60.We thought it was a bit boring so added
some  bits to it to jazz it up .

We put a pink horn on it. A little  flashlight-reflectors down the front.   And what all Old Men need a steel stubby holder with his name on it. It came with the dirty old man mirror to look up dresses etc Anyway Happy Birthday Terry hope you enjoyed it.

This was taken on Sunday .I have gone potty for spring ha ha  and just wanted to add a bit of colour to the garden and a couple of pots but it costs a lot to be a nature loving freak -what you see here is almost $300 so I don't think I will be turning green for a long time.
PS Aidan had fun though-I don't know how the plants survived with all the love he gave them,

I love these saucer pots and purple pansy's so how can I go wrong......
Oh yeah I forgot  I have a dog and Aidan that's how ha ha

You can't see the pansy in the watering can but they are there and then little hearties in the bottom corner.

This is the new urn we got (I think I must be turning Greek or something )but I love it.

More pansy's -bad photo thanks to the husband.Can't say to much as he helped (almost did it all)with the gardens ,,Wonderful man that he is,

Ever tried cooking with a devil 3 year old...DON"T......ha ha

So cute but watch what you are doing Aidan.....AIDAN I said watch what you are doing,End result tasted like truck tryes.

Thursday -Kevin set up the little fellas train set in the spare room(this is temporary boys until I find the bed for this room remember TEMPORARY)
Aidan  (and Kev) loved it.

I thought I would show you the size needle I am using for the throw rug i am making
.The little one is a 3.50mm just your normal size,the large one is a size 15mm-mmmm  YEP that's what I thought.

And this is the rug -2 yarns crochet together-One a 12 ply the other 8 ply .I have only done around 16  rows but is is so warm it will be great when it's finished just to cover your legs while sitting.

On Thursday Kev took these photos at the Cubby House.Apparently on Monday  they brought these cuties in and they have only started hatching -Aidan like these fellas.
The problem was on Monday -one of the girls dressed up as a chicken and was singing the chicken dance.Aidan does not like this and was very freaked out.
How can this be with me as his Auntie.Am I not loud strut around yak yak yak -well maybe my little demon boy is showing his soft side,

So see you chicken Bye Aidan
dee xx

Saturday, August 21, 2010


oh god , it's 4.00am I can't sleep.I  am in pain I think I will die this morning-Oh God hurry up about it then.

Maybe I should explain what this pain is.As you know I have little or no feelings in my toe,(in this case it was the no feeling toe)
Dr has explained that I would probably not get the feeling back ever -anyway  yesterday I was in the ensuite and kicked the cupboard -I looked at my foot it was ok -no feeling ,Anyway later on I started feeling like crap and it was getting worse.I had a peep at my foot and I have a deep gouge out on one toe.yuck well it's weird it has been giving me grief all night but I cant feel it-do you understand? cause I don't.

So now I am in pain from a toe I can't feel.....It could only happen to me

Friday, August 20, 2010

A very quiet week...

Well I've had a really quiet week haven't done much at all but here are a couple of photo's
to check out anyway.
Arn't they lovely
-these are from my work letting me know they are thinking of me while I am sick.Thanks

Isn't he so cute .
Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.
Yeah right...
But he is ours and I love him...

Whoa don't get too excited but I bought a new mop and bucket.

This is a layout I did about Lisa and me .Inspiration from kim arnold i found this on her blog.i will post a better photo later.

My wonderful mum has started my new blanket,the colours are brown centres-dusty pink flowers and cream background.
Love you mum x You are the best.

And lastly mum and John's little boy Pedro shows off his new coat we bought him.
Pedro you look like a rap star..So cool

Anyway that's it for the week........HANG ON *******   STOP *****
I forgot to tell you this
Don't know yet whether it is a good idea or bad but considering that today was my first day off and I was sick all day ,freezing temperature,and not to mention my stupid legs so maybe it is a good thing.

Oh well only time will tell


Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Boring Saturday

Well today was boring Saturday.

Boring but busy.Aidan had swimming lessons then we went and did shopping.Kev and Aidan needed a haircut so we went to the barbers.

Aidan sat on this big seat that went in the chair usually he sits on Kev's lap but he is a big boy now.
So when we told him about the cushion he said "oh that will be good".
He proceeded to tell the hairdresser not to cut his ears off.Such a weird boy.

After haircuts it was down to Fred's -saw Gill got a few things that i don't need then off home and a nice boring afternoon was spent by the 3 of us.
                                                          dee x

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New family member

This is a big Congratulations to our best friends Alan and Lisa.
They now have a little baby girl to love and look after.Her name is Precious.....when she is good although Lisa said Cruella is more like it at times.Either way she is sooo sweet.

She is sooooooooo beautiful can't wait to cuddle her or for Aidan to see her.

dee xx

Letter R

Well this is almost it.I finished this on Sunday night so mum could take it home to give to Deb  and Ross.

This letter is to match another one (letter D) i did for Deb before and she said she would like a matching one.Hope she likes it .

dee x

It's my Party....

Well party day finally here .
Food looks good too bad it's not a great photo.
Nana and Dee are very tired -so is Da he and Nana fixed up my present last night.

Singing me Happy Birthday -My friend Milly.Anneliese and Tyler
Let's Party..............

You are funny Nana.
Happy Birthday to me ..
The 3 of us...

6th of August 2010 -I AM 3

Well today I am a big 3 year old....
3 I said -I am 3

Happy Birthday to me...

Guess who built my birthday present in the garage and couldnt get it out?

dee x

Yummy party bits...

Here are a few yummy pictures...

The yummy Mickey table.
Mickey Mouse cup cakes and Mickey marshmallow heads.

Birthday cake made at 2.00am day of party.Guess I just made it.

Kevin made this for me outside so I could get the kids photos in it.As you can see Aidan already had his face painted.
(by me )
Aereo buscuits coated in chocolate.

dee x

Party preparations....

5 days till Aidans 3rd birthday party.Mum will be here tommorrow(Tuesday) I think i have bitten off more than what I can get done .But we will try  ha ha (crap)Whos dumb idea was it to be Mickey Mouse???

Well I made this Mickey banner to go across the window,I am happy how this looks.
Then because Kerry decided to have tea with us  I got mum and her to help with the lolly  treat bags to go home with the kids.
The finished boxes...

Photo is a bit of a blurr -but they were working really fast...

  dee x