Monday, January 31, 2011

No my worst nightmare comes true.

We never ever let LM in the pool be himself,  Someone must be watching him the whole time.

I have a problem with parents and pools and those who don't worry about the kids...makes me sick.Even if Kev is outside with LM I still kept checking on them-it only takes a second.

Plus remember LM has been having swimming lessons since he was 8 months old and is very confident in the water but that dosn't change a thing he still gets watched

We have already had LM fall into the pool  and because of lessons he was able to come back up and swim to the side and hold on,We were in the pool yard gardening at the time

So his swimming lessons saved his life.

While we were having our great Sunday yesterday this happens.......

I was inside and had my camera looking for LM who was outside with Kev, anyway LM didn''t know I was "watching no it wasn't stalking him ) Then the LM sees Kev down in the pool shed  -
So what does he do???

He goes and gets a chair from the outdoor setting and drags it over to the gate(now i start taking photos because i was unsure what he was going to do ) and he precides to 
                                                                  OPENS THE GATE....

I tell you I nearly died .I stood there just looking at what I had seen when luckily for me (because I dont think I could have spoke )Kev was at the gate -he saw what happened and boy did they have  a talk about it.....Poor little fellow Not the LM I was worried about poor Kev -Oh ghostly looking  husband with the white face,

The  photos.I can't stop looking at them.
I keep thinking OMG he is just 3 yrs and a bit .Scared the crap out of me ...
So if you know of friends with pools please tell them to be careful-I know I couldn't bear to lose
my Little Man evan though he is a terror some days.

Hello Sweet Sunday

Hello Sunday

As you all know I haven't slept properly for what seems likes years ago(yes I am exaggerating ha ha )

Anyway I did nothing different on Sat but by 10.00pm I needed to go to bed,

Kev was shocked as you all know it is usually early mornings for me to go to bed.

So off to dream world  at 10pm and dream I did till 3am -THAT'S 5  HOURS  can you believe it.Then I just slept up and down till 6.00am and thought ok time to get up..

So because  I had a good night sleep we thought we would  just hang around the house don't jinx anything and just relax and take it easy...

And relax is what we did.....

Here are some photos of my wonderful Sunday spent at home with those I love....So grab a coffee and biscuit there are a few photos here ha ha

Yum smoothies for breakfast.
Excuse the LM pose.this is the latest when we take photos he says"cheese" and puts this face on.
I still think it's cute.

Tried to get him to smile  and this is what I got,
By the way our smoothies were delicious...thanks Kev and LM xx

Gotta make the beer....

All cleaned up now and Kev puts the finishing touches to LM face,
He shaves his cheeks.
Now before you reach for the phone to call Doc's Kevin has been doing this since LM was 1and a bit year old.
It is an old empty razor,Kev just puts a bit of shave soap on LM  face and "shaves " him.LM loves it then proceeds to put deodorant on like Da and brush his teeth like Da ,I think the LM is lucky to have someone like Kev who is very particular about his personal hygeine that he can follow him...
OMG you should hear the performance if Kev is running late etc and can't do it...

Some play time with his garbage truck.....

Yeah he was quiet so I sneaked into the bathroom and here LM is putting water in his water pistal.ha ha ha No don't get me LM go get Da...NO get Da not me .....said a wet mummy and laughing LM

Kev found these white shelves in Target and got me some,I put all my glimmer mists in some and bits and pieces in others ,Ok for $5 each,

Swimming with Willy the Whale from Auntie Pam and Uncle John..

Hang on LM  go go  SPLASH----Oh no you fell off

Look at my teeth Dee

Eating lunch.Has anyone noticed that the LM only wears boxer shorts.He says it is too hot for shorts.He likes these because he just rips them off and Wham he is in the pool.

Auntie Pam gave him a old  camera of hers ,It has kept him happy all weekend.Thanks Pam

Lay down time and watch tv

No resting it's sprinkler time..

LM can crawl and go under the water line...

It's 6.oopm and LM is still going strong,Now he wants to ride his scooter,

Thank God Kerry came home for tea she managed to settle him least he went to bed ok
these  were the friends he wanted to take with him
Pammy the Hippo is still being naughty so she wasn't in the bed with him.Check out fake sleeping face.

Thanks LM for being such a good boy and helping Da and Me. 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday cuties

                  I have /had/having a really bad week at the moment.
You know just  the normal constant pain and sleep deprived nights which make me  a very emotional wreck...Yep poor Kev
I am so lucky to be surrounded by love that  I thought I would show you a couple of pictures that make me smile and also make me happy.Even though I feel like crap....

There is nothing special about the photos -one is even too bright with the sun streaming in our lounge
even though I feel like crap.... .what are these ?Dee what are they?Da what are they?


You have to be joking 
 These are "tomatoes" how come they are so small?Why they so small Dee? Can you eat them Da?

How could I not be in love with this man.

Not only does he love and protect me, and look after me even though most days now I am a screaming
banshee woman ..........

He loves the LM as well  and this picture makes my heart swell with love.

OMG  I am so mushie tonight it must be the drugs....ha ha



Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pink pink and more pink

I got a lovely surprise in the mail today .

