Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a great Sunday .

It's Sunday -Sun is shining birds are singing (yeah yeah get the idea) well it is just a nice day  and I thought I would share some of the things we got up to today.

Firstly I decided to dress the little man as a pirate and take some photos of him in the garden,,

ARR ARR it's hard to be cute and still be a Pirate...

Now where did I put my boat Arrr!

I am looking for my boat....

Check out my sword-even though it is upside down I am still a scary pirate Arr my Mateys....

We even did some craft .Here is the little man painting some Christmas Santa's.

Check out the colours,It was real hard for me to hold back and let him do it himself and not tell him how to paint it or put this colour here or there,

.But I am so happy I did as he was so proud of his work.

Next the little man dressed as a good wizard for Halloween,

Even a good wizard need to watch tv before they  trick or treat........

Gill and Milly called over for Trick or Treat and as you can tell from the above photo the Little man is more 
interested in his lolly's than being a good wizard,

Miss Milly looked pretty good-(love the smile and the missing teeth )

And lastly here is my front door with the skeleton on it,

This is suppose to be scary and let the kids know "we support Halloween so come here for treats" Well that is what I said in the below post,
and guess what ?


We have had 10 kids come tonight for treats YEAH......They were so cute all of them.

I love Pritt glue but Fred's don't have it anymore as it is  discontinued.

So i spent a couple of hours ringing up different stores over Australia for it .Still nothing and still same story.
So I thought i would try eBay to see if they had any ,I was like possessed and couldn't live without it.

 Well guess what * YES I found some*-In Great Britain  -so I bought all 4  of them and with the exchange rate and postage it still cost me less than if I bought them at Fred's.Sorry Fred.

dee xx

What's new this week

Well the little boy is growing so fast  I can't believe it.I had a stash of my favorite osh kosh shoes put away for him in the next few sizes up.I thought they would last for at least another year...

 Due to the little growth spurt we have just had we  decided to go shoe shopping.(Kevin was made to come ha ha )

                          Big Mistake.

Taking a grumpy 3yr boy and a even grumpier 46yr shopping -it doesn't work...Next time I will go myself to avoid  them.

Well I did manage to get a couple of pairs..he he he
And yes they are name brands - I don't believe in kids wearing cheap shoes all day everyday at school  (pre school for the little man ) they can waer cheapies on weekends or special dress up shoes.You need to look after their little feet hence the brand names,  So I got 3 pairs in different sizes  and hopefully they will last a while this time.


I went into Grace Bros during the week and found my favorite shoes for him in a size I was looking for so SNAP got them...

So yeah 4 pairs of shoes for a little man I better be careful I think he is going to take after his cousin Kerry and she takes after her Nana(who is like a women possessed  with shoes and bags-it has skipped a generation though)ha ha  

                 So Kevin if you read this it was all my  mum's fault about the shoes not mine.
She is corrupting my kids ha ha ha .(love you mum)xx

I got a wonderful surprise this week .

I went into Fred's to get something,And I ended up with a gift from Tracey.

Tracey made me this bunting,
I was stunned -no one ever does craft for me I guess cause I am very fussy when it comes to craft  but I truly was so happy with this.Even the colours were perfect.

Thanks so much Tracy this is beautiful and is hanging in my office as we speak.

So do yourself a favour and check out Tracey's  blog it is sooo good.

Well this week I went looking for something and couldn't find it so what did I do???

I went mental and thrashed my secrect room looking for it.

No I mean thrashed it....No box went un opened.

Before.......Yes underneath all that crap is my computer and phones etc...

After very neat hey.....

Hey there is a desk and a computer in here.I can see lots of things except the book  that started all of this was in my bedroom while all this was going on....

Now  is the face that butter wouldn't melt in my mouth right?


For some reason when we take little man's picture at the moment  and ask him to smile -this is what we now get....


Just wanted to show you the photo again   as he is soooo cute.

Yummmm lollies.Note the new shoes..mmmm except they are still a bit big but he will grow into them,

Well I had to show him  the lollies we got in case we get trick or treaters this year.

Some years  we do others years no,

I have a poor little skeleton on my door so the kids will think' yeah lollies in there' or think why be bothered check out old bones on the door -So who knows what will happen.

Little man said this is his new Good Witch hat..

more Halloween and week photo's after I find the little man he is too quiet to be behaving so I am going searching .

Wish me luck.........
dee xx

Monday, October 25, 2010

Garden time

                    Well it's Spring and I love seeing the garden coming on so well.

And yesterday gave us a nice surprise as Kevin spotted our 1st Agapanthus spike to show through for  this season.

