Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa photo

                                         Just wanted to show the Little man's Santa photo

                                                        Isn't he just the cutest.....

          Did you notice Geoffrey the monkey had his photo taken as well and he was also wearing a Santa hat.

                    And yes that is a mobile phone in the LM hands -he didn't like Santa and  just as Kevin was just about to put his Santa hat  on and join the group-I relented and gave the LM the one thing he loves but isn't allowed to touch  MY MOBILE PHONE and then  what happens  BIG SMILES.....

                 The photographer said Oh that's so cute do you want me to take the photo now or take the phone off him ????

          WHAT!!!!!!!!!!      Are you kidding me?-ok lets take the phone off him and let him scream,You have taken away something he loves and sat him with a fat guy in a red suit who he has already shown a dislike to .......shall I go on...

                            But no I was good (did you proud Mum) I just gritted my teeth and said "it's ok just take the photo".....

So that is the story behind the Little Man's beautiful smile.
                                                                           dee  xxx

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ice Storm

                                                WOW !!!!!! you should have  been here around 3 hours ago-talk about hail it was more like a blizzard of Polar proportions.I sorta expected  a polar bear or two to come walking past me  (just joking ha ha )

                         Like I said it was big. It had thunder and lightning and of course HAIL and then just when you think it's over MORE HAIL....

Look at how much ice there was....

From a distance I love hail.....he he he

Looks cold..

We have a little river in the back yard.

Just more ice....

So we certainly had an exciting afternoon 


Rocky Road trees

                        Well the dreaded list got another work out yesterday/today -

I made these on Wednesday but I am writing about them now and it's 3.45am Thursday-go figure....ha ha ha

Any way I enjoy making these treats for friends and they make a nice gift for teachers.

This year I made 12 trees and a "new shape" which is a Christmas Cracker -looks good.

So here is my little Rocky road forest........................

This is the new cracker one.

I used a toilet roll as the mould for this.
Worked well.
I will be doing this one again .

And here is one all wrapped  waiting to be given away to be loved and eaten...
Kerry has put her order in she wants a couple for gifts.
The rest are for our neighbours and friends.A couple of them are chocoholics so this suits them fine.

dee xx

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gingerbread house and Buscuits.

Ho Ho Ho it's getting closer to Christmas so I thought what's next on the list..

 mmm yum Gingerbread house and biscuits.

So although  the LM drove me and Kev  insane while he was decorating the biscuits it was like one lollies for me to eat and one lollies for the biscuit -No hang on *I want that one* I will put this one (from in his mouth) on biscuit.

My 2 beautiful men .....

Kev starting to  loose it ,He was over biscuit decorating real quick and I mean real quick.ha ha ha

Little Mans finished biscuits after I tried to tidy them up a bit,

Our first go at decorating the Gingerbread house,

Next time (when we are at mums and it is a couple of days before Christmas)we do this I am bringing my own piping bag and nozzles so it dosn't look so Blah,,It's ok but will be better next time,Also I will make sure the LM is in bed -ha ha ha

Kev said I am mad there is nothing wrong with it,

dee xxx

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Love Spray paint

                  Don't you just love spray paint?

I have only recently discovered it for home wares -for crafts no problems love it and use it all the  time.

For home wares NO you don't spray something you just bought or have just because the colour is wrong or DO YOU ????

Well I have seen the light (and no it wasn't paint being sprayed into my eyes ha ha ) and some items in my house are getting scared with this new found knowledge.....

Last year I had a little metal Christmas tree which was gold-and attached to the limbs were these tiny red and green balls.I did love the tree last year now I hated it.

Here is the poor little thing and No mum that is not dust .I wanted to see kinda if I liked it or would the paint cover before I totally stuffed it up.....

Anyway my test  results looked fine so I got Kev (because I would just pull the balls off and make a mess) to cut the balls off.They were tacked welded.

So then I went and gave it a couple of light coats in white  and...............

Isn't she pretty. My theme this year is silver and white  but I had to sick the little Robin in for Christmas...

