Thursday, March 29, 2012


I was in my room yesterday ( whats news with that I am always in my room )  anyway I could
hear the LM yelling out "TIMBER"

I started looking around to see where  he was and what was he doing."TIMBER."...was still being heard.   then I happened to look  out my window and I nearly died on the spot....

This is not something you want to see.  Your boy on a ladder with a pair of scissors cutting
the leaves off the trees and he was standing on tippee toes.

So I open my window to tell him to get down ( or words to that effect ) and he turns around and says

"HI Dee Dee....I am helping DA cut the trees"

.He sounded so cute I didn't say anything TO HIM .     

                  No I went looking for Kevin...

Do  you know where the LM is and what he is doing ????????....

No he didn't. So I told him and Kev's reply was

"Don't stress - I put the ladder in the garden for him and gave him the scissors"

 URGGG sometimes I could just   -No No Dee just calm down and remember this is the man who bought the LM a REAL cordless drill  for Christmas when he was 2 .
              I think I will go back into my room and close the blinds.I have a headache or two.

Leggo blanket

I have a wonderful mother.

I saw this blanket on  melissa goodsell blog.

Do yourself a favour and have a look at her blog it's a truly good blog and full of great things to do.

I fell in love with it and wanted it for the LM but I also knew I didn't have the patience to make this
                                                                          Boo Hoo
So what is a girl to do when she needs help -why she calls her mother and begs her to make this for her grandson.
                                                             And mum said YES......

So off I went to Spotlight and bought the wool  as fast as I could (before Mum could change her mind)ha ha .

Kev posted the wool to her and today she received it.

Now we wait while she finishes her  other things  then she will make the blanket.The wait will be worth it.
                                                       I cant wait...A big hug to my wonderful mum...

No I am not sucking up mum  to make you start it sooner.(although if it would help I could try Ha Ha)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Best Salad

I am not a salad person.To me salad is tomatoes and beetroot and if I am being adventurous I will add avocado's...

But I saw this on Jamie Oliver's 30 Min's meals and thought I would give it a try...

You  need

Some cut up Roma tomatoes
Cut up shallots and parsley
Place in bowl

Cut up some chorizo and chopped garlic  and cook in some olive oil
When cooked add to salad mix -oil as well

You can add a bit more oil if you like  - also you can add a few drops of sherry vinegar.(I don't like this as it smells like wine.But Kev likes it so its your choice)

Chill or serve straight away good either way.

You wont regret making this -so Yum..

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baby day

Well today is the day.
Our first grandchild is due today.
Kevin's middle son and his fiance are expecting a little baby girl.
I cant wait....

This is Tilly- mum to be at 38 weeks pregnant...

And here is our gran daughter
I think she looks like Kevin.ha ha ha

Well  the baby is due today and it is also my grandfathers birthday today.Although
 he has passed away a  long time ago.It would be nice if she was born today just for that reason.

Fingers and legs crossed ...For a healthy little girl.(lets hope the ultrasound is correct...)

And once again I have left things till the last minute to make some things for the  baby.I am going to start crocheting a baby rug tonight....
Will I ever learn? no don't think so.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Craft Craft and more Craft

                            Well I am back -back to doing crafts that is....

Today Kerry's best friend had her daughters naming day and she was to be a godmother to one of the girls.
Now I really like her friend so I was willing to make things so her day looked great.

The only problem was === well not really a problem was I left things till Thursday that gave me 2 and a bit days to make things....Last minute rushing once again

I did it  ..yeah and everything turned out as good as we hoped for.

Hope you like the photos there is a few ha ha ha

I made a few different types of cupcake picks and Kerry made the cupcakes they looked great.

 Our paper doily bunting is so cute I love it.  While I was sewing the doily's on to string Kerry was
glueing on the flowers.
.Good joint effort.I am going to make a strand of these for my craft room,

                                                  Love it...

This was a bit trickier to sew as it was made from crepe paper and it stretched as I sewed it but as it was to decorate a tent .... I used crepe paper

Looked good when I got used to sewing the paper..

This little tulle puff tree was just for a decoration.I repainted a pot with gesso as the original had Christmas pictures on it and also painted the stick white.
For the puff I gather tulle and glued them on.It took about 8 tulle clumps to fill the ball.
The tulle looked better when we puffed it out when the glue dried.

A close up of the bottom of the pot.I found the birds in my craft room (while I was cleaning up) and I made the little heart pick....

The candles....Connie (the girls mother ) gave me the photos and she wanted black and white ones.
At first I was unsure of this but when I added the pink trim I loved them....
I printed everything on vellum and all the other bits I had or were from Fred the Needle...

This candles was one of the Nana's and her grandson who had passed away  but they wanted to have them at the ceremony...

I made one of these each as a little gift for the girls.

I wish I knew which site I originally saw these on but I cant remember but thanks for the idea....

     I am so happy with how these turned out...

Then once I finished all of these I had the sewing machine out so I finished these face washers that my sister gave me for baby  Chloe but I didn't get around to doing in November.So I added the lace trim and they look great...

Yeah I am on a craft roll......Watch for more pictures....

Kerry took this picture at the ceremony.Candles look good don't they.....

Friday, March 16, 2012


                          The LM is such a tadpole.

           He will swim anytime and doesn't care about what the weather is like either.

Here is the LM at swimming lessons learning freestyle.

LM at home in the pool...while it is raining

Just showing how he does back stroke...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Go Zebras

                                                           The LM is a Zebra.....

Not that type of zebra .But today he is now a Zebra soccer player.We had his
first training session today and Kev said he did really good. 

Look at those long socks and cute little boots.....

They played  around at first getting to know everyone..
 Then they played a little game.
Yeah zebras won..

But the rest of the time LM did a lot of just standing around....

I cant wait for his 1st real game.....
Go Zebras.....

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Around the house

                                   Just some photos taken from around the house.

Mum moved the herb garden  when she was here last time and it is thriving...

Pity I don't remember what they all are ha ha

I got the plate for Christmas from Kerry and the birdhouse is from Kev.
I don't like the bird inside it though- well I did when I bought it but I don't anymore so I have just put it here.
What do they say "out of sight out of mind"

And just a photo of my wonderful husband taken awhile ago but I just found it again..
He is so beautiful....

          I bought this cute little stand (I have some pears on it ) on Saturday and I just love it...

Not a great photo (Kev took it ha ha ) but who cares.I also got the stand and glass cover on Saturday.
I forgot to say  that I bought them both from  Fred the needle.
Best shop in Penrith.....

At the moment I am living on these.Well I have a pack a day.It's mums fault as she bought me
a packet while I was in hospital...
The only good thing is I am starting to get over them  I wonder what my next craze will be?

                                                                       Too too cute.....

                More Etsy goodies....These are for mine and mums  365 books.......

                                                    More Esty Christmas goodies....