Friday, November 26, 2010

New Craft

Kevin's dad was a grenadier guard and his mum loves things with the guards on them.
Anyway on Sunday I went into Domaynes and bought these cute little grenadiers brooches for $12 each -thought I would put it in her Christmas gift-then as I was leaving I saw they had put the brooch on a dress form.

Good idea I thought -till I checked out the price $140 for the dress form-FORGET  IT  so off to Fred's I went to buy a dress form there.

One dress form from Fred's $17.

1 Grenadier brooch $12

I put some old book pages and music paper on form with modge podge .Then I painted it with clear crackle paint.when dried glazed it in dark brown .Then I used linseed oil and paint to re glaze it .Stuck some old lace and a doiley on it and there you go.

Similar idea but better price,

So now I am keeping this one and will be making another one for my mother in law-ha ha

Close up of pins and doiley



                               Why is it that everything seems to break at the same time.

We have had a crap time here this week with things breaking and having to be replaced.
Firstly my water filter tap broke,(Well actually I broke it while trying to clean it -don't tell Kev )We will replace it but water is water to me .Straight from the tap no problem (I am from Tamworth and  filtered water isn't heard of there).

Then we had to replace the lawn mower.

OMG what a drama ---it had to be just so (so dumb).

Kev said" I don't know which one  what one do you think ?" So me being me said "Get that one -(the biggest most expensive and it was black-a good looking machine) But No does he listen-NO he doesn't.He wants this one.

So we now have a blue lawn mower and a very happy husband.

The little fella was happy too.

My new Whirlpool...

Next the dishwasher became possessed.

No truly it was possessed by the devil himself.It kept flooding and yesterday I went to open the door to it and OMG all this boiling water started flooding out of it and began chasing me -YES chasing me -now I ran but having bandages on both feet while running (well walking fast) on timber floors does not work and I ended up on my butt( not a pretty sight)

So welcome to our new quiet whirlpool.


I did some nerdy work this week.

Every year I like to make a book  just of the Little fella so we can look back on how much he has grown .We usually get about 10 copies for gifts for family-godparents and friends.

I love the Big W program it is the best and  very user friendly..
Anyway they had the books on sale this week-normally $20 each  I got them for $10 each.

After the photos are loaded onto the site it took me about 40 mins to place it all up.Then I get Kev to check it and Bang it is done,
They will be here in around 7-10 days.

Lastly I hate doing this as I am sure many of you do as well and that is putting everything into my new diary for 2011.You know birthdays etc.....Then to top it off I had to replace my notebook as it was full.

Yes I am a notebook and diary nerd.If it isn't in the diary it isn't happening.And as for the notebook it has everything in it,Christmas lists-birthday lists-phone numbers -window sizes you name it and it is in there.

And to make matters worse,I keep them,I have every diary from 1999.I am such a loser.But at least I can see at a glance what we did on a certain day -alright I am trying to justify it but reality is I am a hoarder and it isn't going to change

dee x

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

this week-Harry Potter

Well what a week you know when you seem so busy but nothing gets done anyway?

Well that was me this past week although I did manage to make a few things.I put them in two post below as to not make this too long and boring.

But where does the time go ? -I am up at 6.00am to get the Little man ready for school- they are gone by 6.30am then I go room to room and do my cleaning, call me old fashioned but while I am not working I want Kev to come home and it all be spic and span.
Well it is till they get home then BANG the little Man has arrived.

Every toy has been moved -I didn't know you could get a corn chip in there!Boy does he make a mess....Oh well the joys (blah) of having kids.

Anyway as a surprise my wonderful beautiful husband planned a surprise for me.

YEP HARRY POTTER-I love the books seen all the movies have the dvd's but I forgot this one was being released this week.
Kev had to tell me we were going because I was making other plans  for the day
anyway he told me and it was


I am so lucky to have a husband who will sit through Harry Potter with me.

P.S- Kev also bought me the little Harry figurine a couple of years ago -cute hey,


My week-Christmas wreaths

Well I found this tutorial in Jan last year to make Christmas Wreaths and said I am going to make these,

Well I have,

Sorry there is heaps of photos but I wanted to show the colours.

First get your balls -I used about 80-100 in different sizes.then I glue the tops on every one.

Then just thread them onto a coat hanger,Just keep wiggling the balls till you are happy with how they lay.
When finished tie the ends together -Cover the join with ribbon and a bow and YEAH they are done.

This is the one I ended up keeping.

When  i finished if there was any gaps I just glued a ball on the wreath.

I gave this to Gill and Ben

This is my friends Lisa's wreath all her Christmas gear is gold So this will match in really good.

Looks good don't they.

Just showing them all hanging together ,
they really looked good hard to chose one but I really love the green,

Kevin's mum choose this one.

Hope you enjoyed them

Also I forgot this one,I sent mum the tuturial and was talking about how to make them .And this is My Mum's wreath,I love the colours .Mum you ae a legend.


My Week -Mr Sid 70th Birthday

On Sunday we went over to Kev's parents house as Mr Sid was having a 70th birthday celebration...

Happy Birthday Mr Sid.

We made him a walking stick with bits attached for a fun gift.

He loved it and is acting the goat in this photo. ha ha ....


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Clare

Happy Birthday Clare....... Today is Kevin's nieces birthday Clare, Hope you have a good birthday.

This is a family photo...Tony holding Trey and Clare with Zeke.

Happy Birthday Clare hope you have a great day.

dee xxx

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Zoo.

It's Saturday the sun is just starting to warm up the day -we are in Precious (the good car) music cranked up and the three of us are on our way to Taronga Zoo for The Little Mans  best  friend "Super hero boy" 3 rd birthday party -"YEAH !!!!!