So later today off to Bunnings to buy me some spray paint .I'm gunna go painting.Enough of the bush pig impersonation  ....I just don't know what to paint first except I need to make sure Kev isn't here.

Not because he would say NO to changing things.(he couldn't care less) but just to give me enough time so when he sees it "OH NO I WILL FIX IT FOR YOU "he he he

God I love that man (and my new tree)he he

dee xxx

Santa Letters

For the last couple of years Kevin and I have wrote and printed out Santa letters for our family and friends little kids.

It is something we enjoy and get a kick out of hearing the kids reaction to them.

This is this years version.

We even give it a little North Pole stamp and post mark.

This year was also our biggest so far -I think we did about  30.

But it was also going to be an exciting one for us as the Little Man is starting to understand the Santa concept.....So

Here he is getting and opening his letter 

"mmmm what is this Dee ?"

I was sitting there beside him and was so excited  -like who was sending "US" a letter?


Then I had to tell him it was from Santa and what it said.

But even though he didn't quite get it it was all worth it just to see how excited he was and to be part of that was priceless.

 I now also know what our friends are talking about  when they say how their kids acted.

PS -He took his letter to bed......AHHH Cute.



Monday, December 13, 2010

3 Little Reindeers

                                      Keep  forgetting to put this photo in....
 My Mum painted them years ago and even though I am not going the full decorating hog this year  (leaving ALL that for you mum ha ha ) I couldn't go without a painted Christmas object from mum to remind me of her.

Now I do truly love these (If I didn't they would be long gone)  everything else is in a mad mess with Kerry moving home there are  boxes everywhere while we sort out storage.(  But YEAH I have my daughter living with me again--- Kinda like a second chance ) and it was just luck that I found these (can't find anything else though) So they have been lovingly put out.
LM loves them, every time he walks passed them he has to counts them.

When I said what are they he said "3 Cows"
                                                                    So Goodbye from
                                                                 dee and the 3 cows

Christmas Craft 2

Well I have a list as long as my arm of more craft to make before Christmas (just like everyone else hey) so I was glad I could finally  cross these off my list.

My problem is I was only going to make one of these for the Little Man and that was it-then  I thought about it so change that to 5 -but then I thought some more and ended up with 10.
                                   so--    NO MORE THINKING ha ha

The only good thing is that you have everything out so 10 isn't that bad to do if I was going to do  1  (go figure my way of thinking )

Doesn't the red and white stripe look great .....

I LOVE THEM.......

Yes that is the Little man's  just wanted to show a close up....

These stockings were the Kaiser wooden stocking with scalloped bottom edge but I wanted it straight... and I can't remember where exactly I found the original idea,I am sure it was from the Maya rd Design team...

anyway better go my glue is waiting ha ha ha

dee xxx

Debra's Wreath

My sister Debra  sent me a photo yesterday of her wreath she made  with her daughter Melissa after seeing both mine and mums that we made..They decided to have a go.

Great job Deb -proud of you both ......

Anyone else made one yet?


Market find

              Went to the markets on Wednesday just to pick up some bits and lots of bobs ha ha ha

One of my good finds were these 2 little silver pedestal dishes,I love silverware and thought these would look nice on a bathroom vanity with potpourri in it or something like that .So when I asked the price and he said $2 each  got butterfly's and  felt like a thief buying them, They are fully marked underneath so I guess they were some ones little treasures many years ago.....

Well they are mine now Mine Mine,ha ha

So here is one of the dishes the other is slightly smaller.Both need a good polish .

But I thought that can wait I am putting them out now....

Just filled the dish with deep red and silver balls  and I love it....

Same here and put thee dish on the table in the entry.

dee xx

Bee Baby

                      My little boy is allergic to bees.

Kerry is as well so I guess it plays on your mind and lucky it played on Kev's mind as well on the weekend.

The two were swimming (what a surprise) when Kev noticed a bee on Little Fella (LF) face,

He tried to just wave some water towards LF face  thinking it would lightly wash the bee away.No it didn't.

