Sunday, July 31, 2011

Boring Weekend

Thought I would show you some photos of our weekend .We did nothing  out of the ordinary but were just on the go all
the weekend.

Some photo's are boring some are good.I love the boy and the Honda photo.I can't believe how much he loves that car ha ha.

Sorry if they  bore you... ha ha

Day started off freezing and I mean freezing.

LM wanted to go outside and help Kerry wash her car in the freezing weather

So I made he wear his pirate gum boots.He looked so cute.

I was lucky Kevin made me a yummy hot chocolate in my new coffee cup.

The image looks like me -NOT

OMG when LM came back inside he put Kev's shoes on and was pretending
to be Kev.
It was so funny as he kept falling over and couldn't walk in them...

Here is Kerry's car all clean.
She had lent it to friends so it could be used for a wedding.

I cleaned out my pantry as mum is coming down and I want things perfect as can be.

Today I bought a few banana's.It cost me nearly $6 for 3.
Anyway I didn't care the LM really loves fruit and these are a favorite.
I also love them so I had a banana sandwich and OMG it was good,

I don't know if it was good because I haven't had one in months but who cares or good because it cost so much.ha ha

Can't forget my stash of aspro.
Even though I am still on morphine dailythese work so good and fast-LOVE THEM....

I had to put away my latest order of wound care.

What you see here is $200 worth and will last about 3 weeks if I am lucky.

Well 6 days till LM's party and I haven't decided on a cake yet.

So out came old faithful to give me a few ideas.

I used this book for Kerry when she was little for her's and others birthday cakes.This brought back memories.
 And now I see they have been reprinted and are in the shops .
                                                                               Do you have a copy ?

I wanted my outdoor setting oiled as it needed it .Of course I left it to the last moment.
So poor Kevin  said ok he will do it today.
Now I thought it would take a couple of hours

 First it needed to be cleaned up.

This is Kevin's idea of washing it down.A high pressure hose.

Problem was it took off most of the varnish


He went to Bunnings and bought this sander to get the varnish off faster.

Da can I have a go..........

Come on Da can I have a go

and finally he was allowed.

A very happy boy in the HONDA.....

This tent kept him occupied for ages....

And me I finished my day with my trusty vacuum.

Yeah it never ends does it.



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big day

Well today was a big big day for Kev and I.

And a long post for you ha ha ha

We had to go up the coast for a funeral .A close family friend of Kevin's mother passed away last week and
today was her funeral.

I didn't think I would go but then I got thinking and thought this friend has accepted me into the family without a
problem and has been a good friend to Kevin for over 30yrs so I went .

Also I went because Kev is my husband and I wanted to be there for him as he has always been there for me in countless
situations and I love him for that.

So when I was thinking about the day and what  it was to be like I remembered that my Nana was cremated there so I decided
to get some flowers for her and say hello.

Kev cleaned the plaque for me and I have to say the whole gardens were kept really
immaculate anyway.

These are the  beautiful roses we got for Nana.
The colours were unreal -a creamy white with a raspberry edging
on them.Sounds weird as I can't really describe them.

Now why 3 flowers you may wonder?

One from my mum.
One from me and Kevin.
and one from Kerry and Aidan

This is the creek which is next to Nana.
It is beautiful and extremely peaceful. You could sit down and just daydream
for hours.Well you could but I wouldn't as I would be too afraid on spiders or ants getting me yuck-ha ha.

As you stand there you can hear the birds singing and the creek bubbling along...

In all it was a perfect site.
On the downside I can't believe how upsetting it was for me.
I was crying like a big baby.Not little crys No they were loud heart breaking sobs and after I went back
to the car I was so drained and confused as to where it all came from that I wouldn't talk to Kev I
just wanted to be by myself.

Spoke to mum tonight and feel a lot better now-thanks once again mum .

After the service we called in to see our beautiful niece Miss Makayla.

Check out the beautiful smiles on the pair of them.

Finally it was time we picked up the Little Man and  this is what greeted us.

Now why would he have a big green H on his face while the other kids had
tigers and such....

Well sit down...

The reason is H is for Honda and he was a Honda.

I told you he is obsessed with the car .

The LM is showing me how he is going to smile for school photos next week .Love the fingers...

   Crazy I say Crazy...............I hope he doesn't change though.I guess he make life interesting ...

Monday, July 25, 2011


Isn't the killings in Norway horrific.

What can lead a person to do that?

I hope when he goes to trial that the put him away for a long long time.

But it is something like this that makes you think about your family and how much you love them.

I got a bit upset the other night when I heard about this as my real father was born in Norway and came to Australia on the ships when he
was young.

While we were growing up we saw photos of my grandparents and aunty's and received the occasional letter or postcard and presents from them.

But they were strangers to us,I couldn't even tell you their christian names but I can still see their
faces from the photos we have.

I still have all of my cards and bits = although I can't understand them as they are written in Norwegian,I even still have a wedding card that  my grandparents  sent me when I married my first husband and that was 31 years ago.

Thing is we lost touch,

One of my sisters went to Norway and saw everyone but that was a few years ago,

I just pray to God that they are all safe as are the others now and I am thinking of them.

This is the national flower of Norway;

                                                                                           God Bless

Sisterley help

My sister is very anal.She takes after my mum.

Like both their houses are spotless and I mean spotless.

They clean up straight after meals.

Do the drying so no wet plates on the sink.

