Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday wishes

Today is our best Friend Lisa's birthday.

Happy Birthday Lisa.

We love you heaps xx

A big kid at heart -that's why we love you..

New baby on it's way

Yes that's right the Little Man's big brother Chris and his partner Sam have just let us know that they are expecting a baby,,,,OOOOH.

They are only about 6 weeks along...I am really excited as Chris is very close  to me and I raised him for a while when he was little so this is kinda like a little grand baby coming,

Because Kerry isn't ready to go there yet.Ha ha ha

Any way we wanted to send something special up to the happy couple but not something over the top baby mush,Well Chris is a mad Tigers supporter so you guessed it ......We got a size 00 Tigers jersey it is so sweet can't wait to see baby in it.

And what does the LM  say about all this....




I just looove it

I managed this week to get to the shops and get some exciting bits for the house,(I paid for it dearly though when I couldn't walk later on that day)

Anyway I just had to show these things I got...

Firstly I got the most beautiful throw rug from Adair's.I can't explain the colour  (apart from heavenly)but it was on a all white bed set and that's what I have ordered so it would look just yum, it is so soft and warm almost has a vintage look to it.

Isn't it beautiful I just looove it.
Can't tell you the price because Kevin wouldn't understand,
I can just hear him  say "You spent WHAT on that".
No just joking it was $149  a bargain for a piece of looove.

Then we went to Ikea and picked up some loooove...

So at Ikea I got the candle and candle stick and also the white planter and green plant.
I have  put these on a little cupboard we have in the ensuite and they look good.

I really loooove this planter .Do you remember the one I got for Christmas .Well this is along those lines but alot smaller  and my Christmas one cost alot  more -this one was only $10 from the Reject shop.

I looove it now but Kevin is painting it black for me so I can put it on my outdoor table and I will stick either a plant or a candle in it.
Oh before I forget this one is around 60cm and there are 2 larger sizes.I will show you the finished project later.

Lastly although it just looks like a picture of my stove I totally looove the down lights under the cupboards.You would think being married to an electrician I would have electric down lights but NOOOO....
I have always wanted them so I stumbled across these in Ikea for $5 each and truly they look so good-You just peel off the self adhesive tape and then stick them up.Done.
I looove them.

So this week has been good and bad,I managed to get a few bits for the house,But like I said had to put up with sore feet and fevers yuck...
It was worth it.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

25th Wedding Anniversary

Today is my mothers and stepfathers 25th Wedding Anniversary and we would like  to say from both us....

      Congratulations and may you  have many many more together We love you both,...

No matter what - You are the kind of parents kids wish for. I am, so lucky to have you in mine Kerry and LM'S life.
And believe me I need you both  more now than ever before with the LM...ha ha 

Mum and John when they got married.
Hey mum I don't think I have told you  this before but when you smile you look so beautiful.....

20th Anniversary..
I can't remember the name of the building but they went here to celebrate.
NO Kevin they didn't go there so mum could push John over the edge (he's already there) ha ha

Happy 25th Anniversary  to such a wonderful couple....
My mum and dad xxx

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I won a prize.YEAH

Guess what I won a prize of the most divine cards from a wonderful lady called Debee from Art as life.Which is her blog.She also has an etsy shop so you can get lots of treasure,

You have to check out this amazing website.Her scrap booking is fresh and fun looking and I love it...

Oh so what did I win? Well she has just published a range of cards with her designs and I am lucky enough to be receiving   a set of them.

To win all you had to do was answer WHAT LIFTS YOU UP....

My answer was

ha ha you will have to click on her site above.seriously I cant copy it .''' HA HA i CANT BE THAT MEAN IF YOU WANT TO FULL ANSWER YOU WILL SEE THAT ON HER BLOG....but it said something like :what lift's me up A elevator does and my husband is the best etc etc  elevator mechanic-It sounds better in full but at least you get the idea and she wrote a really nice comment as well,

This is the only picture I could  get of her stuff so please have a look at her lovely things.
Now who am I going to give these gorgeous cards too or should I be greedy and keep them
all to myself he he

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beer and Cupcakes

Beer and Cupcakes mmm sounds delicious.....Not.

Any way  I have just finished these 2 layouts and I have my friend Gill to thanks.

She has done this layout with Kaiser papers and I just loved it and had to have it, and as per Jill it is beautiful anyway good news Gill rang me on Tuesday to say paper was in Kev went and picked it up but I had to wait until tonight to do it as I was doing other things.Boo Hoo

Anyway I feel it was worth the wait.The one with Kerry is almost what Gill had and the LM is same layout and bits but different colours and bits.

Kerry making cupcakes around 3-4 years.

Picture is yuck but I can't be bothered fixing it tonight I will try tomorrow again.

Kev has his own home brew set up and when he mixes a brew LM comes from whatever he is doing to check it out and help, In the second picture one photo is of the LM a couple of weeks ago and  the little photo was around 2yrs old  and he wasn't much bigger than the pot.

