Monday, May 16, 2011

Ashleys Birthday.

Yesterday was Ashley's birthday.

Happy Birthday Ash.

Ash came over around 6:00pm which was good.We had a light dinner then did the normal family rituals.

Our Birthday cake.Little Man couldn't wait to eat this

Singing Happy Birthday

Blow out the candles.....

The thing that made these that bit funnier for me was Ash was really hung over and tired and i mean really really hung over -so I just dragged it on a little bit he he
Love you Ash xx
 Happy Birthday  xxx

Dog Bite.

Poor Little Man is a bit sore at the moment and it is my fault.

On Saturday evening the LM was whingeing a bit so I told him to go outside and play (hence my fault) LM loves it outside and went running off about 10mins later he was crying -now I didn't rush outside as most mother know kids have different cry for different things so I just waited a couple more mins and as I was getting up in came the LM  crying (feel like crap here ) and he shows me his arm......

Then he tells me 'Bonnie bite me " and yes this is the photo of his injury .Thing is Bonnie is a 2 and a bit pure breed Pug.So yes it's not just big dogs who can do damage.

I had to show this photo.Now after lots of cuddles and kisses LM was fine,
He was happy that DA took
the naughty puppies and put her down the side of our house.
He was happy because he got chocolates.

We asked him if he touched Bonnie's food to which he replied
"I am a big doy now I don't eat dog food I eat big bog food"
ok big boy I believe you

So that's the end  except for the above photo  LM looks so upset but it is all an
act, When I was taking them I told him to not to smile he said ok I do sad face.
And yes hes did

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Too Short

Life is too short and so is the Little Mans pants...ha ha 

Being the start of winter I thought I would get his winter pants together to see what fits and what dosen't What A JOKE....Look at these (and they are all like it.) They were missing the parts from almost  knees down.Where are they? Looks like the Little Man decied to have a big growth spurt.

Now these were bought very end of winter 2010 so I give up...
So we are going to have to enjoy some pant shopping soon -GREAT...ha ha


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Mothers day

Just wanted to talk about my Mother's day for this year.

I had it all and more than I could want for,If that makes sense ?

Firstly Kev brought me in my large ice water and a small glass of ice and with this came a mini can of coke.I use this to take my pills with.
Actually I am being naughty here Kev does this every morning (spoilt) yep and lovin it.

Little man gave me this beautiful card after he spoilt water on it.
It is a picture of me and LM in the Honda......Must not forget the stupid Honda ha ha ,
The browish gold stuff is glitter.

SQUEAL.....This is the quilt set that I have been drooling over that I really really REALLY  need and want .It is from Freedom Furniture and is call Lucy. Well my beautiful daughter and wonderful stepson Ashley  gave this to me...

The 3 of us.Ashley havn't arrived at this stage and Kerry couldn't wait no longer.
 Forget the old bag down the end in photo but the poor old chook was sick and was trying to hide it from the kids,

I am very blessed by God to have these 3 children  in my life....
Thanks for everything

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Yeah it's Mother's Day....See I told you May is full on and to think we are only up to Day 8 ha ha.

But on the subject of mother's day  Kevin and I are are both blessed that both our mothers are still alive and still a big part of our lives.

Kev's mum doesn't she  look very quiet and shy-NOT ha ha ha

I am very glad that although I am not what they would have wanted in a daughter in law they have stood by
me and accepted both Kerry and the Little Man and for that I am very grateful  for and humbled by.

Now this little pouty baby with attitude hasn't changed at all.

In fact I see a lot of  the Little Man in her for she is my Mother and an
Amazing Mother is what she is.

She has always been there  for me always helped when asked,Puts her 2 bits in whether you want them or not...Like I said the perfect mother.

Love you always mum xxxxx


Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Kevin

Thank God I am up today 2 days in bed yuck..I was going to doctors today to get results from last week but I couldn't because it's Kevin's birthday and I wanted to spend it with him and not sitting in a doctor surgery.

So we will go tomorrow also my mum has convinced me to get some multi vitamins and I am thinking about this fish oil thing.
But on to better things.

                  Happy Birthday Kevin.  xx

 For the next couple of weeks this wonderful man will be the same age as me....then when I have my birthday he goes back to being my toy boy x

I am so lucky to have Kev not only has he accepted myself and Kerry into his heart he has now taken on the Little Man (all which is made harder on him with me being sick).He doesn't complain he just does it another reason why I love him).

Kev is the kind of man you dream of -good kind honest loving and a few x rated ones that I am not talking about.
Don't get me wrong though there are times when I want to throw something at him or just kill him but I do appreciate him and consider myself very lucky that someone like Kev could want me.

And he does and for that my heart belongs to him.....

