Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lisa"s birthday

                                     Happy Birthday to my best friend Lisa....

Hope you have a wonderful day because next year we are (both of us) having a "0" birthday .I cant say the first number   ha ha .
Love   Always           

Monday, February 27, 2012

Spottys birthday

No you aren't seeing things....
Yes you are looking at a toy Zebra ((called "Spotty Zebra "))   ( and no I didn't name her that  the LM did ) who is wearing a party hat......
I have been told since (by the LM) that she looks gorgeous...

WHY????   Why the hat ?
Because it is her birthday and she is having a party that's why....

Spotty Zebra is watching the LM make her party cakes....

This all started at 6.00am today when I was dressing LM for day care.

When LM woke up he told me about  her birthday.
              I said "Well we should have a party for her".
The LM told Spotty Zebra.
He came back and said "Spotty Zebra is laughing and says the party would be wonderful"

The look on the LM's face was priceless- I wish I had a camera at that moment to capture it- but I will never forget it..
So Kevin bought a cake mix and some party hats and balloons on his way home for the party.

   Everyone came to the party...There was Monka the monkey  and the birthday girl herself -Spotty Zebra and the LM (who looked cute as usual). Dog Dog was there and so was  Spotty Zebras best friend  -Pussycat.
                                              Yes I know -very original names aren't they....

LM sang happy birthday  -we all had cake and Spotty Zebra told LM "she had a lovely party..."

                      So for around $5.00 and a little bit of fun time we have a very happy LM...

                            The problem now is LM said "it's Dog Dogs birthday on Friday"
                               Kevin start blowing some more balloons we have a party to go to......

Monday, February 20, 2012

Venison pie.

Today I thought I would try and cook  Kev a special dinner .

You know just to say thanks for everything and that I love you and appreciate what you have done  for me while I have been sick- (what a mouthful  but true  )

So I am making a venison pie....

Never made it before but I will give it a try cause Kev likes it.The LM and I will have pork chops for dinner yum.

Firstly I checked the net for a recipe but I didn't like any of them so I am making it up myself.( God help us )

So I try to cut up the meat-cant do it-  it smells horrible  so its Kev to the rescue.

Then I have to marinate it in red wine overnight..
Once again Kev to the rescue......It is such a shame to have a open bottle of wine so Kev happily proceeds to drink the rest.

                       So I add all my vegetables and gravy  into a bowl and mix ..

Put the mix into a dish and cover with puff  pastry.I even made a little one for the LM

Kev got straight into it before I even got  a chance to take a photo...(looks urgh...glad I am having pork chops)

                                                          The LM loves it.Can't you tell...

So it all turned out good.LM was just happy to eat and Kev had a full belly and was content
and me -Well I was just smug that I made it and that it was edible.ha ha

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Darwin Bombing

Do you know that today is the 70th Anniversary of  Japan's Bombing of Darwin.

I don't know too much about it as we werent' taught about  it in school but I have been watching Sunrise and various other sources to find out more.I think I will even get a book on the subject just to be more informed of our history.

243 people were killed and a further 300 -400 were injured.

188 Japanese aircraft attacked Darwin.  Actually they were on their  way to bomb Timor and Java but change tatics  to bomb Australia to damage our morale.

We lost
20 planes
8 ships
The Japenese lost 10 planes.
Our Government has  kept this quiet from the rest of Australia to avoid panic,

Here are  couple of photos of  Darwin showing the destruction that was caused.

Why am I blogging about this as it really is a different post to what I usually do --but I just wanted to pay my respect for the soilders and civilian's who died on this day in 1942.

Soccer Boots

Kev  has  joined our local soccer club  ( how exciting )  and  signed the LM up to start playing this year....The games start around mid April  - I think.
I better check that out.

I know the LM will be really shy at first but I also  know he will love it .

Anyway we had to get him some soccer boots. And as I cant go shopping at the moment ( I am hanging out to go to the shops )


Kev took him  yesterday  to get them (this is the first time I haven't been with him while he gets shoes etc.. so it was a bit sad and weird  for me...yeah I know I am pathetic..but getting back to the shoes ).

The  big reveal -The LM brought them down to show me and OMG they are the cutest things ( if soccer boots can be called cute )-and so small...
I didn't think they would fit him and that Kev had got the wrong size.

So he has to try them on again.....

Now have you ever seen such cute boots before...ha ha

Sores and bandages he is such a typical  little boy ....

Yes I am wonderful...

Since I was taking photos LM wanted to take a picture of Kevs legs..
Now these are what I call sexy ha ha ha
 Sorry Kev they are beautiful  feet and cute wirery legs...