In the end LF just brushed it off his cheek getting stung in the process.

Kev watched the LF's face for awhile and  it and got very swollen and red pretty fast -then he said "Well looks like he is Allergic and seems ok now but next time we will take him straight to hospital-it  reacted too fast,"

Meanwhile LF came inside to show me and I said I better take a photo to show Nanny  (now this is where it gets goo)

He looked at me all sweet and innocent and said "YOU WANT SAD FACE FOR PHOTO DEE DEE"

    Smart kid hey...........

So the winner for best sad face goes to Little Man


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas craft...

Well I have to really get on with it now -my Christmas  to do list keeps getting bigger ?

So  we had a new little niece born earlier this year and I have made everyone in the family  the same Christmas stocking with their names on them  so I thought I better make hers.

The stocking is from Spotlight   -the Santa head is  also from Spotlight for $2.00 and till Christmas they  a 50% sale off Christmas ornaments,

I painted her name with the same paint I used for Christmas balls.And just covered it with fine glitter and carefully shook it off, stuck the head on -(oh I added a couple of swirls to the beard)

And that's it.a personalized Christmas stocking  for her and another item DONE yeah for me....

dee xx

Chocolate Snakes...

               It was my friend Abe's birthday last week and he has a very LARGE sweet tooth.

                                  So I thought I would make him a bag of chocolate snakes.

           This is so simple but it does make a nice little gift and he loves them.

I just melted the chocolate buttons ( I was lucky and got Cadbury  cooking buttons ) 
 ** you dip the snakes in the chocolate  up to their heads covering well
** Take the snakes out letting the excess (can there ever be excess chocolate?)run off and place
them on a tray lined with baking paper so they don't stick.
** Put in the fridge.

Then I just put in a cello bag and put a ribbon on top.

DONE ......How easy was that.

You could do a variety pack with all sorts of lollies and fruits.
Give it a try  it's just a fun thing to do let the kids help  and yes the LM helped me.

He loved it -he had his own chocolate and snakes and he was like one snake  in -one snake mine so funny



A couple of weeks ago we went to the zoo and on the way home I got Kev to stop at this cute little shop for me.

        Well I bought up a storm and one of the things I bought was "training chopsticks"

                                           Kev's reaction was just to shake his head..

Aren't they cute?

Well this week we had Chinese which is one of the LM's favourite's so we tested out the chopsticks.

No problem -he took to using them like a duck to water -
now he wants them every night at tea time and gets upset if he has to use his knife and fork.
I told you he is different ha ha

dee xxx

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gillians cake

               Hi my friend Gill is so slack she made this last week for her mums birthday cake -

                                                     and it is Absolutely fantastic...

I keep telling her to put it on her blog -well the excuses ......Anyway I think it is too good not to share,

Plus I can't wait to have an excuse to make one.

dee x

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bonnie turning 2


Well this is weird but true blog post  (and no there were no medication involved  here ha ha ).

Alan and Lisa called in today so I decided what better day than today to have Miss Bonnies Birthday Party, She turned 2 the other day and we havnt been able to do anything just yet-BUT TODAY WAS IT....
                                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS BONNIE......

The happy birthday girl and her guests....

Miss Bonnie is eyeing off her birthday cake mmmm yum .Gee Dee you put a lot of time and effort into my cake but at least the cake has 2 candles...

This was her present from LM.A Pup cake toy.
Miss Bonnie loves it and it squeaks real loud.

Wish you could have been here -just mark the date for next year  ha ha ha


Santa photos

                                            Yes it is that time of year again "Santa photos".....

Now any parent will tell you the first few years are really hard -kids either Love him or Hate him,The little fella is the later.
                                              A mini " OH NO NOT SANTA....

So this year we thought we would try something different.My friend Gill and her daughter Milly came with us.
Photos started at 11.00am -We were there from 9.30am  to  be in the first 5 in that  line .That way your in and then out quickly.And it worked great,mmm maybe you should have seen the line up at 11.00am.
Milly went first so little fellow could see her.Did it help No-he just wasn't interested.