Hello Birthday boy xx

So handsome xxx

For Kev's birthday I bought him some sort of Nintendo DS1 .Don't know what it does or how it works but Kev and the LM seem to like it.

So Happy Birthday to the worlds greatest husband.
I love you so much and LM does as well.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday John

Just also wanted to say Happy Birthday John.

Now John is my stepfather and my children's grandfather and has been for around 30years.

I could not want anyone else for the job.He has shown his love to me and the kids on more than one occasion and I am extremely lucky to have him in my life.

Sounds like I have all these really great people in my life.Well I do -but I also have a heap of crap ones too but I don't want to talk about bad ones now.

So........... Happy Birthday John - we love you xxx

What a little cutie he was...

Handsome young man .

To the man we call Poppy and who we love very much xxxx


Happy Birthday Kerry

I can't believe it 28 years ago today at 4.35pm (and it was a Tuesday then as well) I gave birth to my wonderful beautiful daughter Kerry

                                              Happy Birthday Kerry.

Time just flies by so fast -from her being dependent on me to the reverse.
She has always been there for me.
I know she will be angry now but heck I can go on about her for 1 day can't I.

I am so proud to how she has matured into a beautiful young women with poise and manners and a gentle soul.She is smart (don't know where she got that one) loves shoes and bags( got that from Nana)
and cats she loves Cats.

And is beautiful(don't know where that came from either )

I can't express my self properly as to how I feel about her but I thank God daily for giving me Kerry I know everything is for a reason but I am just so lucky to have been blessed in having her for my daughter.I will cherish and love her forever.

Anyway here are a couple of my favorite  photos in no particular order.

Kerry and Bear.

Isn't she beautiful.

God we both look like cabbage patch dolls.

Check out the shirt "Go Bunnies"

Too cute.

Love this one -

So once again thanks for looking with me at these photos and for the lovely comments
you send-I don't know how to respond but I will find out just so I can say thanks.

Happy Birthday Kerry

Wisdom from the Little Man.

               Thought I would share this wonderful conversation I had with the Little Man.

Dee-"come here LM you have something on your face"


Dee "just come here-oh yuck it is a boogie go get me a tissue please"

LM " Don't need tissue I can eat boogies"

Dee-"Get out of here you are not eating boogies now go get the tissue'

LM-" But that's what little boys do -we eat boogies"


                         and I thought it gets easier

He is quite cute when his mouth is closed ha ha

Showers-He Loves them...

See you

Monday, May 2, 2011

Where have I been


I am back----Not been  around here because guess what ?

  3 days in bed sick-'Not Happy Jan'

So back to my doctor again  (I was good mum)

we made him do blood tests so he has done heaps so now we wait for these results  and then go the next step whatever that may be.

                Plus the only good thing about  my being sick is my weight loss.
Currently I have lost 18.6 kilos (yes you heard right ) since we went to QLD which is almost 5 weeks ago.I am trying to eat but have no appetite so some days don't even worry about it or just have half a orange.
I know this isn't good but I am trying to eat something.

So what else  have we been doing-

 Well our Darling Mel came down on Thursday night with little Charli.

OMG she is the most beautiful baby ever even Kerry got a little clucky....... (yes Kerry -Kev heard you say "you can't wait to have a baby "so then he came and told me Yes YES YES !!!!

Can you tell that made me happy)

Kerry and the beautiful Charli....

The LM loved her and Mel and was full of questions-
"Mel why your  baby eyes open?"
"Mel why your baby crying " We have milk in fridge for her.   I get some food from cupboard for her.... MEL...........on and on he went ......Yet he wouldn't sit next to her for a photo. Strange LM but I love him.

We still have a stash of Easter eggs which I am slowly giving away to Ashley when he comes over.But the LM -Oh my God the first thing he says when he wakes up is "can I have a egg" before I can answer Kev has already bellowed NO and the LM is sulking.
Oh the joy of chocolate.


 My handsome little man has had 2 accidents  and the rest has been dry beds at night  YEAH.........
I am so proud of him   and this is the smile I get.Sorry I should say 'WE' are so proud because Kev thinks it is good as well.

Just us..x

.May is our horrible month .10 birthdays-2 Anniversary's car rego and Mother's day.

So instead of going out for each birthday and Mother's day we decided to have just one dinner celebration ,All done on one night.

   These photos were taken last night at our celebration dinner.Quick Da don't lose the Subrau cause we lose Kerry and Emmanuel as well ....Come on Da quick....

Kerry and her "friend"Emmanuel.?????


Yeah friends?

Our Ashley (he had been working all day and was tired)

But you have to have a birthday cake of your own so here is Kerry's.
 Early as her birthday is the 3rd-But who cares ....
Happy Birthday Kerry -Love you heaps xxx
Although it's a pity the LM didn't like the candles on fire  poor little thing was crying as we sung happy birthday....