I wish I was like them.I mean my house looks good but don't look too close.And since I have been sick I don't get around to the little things
at the moment.

Well as it is the LM birthday in 2 weeks and my mum and dad are coming down I have started to panic about those little things.

But I am a lucky girl my sister came over today and cleaned my fridge out (looks good) and made a start on the cupboards,she did washing and folding and looked after LM and it was gratefully accepted.

And yes Kev has his own drawer just for his cheeses and chocolates.

Now Kev doesn't see the need to freak out.Who cares if there is a bit of mess....I his reply when I told him about the fridge and cupboards was "he is going to tell everyone who comes to the party to check out the fridge and cupboards)Yeah he thinks he is funny,

It's times like this when I could kill him ha ha ha


Crazy Baby

I have told you all before about the Little Mans craziness but this one had me laughing long and hard.

I have been hearing the LM giggle quite a bit when he goes to the toilet-didn't think much of it .Maybe
he was happy to release it -ha ha

Well today I saw why he giggles.

He squashes his little bottom down into the bowl then flushes it.  Kinda like a bidet.

Its the cold water on his bottom that makes him laugh and me as well.

So who is the craziest me or the LM, because I made him sit there and do it again just  so I could take a photo to show you all....or the LM

Cold water on his bottom ha ha

Now he is shy....

LM took this photo he said I look beautiful....ha ha


Saturday, July 23, 2011


I love initials.Large ones small ones wood ones metal ones.

I don't care what colour they are because if it doesn't match I will just repaint them

And now more than ever they are in fashion YEAH........... See I was ahead of my self.

I thought I would show you a few of my favorites.I won't show you all of them or you may think me mad ha ha.

I made this one it goes in our office.

And who can resist Peter Rabbit-not me.....

I love this one .And yes that is Kerry in the photo with one of her cats.

Bad photo but I love Winnie the pooh.

I made these for the LM room-they look great

Something different  I put this one on a canvas.

This one is a big favorite it is in Kevins  bar room and it looks great
even if I say so myself ha ha

This one is my latest.I git it from Freedom furniture for $40.It's metal and big and this one is going
in my new ensuite.


Friday, July 22, 2011

New bathrooms


We are finally going to renovate our ensuite and the main bathroom and also the toilet.

Yep big job -I can't wait.

But OMG it is hard to get trades people to come and quote.And when you do their prices are so varied .

All this will be happening after the  LM's birthday party.

I have my budget and so far I am well under it (for how long who knows).

I keep thinking that if I don't spend it all on this project I can use it somewhere else.

The only problem I have is the colours.
I know in my head what I want but it is hard to find it in the shops.So I just keep looking.

So I guess I better hurry up and start looking  ha ha

This is my bathroom yuck .

dee x

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Harry Potter

I keep forgetting to tell you what we did on Sunday......

No we didn't go to church ha ha or do them other thing,You are bad for thinking that way ha ha

No this was better and I loved it.

Yes we went to see the final Harry Potter and we loved it.I just wanted it to end a little different and yes I
did cry during the movie and I wasn't the only one either.

My mum has been naughty though we had to tell her how the movie ends as she hasn't read the book.
Can't say too much because that's something I would do.

My in-laws looked after the LM and took him to soccer.
They said he behaved but they may have just said that.

Anyway I was very grateful to spend the time alone with Kev.

But have you been to the movies lately.OMG it is so expensive .

We bought our tickets $23 each

Then Kev gets upset if he doesn't get popcorn and a drink ,

Then he wanted malteasers and all I wanted was a bag of chips(which I brought home) .

Oh and don't forget the choc top -I think Kev would have a tantrum if I didn't get him one .He actually stands there with a pouty face till he gets one.(I love it when he does that )
So if you add that up it was around $35 AND THEN THERE WAS PARKING $10

All up it's nearly $100.

Well Harry is worth it.....

dee x

Bits and pieces

        Well I have a mixed up post this time.

     Just a few photos that I haven't got around to posting.


Our new lap top.Whoop Whoop

I am so upset that my computer crashed and I lost all my photos(boo hoo still crying about it ) plus heaps of other documents that I
can't list as I can't remember what they are.

So we thought we would get a laptop this time at least it is portable.And while I have been sick it has been here in the cave(my bedroom) with me.
We are lucky though my printer is still able to be used but our scanner can't so we need to buy a new scanner.


I love my screen saver.They are just so cute the two of them.
 I love them.

I only put it on the screen  last night as I can't get used to this computer.The programs are different to the other
computer which was about 10 years old and Kevin had already upgraded it once and added more memory.

So now I have to get use to this one so -suck it up princess and just do it.

Well LM is turning 4 in a few weeks so we decided to give him a farm party.
Well that really isn't true.
I decided to make it a farm party ha ha ha

These are his invitations.
We  have  a farm nursery coming.You know chickens calf-lamb-baby ducks rabbits and don't forget the pig.

LM really loves PIGS at the moment so I made sure they bring a baby pig as well.They have one but we have to
 hope he doesn't grow to big real fast as they tend to do .

Where he gets this love of pigs is beyond me.Kerry took him to the circus and he hated it.
Didn't like the lions he wanted to see PIGS.


Taken yesterday before LM had his shower.He said he was a King and these are his robes.
This kid has a wild imagination..

And now the love of my life.
Taken at 2.30am today -isn't he so innocent looking-


He was laying there snoring away as if he didn't have a care in the world and OMG was he loud.

It still doesn't stop me loving him though.

dee x