My wonderful and very talented and very patience  and very beautiful Mother (especially with me ha ha ) sent me a parcel......

What? What did you get?

'Yummy pink stuff"

So soft so cozy makes you want to pick it  up and snuggle it against your face .

So what is it ?

3 beautiful scarves for 3  beautiful lucky little girls.

They are for Maia.Annaliese and Charlie....

The LM saw these and said " these are beautiful" I told him they were for the girls and LM said "ok dee nanny make LM a green one".

I don't know he looked cute with a pink one wrapped around his neck...

Thanks soooo much mum they are beautiful I knew they would be .Love you stacks


Freedom Day

This is just a quick post for my daughter

"Happy Freedom Day "

 I left my husband after being married for nearly 18yrs on Australia Day ,

 Kerry and I have always called this our freedom day and we always acknowledge this day as a major turning point in our lives.

So happy 13th Freedom Day  we have survived and I am a better person for leaving and the help from you and my mum and dad has been invaluable,

                                                   So love and thanks  to the 3 of you xxxx

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day

Hello  Happy  Australia Day everyone.

What did you get up to ? Did you dress up Aussie?  Eat Aussie food?

Well we did -I mean Kev and the LM did,

John our brother-in-law rang up with a big G"DAY (this wasn't a put on he talks like this all the time) asking us to come over for a BBQ.

So I got Kev to go get bits for me from shop so I could make the classic Pavlova to take ....

OMG looked so yummy.Anyway I stayed home as had a bad night (again) and didn't get much sleep and my legs oh god forgive me they were so sore.So I slept away my Australia Day.

Kev and the LM come home around 6.00pm and the poor LM was worn out.

He had been in the pool with his cousin Zeke who is 7yrs but because they were in the pool (and the LM is such a fish)  it was a more of a equal playground so they happily played all day,

Kev said it was funny when they got there Zeke said "Don't go in that end it's deep" So Kev threw the LM in that end .LM  loved it as usual and got out of pool and the jumped back in -Zeke was shocked and we think Little Man went from a baby to someone he could play with  in his eyes in that moment ha ha .....

The LM going to school on Tuesday for Australia day celebrations.He can sing Give me a home among the gum trees.Sounds so cute and his favorite line is "And a old rocking chair" he keeps repeating it giving it more character each time.very funny it is to hear.

Yes we were those people who put flags on our car........

Making pavlova - you don't put cream  in my ears  Dee

Pouty face now that we have finished.

Told you it was yum...........

My two boys and OMG I did not colour coordinate them either westie


Dee xx

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cat scan results


 Kev picked up my results  from my cat scan yesterday which was a good thing because I was making myself sick thinking about all different scenarios and believe me I have a vivid imagination  so they were really out there ...........ha ha ha

I had decided that I had a  brain tumor that was inoperable and that poor Kev was going to be a widow.

So  I had better start looking for a new wife for him.Yes I want to chose her  I know what Kevin likes and he will be too upset (well he better be) to decide.........

ANYWAY -the results say ta ta ta  (drum roll )

                                 -NO significant abnormality is demonstrated.

Now I haven't shown my Professor yet and while I am not a rocket scientist (close though he he he )  I think I can safely say there is nothing to worry about........

The Little Man took this photo of me .This is my fed up- tired- sick look.
Hang on I look like this every day .ha ha I don't know why I am laughing it's true.

A big thanks to those who sent me some nice mushie thoughts.Very much appreciated


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hey Bloggers do you want to put your signature on blogs

Hi my blogging friends.I have just worked out (no I am not a computer geek) on how to add  a signature to the bottom of your post.

It doesn't take that long to do and the results are great.Now I work from 2 windows open as I find it easy to go back and forth with....(lazy)

First go to

click page to start .....

Click on "creating a new signature or font ".....

then click on

Using the signature creation wizard....

Follow the it asks to enter your name or what wording you want.
then next step
then it is the type of font
next step
then you choose size then colour
next step
then the  slope.
next step

Now it will say signature is ready .GO to Want to use this signature  and click onto it.

Now it says Generating signature code.
Now (geee I am saying that a bit) I clicked on HTML
Highlight the top box
Yeah you now get your code.Now COPY it

This is the easy part,I went into SETTINGS on blog dashboard then clicked on FORMATTING then clicked on POST TEMPLATE .I now PASTE it in here and then save settings.

CROSSED MY FINGERS and went to post a new entry and  there she was in all her 3 letter glory-MY NAME.
I hope you will give it a go,I don't know how to add to past posts(working on it) but I am very happy with this.                                                                         love

New Signature Test

Just testing to see if this works.....Yes Gilly we are legends

Little Mans finger art

Goodness another post -But I really wanted to show this one so here we go.

On my side bar you will see a green apple and the words" Meet the Dubiens"   click on this button  or on this

This woman is either crazy or just amazing or needs to get a life.But she is pretty amazing.

I can't get over the time and effort she puts in for her kids (2 very lucky kids).

Well I have fallen in love with the thumb and fingerprint art she has done so that is what I want to talk about today.

  The other day I was letting the LM do some painting and I remembered this site.And to be different I got some plain white cards out and we proceeded to paint.............