       I love Agapanthus they are my all time favorite flowers (next to lavender and pansies)ha ha ,

When Kerry was little she called them Jesus flowers because another name for these is "Star of Bethlehem" (makes them sound more regal doesn't it.)

I sound like a gardening nerd and I am not by a long shot.I just know what I like and where it has to go to be right.Drives Kevin mad -but yes he did marry MRS RIGHT middle name ALWAYS-ha ha ha I am so funny any way back to my Agapanthus-

I even had a garden put in  next to the pool when we had the pool put in just for some Agapanthus..

We even had them on our wedding cake.Purple or White I don't care I just love Agapanthus..


So now that I am in a Spring mood-Because let me tell you it was really hard for me to get down the stairs and take these photos.But I am trying a new thing -Thinking positive -yeah yeah yeah I know everyone has been telling me this one but unless you are ready for it (I wasn't) it goes on deaf ears(sorry Mum sorry Kerry)

So here is the front garden everything growing fine here.I hate these structured gardens I love my gardens to be messy everything mixing up together-Looks so good _But we are happy with the look here.


Oh I love my wine barrel full of lavender -smells heavenly.

This is a view of the back yard looking down towards the house from the pool.Can you believe that these trees only  were as tall as Kevin's thigh and they are 3 yrs old now.Oh and the garden is all clay from the pool with just a bit of (lots of) mulch....

This is a weird weed called Bonnie .Can't get rid of her .She follows me around till she sees Aidan then off they go "the terrible duo"...

Kev must have worked hard out here -2 beer bottles Gardening is very thirsty work didn't you know.

Oh and check out this little precious flower.
How sweet yet strong to grow in the rock crease and be able to survive.

Sounds like me Sweet yet Tough.........

    Come on it wasn't that funny that you fell off your chair laughing.But one thing is right though I am going to get tougher and bet this illness and I will survive.

dee xx

Worn out...

I had to show you this.....

It is of the little one at the end of yesterday around 4.30pm.

He was worn out and crashed on his bed.

He had messed his room up playing and even had his shoes on the wrong feet but guess what the best part was........

                                        IT WAS QUIET for almost an hour.

                                                                dee xxx

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My new Blanket

Guess what.......
                         I got my finished blanket this week from my wonderful wonderful wonderful mum...(I know I said wonderful 3 times but she deserves it more).

Anyway it is beautiful and so soft (the wool was an Alpaca blend from Spotlight) .It took about 50 balls of wool, Poor mum read the pattern wrong and did an extra 66 cream hexagons-but that is alright she is going to make another blanket and use them in that.(I  need that new blanket Mum-please whinge whinge whinge  )

So here is a couple of pictures of my beautiful blanket.............

Arn't the colours just right for my room.This is my winter quilt cover so the blanket matches great.Then in summer it is White with a fine silver thread on it so the blanket will match in again


Just another view..



dee xx

Aidan's future career?

Aidan has a problem ..Well apart from the obvious.....ha ha ha

No what the problem is -he can't wear his undies properly.They always look like a little g string or that someone has given him a wedgie.

Now they say that children show traits of their future adult lives while they are little.

So by using that as a guide Aidan will be a "show girl"

See what I mean .

Cute bottom-but what sort of job is that going to get him?

                                                                                   dee xx

Hats and bums...

The little man isn't too happy at the moment.

For the last 2 years he has worn the same blue hat  at daycare every time they went outside etc...He knows this hat and recognizes his name on it....

Well now they want us to buy a new hat so the kids can recognize their own hat ,

Aidan likes his new hat but doesn't want it for school...(looks cute hey ...)
So now we just wait till he likes it. He is taking it to school though..So it's up to the teachers now ha ha

                                              So  Welcome to the real world mate....enjoy

                   Now the little fellow embarrassed me yesterday while shopping.

I gave him my shopping list to play with and he was " reading it" .

So I thought I would play along with him so I said "what else to we need to get mate"

Then in a nice LOUD CLEAR voice he replied "paper towel so  I can wipe my  bum on it "

 I wish  I could have shrivelled up on the spot and died.
People were looking at me everywhere.So what did I do instead-

 I just said "OK" and grabbed a 3 pack...lots of wiping ha ha ha


Hello .

Well Hi sorry I haven't posted anything lately but I have been held captive by a bunch of cannibals who for the last week have been trying to decide on the best way to cook me I mean I am no spring chicken ........I WISH ..

No just been sick as usual -bad legs and bad temperatures.

Then I double took my medication one day well that took nearly 3 days to sort it self out BUT I"M BACK .ha ha ha


Lisa and Alan sent us a photo of themselves in Fiji...where they went as Alan's 50th birthday suprise.....

Don't they look happy.....

love dee xx

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


He has GROWN UP....

Today Aidan came home from daycare in these pants,there had been a little accident so they had to change his pants.