Well I wasn't looking forward to this but thought -"NO I am going to do this" -So armed with a belly full of morphine off I went.

Now I hadn't even got out of the car park  before I started whingeing but no one would  listened so I just soldiered on......Ha Ha

Little Man and Superhero boy .(I have called him this as he Loves superheroes and for part of today he was Superman then he became Bateman).

These little fellas have been friends since the little man  was 8 months old and started at the same daycare together.There is another little boy in their gang but he wasn't able to make it.

Just showing off .....

I am cute aren't I Dee Dee.......

Happy 3rd  Birthday Superhero boy......You are such a lovely little superhero.

I love Snap Snap...(which is what he calls Crocodiles,)

Cooling off...
                                                        .This caption could go either up or below photo. Ha Ha

These are what I wanted to see and they didn't disappoint me .

It was just so funny watching them play with their keeper and at one stage he actually pushed her into the water...
Just loved them......

Come  play. with me ......
Look at the little sweetie hiding under mums belly....

I'm staying with mama.....

My feet are sore.........

The two most important men in my life.Love you both ....

Can you see the little elephant the boy has?
I promised him one (well it was more of a "if you behave"bribe...)after I said it I thought OMG how exspensive will they be at the zoo.
Well I was wrong,This little cutie was $10. And no I didn't pick it due to the price-The Little man chose it(her/him? I will stick with Her for now )

So summing up the day  I would have to say  I had a great day (the morphine helped)ha ha and I am glad that I pushed myself to do it.

The sore feet and feeling sick all day  I will forget but The little mans smiles NEVER....

dee xxx

PS- Forgot to mention on the way in at Mosman OMG "THE SHOPS" looked unreal.I made a mental note of a few that I would like to check out on the way home if we had time....

SO.........WE DID

I only went into one shop but it was worth it.....It was a kitchen /gift shop.Well i bought 5 little blown glass doves for the Christmas Tree and a couple of other silver and antique white hearts and birds for the tree as well.So beautiful.
Then I bought a Gingerbread house to decorate smells yummy.We bought some mini gingerbread men to go around the house-but somehow the whole 10 got ate on the way home.

Arn't these so cute and only $4.95 each...

I really love this one though -it was $12.95 each.

Yes Kevin  it is a long way to go to shop...
Yes Kevin I didn't NEED them I just WANTED them...
Yes Kevin I am going to go there again -he he he

dee xx


Friday, November 12, 2010

Agapanthus's again

Well by now you should all know I love Agapanthus flowers.Well check this out !!!

I found this yesterday and was whingeing to kev that some so and so chopped my flower.
He said it was the Little man-yuck did I give him a talking too.ha ha ha

But then I found this-YEAH my first flower for the season and to top it off it is "purple" and then Kev had to
burst my bubble again by him saying he caught the Little Man "opening it" Can't win.....

Then I just wanted to show the beautiful face on the little man-just gotta love him -


dee xx

Crafty Family....

I am very proud of my mum and daughter they are both very talented women, Anyway just wanted to show you something they have been making...

This is a rug that mum is still working on. Isn't it so soft and yummy looking.She is using two strands of wool to do this and all in double crotchet stitch.
Love it Mum xx

Now remember not long ago we bought Kerry a sewing machine for Christmas,Well here is the first thing she sewed.It's a hand bag organizer.
She had one and it was falling apart so she just copied it.The photo is a bit yuck (Kerry took it ha ha) but you get the idea she has made a couple of more since and has changed it but I don't have those photos.
Well done Kerry.

This is a wedding photo of our friends Aileen and Tony who will celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary this weekend.Time flys so fast -like you just blink and bang add 10yrs on.

I love the fact that they were childhood sweethearts, and have wonderful kids and they became Grandparents this year,
Happy Anniversary.....

The irony of things is that I got married 4 months before them and we only lasted 18years,(oh well I scored heaps better second time around

dee  xxx

Hi it's been awhile....

Hi it's been awhile hasn't it.

Heaps has been happening -although a lot is not worth talking about ha ha .

So now I will show you a couple of things I have made in the last week.

Firstly I made the "LOVE" sign.My wonderful father cut them out for me after I drew what I wanted.

One for me and one for my best friend Lisa...

Family effort.The Little man had to help sand them..Just like Da.

Photo isn't the best but trust me they look FANTASTIC....

Next I painted the Kaiser mini Christmas tree white (actually Jo Sonja's warm white-best colour ever) I also
painted a photo frame I had the same colour then sanded it back in places,..I also glittered just the little birds on the tree in white so you can just see them..

Photo is a bit glarey but you can still see it.The backing paper is from the Girls Paperie Tinsel & Twig..The
little bits and pieces I had in my stash,I am going to make a matching frame but so I can put the Little man Santa's photo in.

I'm getting ready for Christmas -I saw this little red bird and it had to come home with me.I got the crystal dish as a wedding present first time around so I just put some mini silver balls in it and Yep I like it....

I LOVE -LOVE- LOVE these prints.
I got them from Etsy from a wonderful artist named Kate.

You have to check out her blog.It is on my favorite lists and is wonderful.This talented lady has 4 little girls and now has a little boy who is under 1 plus one of her daughters has been very ill but she still manages time to do this mixed media art -run a business and run a family  and is a pleasure to talk to A Simply Amazing Woman.

I am taking these to the framers to get them put in one large frame when I get it back you can be sure that I will stick photo's of it here,ha ha.

And lastly had to show you a picture of the little man being forced to lick the bowl after I made chocolate fudge.

Dee xxx