So I had secret weapon #2 up my sleeve-Sorry secret weapon # 1 was Geoffrey with a Santa hat on(didn't work)anyway #2 was a bribe  which was giving him and letting him  hold my mobile phone-worked a treat and we had smiles-

Not cause he was sitting next to Geoffrey but he was happy that he was holding and touching my phone.

                                       Any way took this photo after  we got home.....

Just too cool for words although one does spring to mind -he he he

I took this one of Milly when we were going home.
She is a beautiful little girl who  even though she is older than LM (Little Man) he loves her so it will be a good for him to have her as a role model.
Anyway in this photo I think Milly is thinking _Oh no not another camera-My mummy is like that...

Kev said she looks like "not you as well ok take the photo..."

Oh the dramas of a beauty queen to be -ha  ha ha

dee x

Checking off my list of to do's.....

                                   No more Christmas balls to make YEAH !!!!!

I have finally finished all the ones I need to do.(until some ones rings and says could i please make a ball for.)..........
So here are the finished balls and please note now everything and I mean everything is covered in glitter               
                                  EVERYTHING ha ha ha ....

These ones are for the little fellas friends at day care-

I am going to put one of them in a bag chuck in a chocolate Santa and tag them from him-TICK DONE


Aren't the colours nice and beautiful here,so Christmasses.... Well of course it Christmas looking DAH ...

I did a red set for my mum (around 30 balls) then I did the same amount for my sister in gold.

The hot pink ones are for the special girls who work at Fred's-they always have smiles on their face are helpful beyond duty (I am a very hard customer so they must be doing something right....)they deserve more but hey it's Christmas these are from me ask your boss for a raise ha ha ha (that was so funny) (Kevin didn't think so)

Will post them on Monday -TICK DONE

I have read about family's who have a Christmas tradition where they get Christmas books and for the month of December and read these for that month.

I love this idea -I already had one from our first Christmas together( I am one of those people of write in books so I knew when I bought it ) so we bought the other 2 to help us on our way.

Now each year we can add to these as the Little fella grows and enjoy our new tradition.

OMG I look like death,,,but I am trying hard to make sure The little fella has plenty of photos of us together,I really hate photos but gotta change

                                        Shiver next time I hope I look better,ha ha
Shiver is because i would like to put a swear word in but it is Christmas and trust me I know what LIST I am ON-ha ha

Now picture this -It is 5.00pm Saturday night.Its is pouring -NOT sprinkling but pouring down and these 3 (Bonnie as well) all wanted to go into the pool.

I asked Kev why the little man has a broom and his replied was(like I was stupid to ask) -"little man likes to ride it while he swims.


Crazy family but I love them....

        What you looking at? You never seen a BEAUTIFUL WET FAT PUG before.....ha ha


And lastly Kerry moved home today for a little while,I am going to love it but poor Kez,,,,

The little fella loves her so much "where's Kerry" what Kerry doing" "kerry" these are his 3 favorite sentences at the moment...

Kerry's reply was "does he ever shut up he talks alot" to which we said "he is quiet when he is asleep,

Here the little man is in the the truck they hired to move her with,

He loves buttons so was very happy.

Oh well it is now 4.30am I am going to bed maybe I can snuggle to Kev and get an hour or two sleeping in -YUM.

Ps i had to change this post around so the time is different to what i said -SORRY -the moral is don't type when you are half asleep and taking pills....ha ha

Friday, December 3, 2010

Looking out my door

This is what I did today-

I sat and watched this view from my french doors out into the garden  for ages,Doing nothing just sitting.enjoying it oh and a bit of sleeping happened as well.

This is part of my pool's garden.I love how everything just grows together.
So pretty the colours.Kev said it's a big mish mash but he likes it.So do I.

dee xx

First card

Ho  Ho Ho  it's started yesterday we received our first Christmas card ,

Hey shy boy show me your face....

"No me hiding Dee"

Gotta laugh
dee x