So all up Kev did a wonderful job and I am happy.
Maybe I dont have to do everything and I can let others do it for me......

Out of the mouths of babes...

The LM has such an imagination it is wonderful.

He came into my room and said "Dee you know why you have a big fat tummy? "No why LM (now I said more under my breath but I am allowed to swear as I am in pain ha ha )
He replied "Because I used to live in your tummy and I wriggled around in there and strecthed  it "

I didn't have the heart to tell him I was his Auntie so I just gave him a big kiss and told him I loved him..

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My favorite photo


This is a really quick post today.

I was going through some photos today trying to sort them out.When I came across this
picture of the LM.....

I had forgotten how much I love this photo.
The LM was such an ugly baby-yes I know that's a terrible thing to say but its true.
He started to look good around 7 months old.
But to me he is beautiful all the time

This was was taken Dec 2011.He is soooooo cute now...


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

YEAH !!!!!

YEAH!!  I DID IT......

For days I have been making myself sick thinking  about today.
I haven't been sleeping  (although that could be the painkillers) I can't think of anything else (no blog posts)
Kev and mum keep telling me not to think about it but that only makes you think more and in my case stress more.

So what you ask has been making me feel this way ?

The answer is -I had a doctors appointment at the hospital -- no that isn't it there is more.So in order to do that I had to leave the house.There I said it,

So what is the big deal?
 Big deal is I haven't left the house since just before I went to hospital and also I needed to walk down the 3 front steps and the biggest worry was I had to then get into our car.

When I came home from hospital before we had to borrow Kev's parents car as ours is very low.I didn't want to bother them so I said we would just use our car.

And guess what.......

I did it.....

Yes -I just kept saying to myself just do it don't think about it. The stairs weren't as bad as I thought (going  up them though was a different story) and with Kev's help I managed to get into the car.I must have looked a sight though ha ha

When we got to the hospital I got out OK.. and said to Kev that I would start walking (ha if you can call it that with my stick ) and he was to park the car,He did that and he caught up with me way before I got to the doctors room-Just call me snail.

And what happened with doctor? he was stunned to say the least and very happy at my progress.So happy he has changed my dressings,Now I was on a dressing which for a 10x10cm piece cost $10 so now it is a 10x10cm which costs $32 a piece,Same type of product but this has silver in it and he said the results will be dramatic.Now do the maths I need 8 sheets per dressing 3 times a week -yep expensive hey.

My  new best  friends...Lets hope they work as well as everyone says....

So yeah I think I am going to heal up and start being healthy .But then again that is just another thing for me to stress about ha ha


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lattice slice

Well we have been cooking again

.While mum was down we were discussing different  recipes and I mentioned a cheesecake-lattice biscuit  slice that I used to make..Mum hadn't heard of it before so I decided to make it for her.

This is a heaps old recipe but truly great.And the best thing is it doesn't take long to do.From start to finish
less than 30 Min's....

So here it is

                                                   Cheesecake and lattice biscuits.

You will need

2 packets of lattice biscuits
2 packets of Philadelphia cream cheese.
1 sachet of gelatine
vanilla essence
lemon juice-fresh or bottled

Now I don't have measurements for the above because it is all done by taste.

Put the cream cheese in  mixer bowl and mix till all smooth
Add vanilla essence-just a little and lemon juice-just a little
Add sugar-I start with about half a cup-you can add more if you think you need it.

Mix all of the above
Now keep tasting this mixture till it is how you like it.
Either added vanilla essence  for a sweet cheesecake or lemon juice for a tangier taste.

Mix geletine as per directions.I only put half of this into cheesecake mix and disregard the rest.
Add  geletine mixture to cheese and mix in.

Put lattice biscuits shiny side up into a tin ( I had to cut some in half to fit the tin )
Pour in cheesecake mixture and spread over biscuits.
Put lattice biscuits on top same as the bottom layer

Put in fridge till set.

I find this mixture makes 12 pieces.


The LM and me ..He was suppose to be helping but kept eating the biscuits...ha ha

Yes he loves it.....

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Just the LM

Just some pictures of the LM...

Helping Da clean the cars...

Peek a boo

my cubby house.

The two of us...

LM  and Da

I bought two of these.One for LM for next year and the other for Tyler who just started school.

Tyler on first day of kindergarten.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Patty cakes

I promised  the LM  that we could make some patty cakes today but I started to get sick so my wonderful Kev said he would do it with him...

Watch out Master chef....

All good cooks clean up afterwards.

The finished cupcakes.
 LM made 15 cupcakes.
         And he ate 13 of these .Lucky they were only baby ones -and this was over 3 days.

Too cute for words......