But what I am going on about is how short these are now.

They were bought this season -in the correct size and No they haven't shrunk -he has just grown that much.....

Aidan couldn't wait to show me his potato person.

Yeah that's so good Aidan -Dee loves it......

It has started already hey.

I am sure it's a conspiracy by the schools as a punishment for sending our kids there -so in turn they send home all types of wonderful things that we really potato people-pasta jewellery .grass seed heads,etc...

I wonder if I can post mine to mum.I am sure in the parenting handbook it says to pass it on to grandparents   ha ha

My New Books have arrived....

I made a couple  more books as gifts the other week from BigW and I got to pick them up today.

I am very happy with them  but there is a couple of mistakes but I am not telling anyone what they are  ,ha ha I am keeping one ,one is for Makaylas mum and one for my mum.

I just love Makayla's book.

And remember my friend Allyson's wedding to Miro in August.
 Well I made them a book to treasure as well.

The flower print on the cover was the ribbon they used on their invites and cake. I just scanned it and popped it in.

I hope they like it, they made such a lovely couple in these photos (and in real life as well  ha ha )

It's funny though I miss talking to Ally now I am not at work.
Just feels like everyone forgets you and just keeps on working when you leave .... (look out where are the tissues,STOP this conversation now due to waterworks)


Yep that's what I said.
Today I made the first of the Christmas balls I personalize for friends and orders.

I have been doing these balls for about 8 yrs -and have made thousands of balls.It is amazing to think of all the balls we have made and that the people who bought them treasure them I used to like seeing the little kids see their name on the ball and they had the biggest grins, makes you feel good,
But I hate the glitter mess that comes with it (he he he). I find glitter everywhere for months afterwards ha ha (And I mean everywhere)

Even Kev gets in and helps with them,I will put the name on then he glitters them.

He looks so cute with his spoon of glitter and his tongue hanging out as he glitters the ball.Funny that you have to have your tongue out to make things work if you don't have it out "failure"ha ha


"BUMP" that's right you are not seeing things.
Kerry has 2 friends who are due to have their babies after Christmas so we made them one for this year even though the babies aren't here yet..and they are just "bumps"

The others are Makayla's-one for each Nana and one for parents.Bad photo but they still look good.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr C

Well today (Sunday) we went to see our best friends for Alan's 50th birthday.

We had a great visit.  Great friends Great food and like Kev and Alan say Great beer.ha ha

Lisa's mum was there so we finally got to meet her and of course she brought Jahnayha.

She is such a little cutie (Jahnayha) she remembered me and Aidan which was a good feeling so I got a couple of kisses.

Poor little thing though Uncle Alan was showing Jahnaya and Aidan the fish in his pond when poor Princess J fell in....OHHH.We kept telling him he pushed her in ha ha

Anyway Lisa has a fantastic surprise for him.He thinks they are going to Canberra tomorrow for a week when in fact Lisa has booked a trip to Fiji-she will let him know on the way to the airport so" Bulla "

When Aidan was writing on the card he started counting the candles on it.Well he got to 15
and said "Uncle Alan has too many candles"  ha ha

Cake was yum...Lisa made it NOT ha ha

Paddle pops are paddle pops no matter where you are from ......Kids seem to just  get along without any drama.

Look at these 2.Just love them xx

We were talking to Aidan and said what a good little boy he was with Jahnaya (he played and shared without whingeing)and we said "you have to help Jahnaya she is special so be a good boy and be her friend and help her"

Thought it went ok -this is Aidans reply.
" yeah cause she can't eat paddle pops properly"

So its true kids don't care about the crap they just see each other as friends....

Happy 50th Birthday Alan may the next 50 be just as great.

dee x

Friday, October 8, 2010

Scrap from the past.

HI just wanted to show a few of my favorite things I have made this year.

Bit boring for some but  I wanted to show my mum a few of them  that she hasn't see.


Just a little wing album for a friend...The album comes with 5 pages but I only use 2....

Oh God this is me about 9 months pregnant....

Aidan the tiger...

My girl never wears a dress so we had to do this to remember her in one ha ha

Little 4yr old Kerry..

Kevin's parents were married 50yrs this year so I made this as a guest book -the signing pages were after these but they are boring so I thought I would save you ..

My demon boy...

My mum-beautiful isn't she xxx

This is a wedding album I made my mum and dad  from an acrylic album I bought.

I really love this and the colours...Lucky for me mum loves it too.he he he

The boy turns one ...

I love Kerry and this page....My all time favorite I think.

I had my dad cut these out for me for our Pink Breakfast at work.You put a message on the back and give to someone in need.

thanks for looking I hope you didn't get too bored

dee xxx