Thanks Gill for the wonderful layout

Easter fun..

Now at the moment I don't go shopping much due to the dreaded legs but when I did venture into shops the other day I have to say I was shocked to see

                                                            EASTER EGGS.....

                                                     Come on..what a joke.....
Then Kev tells me to shut up they have been out since not long after Christmas....

So if they can put out eggs I can share my funny Easter Pictures.

Now these are the  product of a sleep depraved, pain infected woman playing on the computer
at 3.00am...Sorry  if they are really bad.But remember they could have been worse.

But things look different in the middle of the night after  a few pain killers..ha ha ha

This is my favorite..I will check my slippers next time I wear them he he he

Like I said they could be worse....
Thanks to those who made them
Happy Early Easter.

Maddox Baby book

                    I must be on a roll because he is another little book I made for Maddox,

It is a bit different to what I normally do as I usually print out his details etc luckily I had this card at home so
Natalie can fill it all in with the details,The reason  for this is my slack daughter  (yes Kerry I mean you) keeps forgetting to get them off Natalie so rather than wait till she gets them (sigh)  I have used the card.I think it works well...

What a litttle cutie.

Natalie has planes in Maddox's bedroom so I have tried to put a little rub on one here
and on the next page there is a felt one.

The photo looks weird here but trust me it is perfect.
This would have to be my favorite Kaiser book it is just too cute for words.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Maddox's first christmas

Maddox's 1st Christmas album was the another  item I made on the weekend.

I really love how this book  has turned out -

So much so I am going to do Kerry and the LM their own book.

God  knows where  Kerry's photos could be though  they are  27yrs old  been through a couple of moves been packed and unpacked ...........ha ha I know exactly where they are...

Photos and treasures Yes I look after...Receipt's and anything like that  can't find them.

                                     Any way here is the book.

Sooo cute isn't it....

That's Maddox on the reverse of the star I even found a little stocking with the letter M on it in all my bits and peices,.The snow flake was bought at Christmas time from Bed 'n' Bath just love it...

The page I am talking about is the red tree page,I have put lots of bits of tags etc on it so Natalie can fill it in
with her memories of the event...See the little peg Santa -she can clip something to that as well.

This is the reverse of red tree and the other page in green tree,Once again I put tags on this so Natalie can do what she wants.
We did the pictures black and white so it was too garish (I don't know if that is a word but in the world of Dee it is,,,)Also I just doodled around the pieces and on the green tree at the botom I wrote Merry Christmas in the doodles..

Hope you liked looking at it ..
 this is the start of my new mindset.

Maddox canvas

On the weekend I  made a initial canvas for Kerry's best friend Natalie's new born baby boy Maddox.

What a mouthful.

I love to give homemade gifts and we have a few favorites that we like to give to baby's.

The first is the initial.

Usually I do this on it's own with no canvas but Kerry said Natalie likes things plain .

So I chose a matching paper used my trusty Modge Podge to cover the canvas then stuck the paper on it rubbing out any air bubbles  I did the same for the initial "M".

Then just let dry and glue together and I put some little buttons on for fun.

Photo isn't the best but you get the idea.and Kerry loves it......


Crafting is back

Hello.I thought I lost all my urge to do any kind of craft but YIPPEE it's back.

This weekend I made the LM a photo book just with Kraft paper and a few photos of LM favorite things.,I modge podge a drawing LM did at school for the cover and tied some pretty  ribbon to the rings and YUM its done,
Also no embellishments in the book .So now half of you have choked but the LM is just 3yrs and he usally just  carrys around a couple of photos so I deiced to put them in something he could easily handle with no worries of bits coming off.

The bottom line is HE LOVES IT and he told be "its beautiful dee"

See I told you it was very basic and very simple.But it gives LM his own photo book without having to let him touch mine or worry if he may wreck his.-ha ha ha

Sunday, February 20, 2011


                                       Arn't you glad like me to see even Cupid has off days
                                                                           Ha Ha Ha

Just me

Well from the above picture I think you can tell no hospital-YEAH
Although by the time we got there the pain was shocking and I would have stayed in there but when mt doctor said about me staying it was to be total bed rest which is bed pans etc and this was for 2 weeks minimum No thanks not a chance....
.Anyway my doctor is not happy with my legs -he said they  are getting worse,
.insert lots of tears (from me and some from Kevin) .
End result no hospital stay this visit.A change in my wound dressing procedure (big word I sound posh ) and also a change on my medications.

Also he did give permission for something I have been wanting to do forever but wasn't allowed to.
Not sure if things have changed or he just feels sorry for a poor old fat lady sobbing. but I would like to think the first option is the way to go.

So what is it?

  Sorry I want to wait till I can get  all the information and visits together.It is a hard choice for us to make and I don't want to tell everyone then have it fall over and we can't do it.

Put it this way I have started making  some enquires and it is like one step forward one step back...

