Saturday, June 30, 2012

Red Nose Day

The Little Man celebrated Red Nose Day at day care by bringing in a gold coin donation and dressing in red.Could you imagine having 40 kids all in red running around yelling screaming and just being kids.....mmmm let me think about it - no way.....

For something fun I thought I would make Red Nose Cupcakes.

They turned out DIVINE...... all 40 of them ha ha

I just piped white icing onto the cupcakes then a sprinkle of coconut (this was just to look fancy ha ha )

And for the Nose- A Jaffa of course.

That was the LM's job putting the jaffas onto the cakes.-Yeah one for the cake one for him......

I've told you before that he is crazy....

Friday, June 29, 2012

Healthy Who me?

The Little Man starts school next year so I have been thinking about school lunches and treatsand to try and make them healthy.

We are really lucky that he loves fruit so much so that will go in his lunch box .

Anyway the point of this post is  I thought I would try  to make musli bars  -experiment now so I can find just the right recipe.
Well this one turned out good .Except we all realise now  we don't like dried apricots=YUCK

You start by
puting in a saucepan the following and stir till the  sugar dissolves
125g butter
2/3 cup brown sugar
1 tablespoons honey
1 tablespoons peanut butter-optional

then in a  bowl  mix
1/2 cup dried chopped apricots
1/2 cup chocolate chips
1 cup sultanas
1/2 cup plain flour
1 and 1/2 cups rice bubbles
1/2 cup coconut
1 cup rolled oats
and melted sugar and butter -stir well.Press into greased pan

Cook in 150degree oven for 40mins.

let cool then cut.

The finished slice -looks good and tastes the same.

It sounds alot of ingredients but it was fast and easy to make and best of all is LM loves it and as a suprise to me Kevin likes it also.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We bought a Zoo

Recently we watched the best movie...It was We Bought a Zoo.
It stars Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson.and it is based on a real story.

We laughed heaps and even had tears  in our eyes at one stage ( THAT IS A SIGN OF A GOOD MOVIE)  it was a really enjoyable movie .

I liked it so much that I bought the book.

So if you are looking for a good family movie give this a try you wont regret it-(I hope)


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend shopping

I must be getting better because I ventured out yesterday and I really enjoyed it apart from it killing me later on .

I  had a really rough night last with my legs because I did too much although at the time it doesn't feel bad but later YUCK...,I have to learn to take it slower.

Go slow Dee...... Slow down Dee ......yeah yeah I hear you......

Well the day started fine.I went and watched the LM play (ha ha if you can call it that ) soccer.
Then we ventured into Target for the toy sale.Now I was going to do this online but sometimes you just need to pick up and look at the item before you buy it,

So while we were there Kev and I managed to fill 2 yes that's what I said 2 trolleys full of toys.We have now bought all the presents for the kids for Christmas including the LM's stash and we also got the rest of the kids (LM's as well) birthday pressies  to take us to February 2013.

I can't believe it.It feels so good to have it all done.I am going to stick a label on the bottom of each item with the kids name and whether it is a Birthday or Christmas gift just in case I am not well at Christmas time....(last year I was really sick and I am still finding bits and pieces that were for Christmas that Kevin just couldn't find.)

So now its done  yeah Santa has nothing on me....

Then while Kev took the LM to swimming lessons I went and did some grocery shopping OMG I haven't been shopping like this for so long.I couldn't remember where things were and kinda got lost in it all.By the time Kev and LM came I was practically hanging on the trolley exhausted.

So it was time to go home.Thank God,
 I rested at home.Called my mum to tell her of my adventures (I also went to my favorite shop 1825 but more on that later ) and then dressed my legs.Kev cooked home made hamburgers for dinner ( so yummy) and by the time 9.00pm came I was in bed sound asleep.

Thank you Mr Target for a great sale....

Chocolate slice

I am slowly getting back into a normal life. Well actually for the first time in months I
feel like doing things instead of just sitting in my cave.

So I saw this recipe on this blog One Crafty Mumma (this is a really great blog full of
lots of useful things to make and do or just be inspired.)
The recipe is for a chocolate slice .
This would have to be the easiest thing I have ever made and most importantly it was YUM.

