Monday, October 31, 2011

Well hello Strangers

Hello strangers...

I have been very slack lately well that is half of it actually I have been really sick I cant get rid of the infections I have and that is making things worse.I feel thee is just no end to it.

Its alright for people to say you will get better but they don't have to deal with all this crap.

Anyway I don't want to talk about it anymore as I get to upset.

So I have put together some photos of what we have been doing .Enjoy...

I am tough...


1st swim of the year...And yes it was freezing.


LM had to bring home Koala Lou for a couple of days and
take photos and write in her journal.these are a couple of things they did.
Koala Lou came to swimming lessons.

Koala Lou and LM in the HONDA...

Ashley  Koala Lou and LM

Koala Lou meeting Aunty Pam.

Koala Lou came to Nana's birthday party..

LM has taken to calling Grandad  --"that kid" where o what it means i don't know.

LM and Zeke

Koala Lou's journal page.

Happy Halloween

                                                           Hope you like these photos .
                                                  i won't be so slack anymore( will try ha ha)


Monday, October 3, 2011

What a cutie

I got Gail to pick me up one of these hats from Pumpkin Patch.ONe thing about LM is
that he always looks super cute in hats- and this one was no different.

So here is some photo of Super Poser.

Do you want a sad face Dee? Yeah go on LM......

Excuse the red eye but I am  too lazy to fix that i usually get Kev to do it....

Speaking of Kev

.LM wanted to take a photo of his DA so here it is.

It turned out a really nice photo hey...

So thanks Gail for the hat he is going to wear it all through summer  ---
 He is after all a  little chick magnet

new Pictures

I bought a couple of pictures yesterday from this gift shop at Emu Plains...such a nice shop.I was good and restrained  myself and bought just what i needed,

Nearly bought a Mickey Mouse doll dressed as an Astronaut,but thought why? I know LM would love it but he dosnt need it .So no thanks today.....(there is always tommorrow he he he )

 Now I bought them because I was going to use them in the bathroom / ensuite reno but now I don't like the colours i got .I dont normally do green and blue is a big no no but what i liked about them they seem to have a coating on them so it wont matter if they get wet..

So do you want to tell Kevin  that for me  !!!!! ha ha .

This one was going into my ensuite but now I don't like her colours.

This one was for the bathroom.but because I don't like the colours of
my one  and I don't want to hang them together i have to think about it...

So for the time being I have 2 pictures without a home....

I don't want to get my money back because as soon as I do that BANG I will find where I
want to  leave them
So we wait