Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Great Paw Paw adventure starts............

The Great Paw Paw adventure starts now.Kev is in the shower it's almost 2.00am.I haven't been to sleep as usual but will fall asleep in the car so at least Kev will have quiet trip for a while.

I am sort of glad to be going now as my legs are extra sore and are killing me,I have had an extra morphine and still cant settle.

Paw Paw flowers.

So the shower has just stopped so I guess that's it,no more putting it off,
The adventure begins

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Gilly

                  Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my friend Gill.

                                   Hope you have a good one....
                                                                        Birthday that is......


Men need pampering too..........

                                    Who said only ladies get manicures?

These photo's were taken the other night of Kev and the Little Man is giving him a manicure.He had already done Kev's hair and told him he looked beautiful.......

And this is why I love Kevin ...........Oh plus a few other reasons but I won't tell ha ha

Kerry 1st day of school

Well I have just finished another layout thanks to Gill  it's another scrap lifted one (I hope I used the correct term Gill)

         Anyway I loved the one Gill did of  Miss Milly so I decided  to do Kerry's 1st day of school the same way ...I love this one as well it turned out great  and yeah I am up myself if I dont like it who will.....God Kerry was so little like this photo was taken in 1988 when she was 4 yrs old...
                                                                                         times flys by ..

All by my self..........

Oh God it.s 1.00am I am still awake can't sleep my mind is like a tumble dryer -everything is spinning around .I just can't settle.I am sitting here once again crying .What a cry baby I have become.

I am sitting in the office listening to the rain RAIN maybe we shouldn't go It's dangerous to drive in the rain and yet we are looking  at a 12 hour drive.

Don't be stupid Dee people drive in the rain all the time.Sure there is accidents but Kev is a safe driver.And what does it matter to me I sleep as soon as the car starts......

Maybe we just shouldn't go that might be why I am so churned up maybe it's my sub conscience saying- NO stay home.

I just don't want to waste our TIME -our MONEY and my HOPES on something that may not work.....

So where is my SIGN or anything to say GO ................

I just after 2 years of pain and heartbreak feel I am setting myself up for another fall.

Paw paw don't they look healthy....a sign ? No just a good photo.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Great Paw Paw Adventure

Well today is going to be a mixed up weird post,What ? you say ..... well sit back as I tell you a little story.

A Paw Paw tree with fruit.

A few months ago my mother saw a story on Today Tonight about a man  in OLD who has developed a cure  for ulcers, eczema etc all made from paw paws.

Tom McArthur  is this mans name and this is the article.

Well after mum saw this she emailed him and everyone else connected to him,I also emailed (although not as much as mum I couldn't get my hopes up) anyway we received a email saying he can
not respond to everyone due to the response of the show and that his cremes will be available soon.

No problem,This is why I don't get my hopes up I  just couldn't deal with another let down .We will just wait and purchase what product they have.

Well about 2 weeks ago we received another email the cream is now available  YEAH give me my credit card -.So because I still wanted to try this we ordered some -due early May.

Afterwards I thought I would just try again and send another email telling him how worse my legs have become and how I have no quality of life .

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from Tom asking for for phone number so he could speak to me (this was Friday night) I replied after ringing mum and having a big cry,

Well on Saturday night Tom's daughter Jeanette rang and after a long talk they want to see me .And guess what they sound like really nice normal people not like the toffee nose cows like I was expecting.

So on Tuesday we are leaving onThe Great Paw Paw Adventure,

We are driving to mums on the Gold Coast were we are leaving   (YEAH) the LM  staying the night and then heading off to Marybourough which is around 6 hours up and then on to Toms for treatment.

I am scared excited upset worried just a big cry baby mess -I just think we have tried everything conventional western medicine can do and now we have to step outside the square.I often wonder how people can afford to get sick just my medicines and dressings for my legs cost anywhere between $300-$500 a month sometimes more.So if it works it will be good for our bank account as well.ha ha

Trying to be funny not working I have tears straming down my face as I type wondering if we are doing the right thing.

Also a big thanks to mum (again)because Mum has looked up the net -emailed people- called people all to help find somethingto help me.Thanks mum xx

Well God we have definitely done this we are so out of the square it is frightning .So here's hoping and praying

                                                                     Fingers crossed.And a little pray won't hurt either

Friday, March 18, 2011


This is the Little Man here.I am writing this to complain about Dee and Da

Dee................ I do not like chocolate cake and I don't enjoy licking the bowl and the spoon when I have had to mix the cake myself and then proceed to cook it without so much as a helping razoo from you two.

And Da you should know better than to sit at the table and be laughing at my discomfort.

Bad Da Da .

You would think that as you and Da are the adults here someone could take charge of the situation to ensure this bowl licking is not encouraged.

Please find below some evidence of how much I hate this sort of childish behaviour.

See the look of distaste on my face.


No I don't like chocolate cake.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

New car

New car ha ha ha not us not yet ,
                                             But we have been meaning to say Congratulations to our friends Alan and Lisa on the (long awaited ) arrival of their new car ..Lisa is loving it as Alan still cant drive-But he will eventually and then boom watch him gooooooooo.

Its black and very fast .

Congrats Very flash and it suits you two.
Love Mr & Mrs S


My real father was born in Norway and we still have relatives (I won't say family because I don't know them) living there.

My sister (the fruit loop)  went there years ago and met them,  ANYWAY   my nieces Simone and Melissa are currently living and working in England and doing little tours around Europe when they can.