So after we got home from doctors on Wednesday I was just my normal ill and in great pain self  and  I only started to feel better today-hence the post. See I think it all relates into the above  "thing I can't talk about yet".It has put something positive in front of me so I have a different outlook on things.

And a big thanks and lots of hugs to those wonderful friends who wished me the best and said some really nice things to me which made my heart swell ......

'OMG' no I wasn't having a heart attack..

Oh how sweet  
thanks and bye till next time

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mixed up Dee

Well it's 4.30am  I have been up since 3.00am and  I can't go back to bed I can't sleep my legs are killing me I am imagining terrible things I have 100's of bits flying around my head....... so I have just been computer surfing  yeah I know it should be Internet surfing but hey its early morning I don't care anymore .I can't walk I hurt BAD so I am  taking any pain killers I can find.

I  have found some beautiful pictures of lavender on google while I was mucking around.
I just love it.(both google and lavender )
I don't know if I really like the smell but love the flower and the thought of Lavender seems to relax me.


Do you like my ramblings I am so freaked out because today I go my  doctors at the hospital and I am sure I going  to be admitted.

In any case I like to be prepared so I've got some things together so Kev can bring them in later. I don't want to take them with me or it may jinx me.
Got my Monica McInery book cant wait to read it..

One of the ladies I follow  is Penny at  p://  (please check out her blog I really like it so colourful and she does amazing layouts - and don't forget to become a follower) well she has just read Mini Shopaholic and she recommends this as a good read.

So poor Kev has this on his shopping list to get.....

I really love these pictures of lavender  so I hope you are enjoying  these few photos as well.If not sorry I am just a sick pain infested old lady.(do you think I just scored any sypanthy)
Funny though looking at the pictures makes me realise how much I need to do to my garden.It's a bit hard cause I  find it hard to get
down the steps,Things were looking good late last year then with all the sun and not much rain  some plants haven't survived and need to be pulled up and a new one put in to replace it. But hey looking on the brighter side my Mum is coming down in March and she is a unreal gardener so maybe???

 Oh God it's almost time to wake up Kev and the Lm then off we go.First we drop LM at daycare then onwards to the hospital.
I keep thinking the worst I can't help it I am like one of those people who check out their illness or medications and self diagnose.Yep if I have a headache it is probably a tumor.
You know the type..So at the moment I am thinking they will take my leg off.
Kev and my mum and daughter all try to reassure me and it will all be ok ....

But I have seen the pictures and read the comments people have left and baby it don't look good...

Well my GP told me I have cellulitis and then I read the pathology report it said it is
 Staphylococcus  Aureus which is Staph.
Ok that is the facts
I have been checking this out on the net and looking at the pictures and I don't want either.I keep thinking they are going to get me in there (hospital ) and I won't be able to control what is happening to me.....
I don't want to have to talk to other sick people I am NOT sick I just got shit legs at the moment.Also you won't catch me in bed in my nightie at lunch time yuck  moaning and groaning cause like I said I am not sick.

Me ....I will be dressed sitting in a chair waiting for Kev to come then my whingeing will start...

Well it is now 6.00am time to get ready.... I think I must have been dozing on and off which is good.

So say a pray for me because I have been saying a few myself and hopefully I will be home today if not who knows where I will be ...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Honda

Anyone who knows the LM knows that at the moment he is a car fanatic.

He loves our car and will tell anyone who will listen that "we have a Honda" "in the Honda garage" it has a Honda key blah blah blah.He is very animated while talking with hands either on his hips or out stretched...

One night after we put him to bed he came running out wondering where the Honda keys were.

Now the obsession isn't just regarding our car although we wear the brunt of it.

He will tell you that  Kev's car "the work truck is a Toyota"
 Kerry has a "Mitsubishi Evo but it is very noisy cause it has a turbo".
Nana and Pop have a Hyundai and when Docs picked him up the other week he walked over to the car and told Kev "this is a Hyundai the same as Nana and Pops".He was right.

At school (day care)  his teachers  also hear  about the "Honda" -not once a day or twice but ALL day .HONDA HONDA HONDA

So I thought you would like to see a picture of the object of LM obsession.

Ha ha ha  -This picture put a smile on both Kev and my face when we saw it because we knew
the story behind it.Hope it makes you smile as well.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day Cards

We don't  go in much for Valentines day.Kev and I buy each other a card which I put in my treasure box.

Yes I am a hoarder.

But I got a pack of these from kikki-k   so the LM could make some cards for friends.

   I got the  DIY kit-Sweet Hearts.It is to make your own Valentines cards-cost $10.

This is the one we got.Check out their on-line shop soo easy.

LM loved it .He did all the sticking and putting the bits where he wanted...Wouldn't listen to me.
Now someone who had time and talent could make really nice ones from this kit.

The finished products.
Not bad for a 3yr old.And like I said he did it all.that's why some colours blend in but that's what he wanted and I love them.we will be doing these next year.

Happy Valentines Day