Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hi  just going to show you some photos from the last couple of weeks when I wasn't posting.

Good Friday hanging out with family.
Kev and John

The LM and his cousins Zeke and Trey

The bikie.

Aussie John -my brother in law.

Kev loves sea food mmm

Zeke and Trey.

LM didn't want to pose with his eggs just wanted to eat them...

Such a poser.Yum loves Anzac biscuit.

More Anzac biscuits I have made 3 batches this week

How spoilt are we Kerry made minestrone soup for dinner.

LM with his chicken

Called his chicken Chookie.

Trey and Zeke.I found a website called
It's a free photo editing site and I had a ball changing some photos and this
was one of them

Alan and Lisa got a new baby called Bella  so cute.

My 2 boys down the river looking at the rising waters.

And in all that pink you can just see Shakira.

Hope you like these


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Back again

Hi everyone -Gee I didn't realise how long it's been since I logged on with a post.
But here I am and I am here to stay.

Where have I been you ask? Well just the same old news -I have been sick .It's like 2 steps forward then 3 steps back. I just cant seem to win.

I have been trying (yes very trying ha ha )to put on a brave face and  I know there are people out there worse off than me...Actually I am not OK with that statement  I don't care about other people I am being selfish here and I don't care (please forgive me God tomorrow I will be good) until then I am going to rant on like the drug crazed woman I have become.

I am in pain lots of horrible pain. So I am still using my pain killers which I hate as I feel like a junkie (not that I know what a junnkie feels like)  My hair is falling out at an alarming rate.I figure another month and I will have nothing left on my head.I am doing a sort of comb over thing with it and just trying not to even touch my hair but it still is coming out.
I am also swelling up everywhere so I guess I look like a swollen bald cripple lady with crap legs.
I still cant walk properly and only go out when nessacary as I just cant cope.I have a stick and it helps but....

Gee I can see why Kev is in love with hoo I wouldnt blame him if he left me he then wouldnt have to cope with my crap..

I am going to stop my post now as I am crying and I know I will say something that will hurt and I don't want that.

                                                                     So until next time

Friday, April 6, 2012


Just some more pictures of Shakira that Kevin took.

In daddy's arms.

                                                                         Cranky bunny.

Daddy's little girl.

I tried to be smart here and make her headband stand out-but it wasn't a bright enough pink...

                                                                        Our little fairy.

                                                                    A very happy dad.

My thumb tastes good.

Pretty in pink...

Poppy and his little girl.
Kev went up the coast to see our little grandaughter Shakira.
I couldnt go as I am not well enough at the moment but soon I will.

Proud and very happy Poppy.

Easter tree

This is our Easter tree that we made.

Kev cemented the branch into the pot and sprayed it white and the LM
and I decorated it .

All the eggs are from Bed N Bath and they are having a sale on all Easter .So looks like I need to go back in and get some more for next year.

I am very happy with how it turned out and the LM loves it.

PS before we decorated it I noticed the pot had water on top of the cement WHAT!!!!
Spoke to the LM and he watered it because he thought it was dead ! Weird kid but I love him.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I dont know why but my craft post Ijust did  is not in order.
To see it you need to scroll down to the post of Our grandaughter and it is after that one.
 Sorry but it is worth the scroll

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Patty cakes

                                                           I am a fool.
I saw these little Easter cupcakes somewhere and it stuck in my head
                                           THAT I MUST DO THESE...

So I hunted down the little candy coated chocolate eggs,Big W is the only place I could
get them from.And then I bought the grass piping tip and yeah I was ready to go


I wasn't well last night so I went to bed at 7.00pm.I kept thinking about these cakes as I so wanted to make them for the LM to take to daycare 

At 1.30am I got up and made cupcakes.

Then at 2.30am I decorated them.I was so tired that I wasn't happy with the grass so I switched nozzles and just finished the rest off.
I just couldn't be bother working on the grass  so I have to practice that next time ha ha

So in the end I made 40 little cupcakes.Well they are only 4yrs old in LM class so this size is good.
I also gave some for Kerry to take to work.

And the LM's response when he saw them was " these are the most beautiful cupcakes I have ever seen"
                                                                        YES IT WAS WORTH IT.......

Monday, April 2, 2012

Shakira May


We are now proud Grandparents.

Shakira May was born at 8.08am this morning,She weighed 8lb 2oz and 51cms long

Baby and parents are fine  and very happy

Grandparents are  very very happy .I cant believe we are grandparents.

I cant believe tonight I will be sleeping with a Grandad.....crap-- poor Kevin will be sleeping next to a grandmother ha ha .

                                                                   Our beautiful little girl

                                                                          Proud parents.
                                  Welcome to the world baby Shakira we love you heaps....

Sunday, April 1, 2012


What have I been up to craft wise these last 2 weeks you ask.....

Well the answer is heaps of bits and pieces ,I am really happy to be back into the craft groove again.
Plus having a new baby to make some bits for is exciting and has got me glueing and painting like there is no tomorrow

                                       So here is what I have made for Shakira...

                                                                       A canvas for the wall.

I love doing these names signs.I get my dad to cut out the letters for me so I am lucky that  and he does such a good job  with  them.

Whenever we have a baby born I like to make these books as their first book..They are so cute .
And yes once again my dad cuts them out.

Love it...

Baby head gear.Mum made the hat and I put the flower on.I found the elastic
in my stash so just added flowers.

                                 I just love to decorate baby singlets.They just look so cute.....
                                              My favorite one is the little white one.

  I also love these butterfly frames.

                                                             More butterfly's...
                  Now I also was making a baby blanket but I haven't finished crocheting it yet  so it  will be finished this weekend.....phew.....

So that's all for the baby and  90% of these were made yesterday.  No wonder I am tired, so when I catch my breath I will do more for the baby-   but here are  the other things I have made during the last 2 weeks (a couple were even  made yesterday when I was doing Shakira's....

                                                        Yes I know another one....

                                                                                     A gift for a friend.

                                            Yep another one.  I think I am getting sick of butterfly's

                                This is just in the planning stages  just not quite right  yet.

                                     I bought these buttons from Etsy and made bookmarks.

                                                                           Bookmark bits.

                                                          They turned out quite cute.

                                                             I also did some hair clips.

                Now everyone should know I love birds  well this next project Is my favorite.

Take 2 little birds (bought from Bed n Bath .Paint them- I used Jo Sonja's smoked pearl paint with a little of her sealer mixed in.

               One sign (yes my dad cut it out for me ) paint it the same colour then I got my ink pad and went   around the edges then sanded it all over -bird as well.
               Stick the birds on I used Pritt glue.

                                              Love it Love it Love it ,Did I say I love it.

So that is what I have been doing
,Check out my mess but I know where all the bits are and it works for me to work in mess ha ha

So now I am going to have a rest from craft for a couple of days...
 OH NO I forgot I have to make my Easter tree for the LM.

Well maybe I will rest after I have done the tree.