All you need is to put all the ingredients into one bowl and mix
1 cup self raising flour
1 cup of coconut
1/2 cup sugar
125 grams melted butter
2 tablespoons cocoa
mix well -put in a greased  dish  and bake for 15-20mins on a moderate  heat

Ice with chocolate icing while still warm and then sprinkle with coconut.
Now you enjoy the fruits of your hard work ha ha

Yeah I know -he is a nut case .
He loves making us smile.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Racing Kevin

For Kevin's birthday I bought him a voucher for a Formula Ford Racing car experience..
Kev keeps saying I am trying to kill him as I keep getting him these sorts of presents but I know he loves them so I will keep doing it.
Maybe next time he can do "swimming with sharks"

I did make a BIG mistake when I booked this.I thought it was for Eastern Creek which is about 30mins from home but NO -on this day they were at Goulburn which is around 2 hours away
and we only realised this mistake at 9.00pm the night before racing.
So poor Kev had to leave at 5.30am to be there at 8.00am on a very freezing cold morning.
Don't worry  though me and the LM were snug at home in bed together.....

Yes that is my cute racing car driver .

Inside the car...Kev couldn't reach the pedals properly so they had to give him a booster seat.

                                                                    One of the cars they use.

     So for 10 laps Kev had a great time and was a pretend racing car driver.
     And  I bet he gave our car a workout on the way home.Ha ha

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Birthday Cake

OMG two posts in a week what is happening to me..ha ha

Ashley had his 21st dinner recently

 .And while it happened before I went to hospital I was showing signs of being sick   so I had to make a cake that didn't take much thought but it had to look good..

So here is what I did...

Excuse the mess.

We bought a mud cake from Woolworth's and proceeded to cover the sides in chocolate frosting..

The LM and I  placed chocolate stick biscuits all around the cake.

This is a hard thing to do because the LM kept eating them as I put them on.

Somehow I did manage to get them all on.

My ingredients.

I topped the cake off with a couple of bags of Malteasers which are Ashley's favorite.
added a ribbon and a 21st sign and YEAH one birthday cake

Now what is this you ask ?
I told you that Malteasers are Ashley's favorite so I made Malteaser ice cream.
Sort of melt 4 litres of vanilla ice cream you know just till it's soft.
Add crushed Malteasers (I think I went overboard here I used 6 bags of Malteasers)
Then put in a container and re freeze.

Now enjoy...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Week

Today I am going to show you all heaps of pictures to show what is happening in this mad house.

With me I am coping with good days and then a couple of bad ones thrown in which I am dealing with and I  still feel it will get better soon then life can resume back to normal.

Normal -I don't think it ever was that but at least it wont consit of nurses and wound dressings  and the rest of the crap things in my day to day life,

But getting back to the photos I hope you enjoy them.

Mothers day gift from Kerry...Yeah beautiful new big dressmaker scissors.I am going to hide these they are mine....mine you hear..

The Little Man gave me a beautiful canvas .I had the frame so now it is hanging in my office
looks great.

My mum came down for my birthday.What a hectic week that ended up being.
This is the week I went into hospital.

Yes I am asleep and I should be eating my porridge.Kev took this just before
my hospital stint.
Thanks Kev I will get you back.

Yes I know I am so glamorous .Picture taken in emergency.

Me and my wonderful mum.

Me and Kerry in hospital.I look like a garden gnome.

LM and me on my birthday in hospital

My beautiful girl

Yuck-I am looking sick,

On a happier note
Ashley had his 21st birthday dinner.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Hello I'm back.....

 Well kind of  we will see how long I last.

Gee a lot has happened since I last wrote but most importantly I got very ill  and thought I was about to die
 We called an ambulance and I was in Intensive care for 3 days -They said it was Chronic heart failure.I have 3 values not working correctly and I had swollen up with fluid on my lungs and stomach.

Yuck sounds scary hey Well it was.

I thought this is it I'm gone but alas God must want me here for some reason so here I am.A very sick and sore lady.I lost 10 kilos in hospital and now another 7 so I am wasting away ha ha Well I have to laugh because if I don't I think I will just crumble/

Next time I blog I will post some photos

My Lilli pilli outside my bedroom window.I just love this plant it makes my smile.