Little Man loves to paint ...........

Now we painted 2 pink thumb prints and a few green ones and let dry......Looks amazing doesn't it ....(yes I know I am an idiot... ha ha )

Now people this is where it gets fun,We made a few different ones.
So later that night we stuck on the little (these are 3mm size) google eyes with craft glue.
Then I just drew around the shapes in bits adding little things -(Whatever you want to do the possibilities are endless)like stalks, feathers etc till I was happy with them.

These are some of the finished cards.I love the fish they are my favorite  and I have done a  fish and then added all LM details like how much he weighs now etc and have put it in my treasure box.and I also put one in a mini frame for show.
So please check out this blog she also has interesting ways to present food for toddlers,LM don't need that ha ha .
have fun
dee  x

365 book and Followers.

I have had a couple of emails about my wonderful 365 book....I love it and yes you know that ....sorry.

Anyway  my friends were just having trouble getting one ,So here is where I got mine from -Kevin picked it up from their Castle Hill store they have stores all over Sydney but they also do mail order.

Shop is called  Kikki.K Stationary, they are $29.95 and available in red and black.

 Here is the website lots of  nice stuff is available (I think the prices are a bit to much but it's up to you wether you would pay it or not.)

                     Now just a little note of thanks to my followers and for all my comments that you have left YEAH.....LOVE THEM....

.I really want to say a big thanks to everyone and to let you know it does put a smile on my face at  the comments that get left.I tell Kev about them so he enjoys them as well.

I don't reply as often as I should  because I am so slack but I do remember  your comments  throughout the day or when I am feeling Yuk...At night when I can't sleep with pain etc- I love to browse through them and please believe me it does settle me down when I am reading them,

Also some people have mentioned that they have been having trouble to become a follower.

You need to go to follow-then make a google account.

it's free you never have to do anything to  it and it only takes minutes to do.this is also helpful when you want to leave comments on other peoples blog.

So try that because I would love to see your name or picture on my screen .

So lastly here is a big hug to not my followers but my friends.....(omg I am sounding like some sort of mushy thing -bring on the music and flowers and don't forget the violins.....ha ha ha )



Cat Scan

Now I wish it had been this easy.....

Yesterday I had my long awaited for cat scan.It is of my head .....Whoa I can tell you now there is nothing there ha ha  anyhow It was my fault it hadn't been done sooner but I don't care.I don't do these type of things easy.

I didn't want to do it and I don't want to know the results.
I would rather just not know .that way there is no expectations I can just cruise along by myself and slowly but surely I should get better.....

Weird isn't it.I was sobbing like a big fat baby when the guy took me in,I am so use to Kev being there and for this he wasn't allowed so it was solo for me.
I DON"T DO SOLO........
Well that alone should have sent me packing..........

Then I looked at the machine and said "I won't fit in that so I will see you later"
 "NO you will fit fine come on "he says.
Like this guy is getting pushy.....where is Kev..he should be here.

So I walk over over to machine and lay down -still sobbing.but now I am pulling at my fingers -wringing them...."RELAX" he says ...
Finally it is over,I walk out to the car and wonderful Kev said I deserve a McDonald's ice cream cone for being brave....and the LM said he was brave too...

So on Monday I pick up the results Its weird now I am calm there will be nothing in the results to change anything,
I will keep plodding along in pain and living on painkillers.Such an exciting life....

well at least I did it mum....told you I would.God I sound like a 7yr old kid not the old lady I am but hey I am sick so I can be whatever I want,(there is that kid again )ha ha

dee xx

PS Out of the mouths of babes...............

The Little Man says some really funny things now -I love it.........

Today he came up to me and said I was the bestest mummy ....too cute but Da was the bestest daddy cause he had to work for 100yrs...ha ha Oh and he is the bestest baby  and Kerry is the bestest girl...Well that's how he has it worked out in his head..

dee x

Friday, January 21, 2011

365 part 2

Just letting you know how MUCH I LOVE MY 365 book.

It is nearly a month old - I put something in it everyday and when it lays flat there is a bulge .because it can't close properly .

I love it......... I love it.......... Oh I Love it....

MMM look at this doesn't it look good.Wouldn't you like to read all my little snippets and check out the photos?

Well here is a little glance of what is in the book it may not be important to anyone but me but that's all that matters.
I Love my book

dee xx


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Christmas Pressie from Kevin

I  ( Kev bought it) got this unreal planter for Christmas  and on the weekend Kevin got me a beautiful Lavender plant to put in it.

Unreal isn't it.And I know it will look even more  beautiful when the Lavender fills it out.

I was so pleased when I got it ..I had seen them at Flower Power nursery's and fell in love with them ..... so I showed Kev .....then I told him I wanted it............ And then I told him again and again.
So lucky that Kevin listens to me....

I was a bit worried because i didn't see it in the car when we to QLD for Christmas but on Christmas morning when we were opening our gifts i opened my card from Kev and inside was a photo of the planter  he had  put it in my card.for me to see Christmas morning.
Love him xxx

...I love him so much for this gift  and and I love him for lot more as well
I am just soooo lucky to have Kev -mush mush mush,....

dee xx