Well they went to Norway last weekend -my mum sent me the photo,

Doesn't it look yum..I haven't seen snow before but just dream of this sort of landscape.To me it is what I think Norway looks like..

 The hat ???? the girls look cute in theirs -me if I worn one I would look like Daniel Boone in drag....ha ha I bet you don't remember who he was...Also I asked the girls if they would get me a troll doll for the LM.

I didn't want one of those cute things with purple hair etc...I WANT UGLY.....

Well mum said they got him one and Yes he is so UGLY he is CUTE so when I get him I will post a picture of Mr Norway .yes that is going to be his name.Just another way of the LM knowing his heritage,

Now today is St Patricks day but LM is too young to explore that put of his heritage ha ha ha

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Pop

My mum is so clever she makes me proud.

I mean not only does she paint all week for her market stalls on the Gold Coast she  also has to look after my dad.

Then she has to listen to me whinge -cry or laugh whatever mood I am in.
And she listens and participates  in hair brained idea I have and is always on hand to help whatever she can do ....

Well enough talk like that cause Mum will get a swelled head.ha ha  No mum your worth everything and more.

Anyway my point today is Mum has started tracing our family tree.Which is going to be hard as we don't have to much to go on.I said to mum that I would dearly love to see a photo of my pop (mums dad ) young,
I have only seen old photos and wondered what he looked like in his 20's.

Well Miss History guru (mum) came through -she managed to find a long lost cousin who had a photo of Pop

So I would love to show you him

My  Pop is the handsome man with his hands in his pants and his trousers look too short.The other man is his brother (I think he looks like a old George Clooney )ha ha My pop has large ears and this sounds weird but my nephew is splitting imagine of pop-curly hair and large ears.So now we know where he got it from.

That's my pop in the back and his mother on the car rails outside.We think the rest is brother and sisters.
Check out the car .....Unreal isn't it.Love the hat .

Anyway just wanted to say a big thanks to Mum for granting a wish of mine..To see what Pop looked like young
thanks mum xxx


Monday, March 14, 2011

Stickers for Emma

One of my favorite Australian blogs would have to be   Day to Day

This is written by a very talented and caring lady called Melissa Goodsell and her blog is great-craft cooking family and caring.

Any way I was hoping you could pop over to Mel's blog and read this wonderful story on Emma who needs some special help from us at the moment it is not a big request just a little kindness that's all.

I am going to send a french knitting lady and some other bits for Emma to enjoy.So please have a look and see if you can help and also pass this on to anyone who may be able to help as well

thanks and a big thanks to Melissa for organizing it in the first place.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mum's Visit

What a great week.

Well certain parts were.  My mum came down on Monday afternoon and then went home  on Saturday afternoon.

The week went too fast.I really wish she lived down here I know it's only an hour to fly but sometimes
you just want her to be here closer,I am so envious of those who get to see their mums heaps but I
guess you just have to deal with it and deal with it the best you can...

Crap........... I am not dealing with it I think cause I am sick it makes it worse but I am missing
my mum heaps I speak to her daily sometimes more than once (thank god we have a good Optus plan ha ha )  but it isn't enough ....

We did try to get up there last year had the jobs but had problems with LM and Doc's  so maybe next time but it will happen...........

Anyway here are some wonderful photos that I would like to share with you ...

Nana and LM .I love this photo.

Changed my coffee table set up ....I like it but it is taking a while to get use to...

Whoa ..who is the lucky girl who managed to score these?
Me of course....Unreal aren't they.

You are such a funny Nana....I love you.

Paint my toes Kerry come on paint them....

Nana and Kerry .
Kerry is Nana's 1st grandchild.(spoilt )

Nana with 1st grandchild and last grandchild.

3 Generations.

LM is now learning to breathe swimming,looks like a little fish

thanks for looking
    Remember the little jacket I was knitting for Kerry's friend baby "Maddox" such a cutie....

Well I couldn't get into it so when mum came down she finished it off for me.Otherwise he wouldn't be wearing it this year ha ha

But who am I kidding I had only done up to the decreasing on the back .
I was no where near finishing...... Mum virtually made it from scratch and it looks great....

So thanks heaps mum xxx

Monday, March 7, 2011

Shower boy

I just had to show these taken last night while the LM was having his shower..

I just love how the water is boucing off his skin.

Apart from the cute bum.(which will be in his 21st album- (groan everyone says)

I wanted to show how LM stands in the shower,

He just stands there like a little garden gnome and enjoys the water for as little
or as long as we let him.

The Little man

Well I haven't fixed all of the blog yet but I am getting there.

But thought I would show you some recent (this week) photo's.

Gail (LM"S mother) came over for a visit

Check out my new shoes..oh and baby quack my new friend.

mmmm  I love paddle pops.(thanks Auntie Lisa she gave me my 1st one )...

Helping Da build me a robot.

NO he is not stuck under the table -.Kevin is playing cubby houses with LM.

I got a typewriter....

He  loves  it and keep writing his name and Kerry's name.Driving Kev and me crazy with "how do you spell?"

LM was allowed to pick a toy for being good (doesn't happen that much ha ha .So he chose Mumma duck.

So here he is with both mumma duck and baby duck....Too cute.

I don't know how long he will play with stuffed toys -he loves all his and each
one and a name....

So sorry if I have bored you with  LM photo's but I like them ha ha 


..yep 3 days is all it took for the LM the undo it and take the rollers
off and countless other parts.Well after Kev did his nut...it took him over 1 hour to 
repair it.

So I have put it away for now,

But that is what the LM does-he is fascinated by how things work..