Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No more night nappies...

Hey guess what ? The LM has no more night nappies.YEAH YEAH YEAH 

maybe I am jumping the gun a bit bit it feels good.

I am so happy he is 3 and a half and this is kinda of the last thing to stop from being a baby to a big boy.

We were naughty and promised him any thing from the toy shop if he didn't wet last night.
So this morning about 7.00am he came in to tell me no wet bed,I was so proud.

PS he got some little leap frog computer for being good and it was his choice although I had to lead him away from the loud noisy guns...couldn't handle that ha ha

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone thanks for reading and supporting my little blog.
I love doing it and love the emails I
receive and the comments I get so I hope you all  get lots of chocolate Easter Eggs today and then pig out on them -Forget the calories.

Just remember to eat as many eggs as you can but just have a diet coke to even it out.ha ha

I bought this wonderful carrot holder  for the Easter Bunny's Carrot.

LM said the bunny didn't eat all the carrot because he wanted Easter eggs .I think it is because  I forgot to "eat" the carrot .Oh well  cute holder and in the end the LM loved it.

Look where the Bunny put these eggs ...

Benny the Bug Easter basket was filling up with eggs.

Worn out.
Too much fun and chocolate...

Benny with some of his haul.

Tonight Kev's parents and sister and brother in law all came for dinner and even Kerry came so we just had a wonderful dinner at our house of cooked pork baked dinner.
And I was one very happy lady

Easter Saturday

Well it's Easter Saturday and I am still not feeling good but Lisa and Alan are coming over tonight.

Well they came over and I made lasanga and a yummy salad  and we just had a great time as usual catching up.Kev and Alan got a lttle (lots) tipsy which is so funny in itself.

                                         This morning I decided to make an Easter tree.

                                      What you say -Yeah I know weird but cute ha ha


Paint some sticks white....(Actually get your husband to do it he he he )

Place in your pot and add eggs.

I think it looks great.

Good Friday

The last couple of years Pam and John (my in-laws) hold Good Friday lunch.We all bring our fish etc and have a really good time.

This year was no exception except (I know you will find this weird and unbelievable)
but I was too sick to go.

So I made up some goodies and sent Kev and the LM over where they had a fantastic time and I slept it off.

Kev loves these and they are so fast to make,

1 biscuit (I used Jatz)
spoon on some Philly cheese
and add salmon
sprinkle with chives and  eat YUM....

This is our favorite fish  recipe.

Wrap in foil the  below
1 large snapper -season stuff with parsley and whatever herbs you have.
cut a potato for chips,
Sprinkle with oil salt n pepper

when nearly finished add some marscarponie cheese and put back into BBQ till cooked.

You will Love this.

The little man with cousins Zeke and Trey.

Happy Good Friday

Quick Quick

Quick quick I'm here but not sure how long for ha h seems I can't shake this virus and have been in bed again most of this week I even  missed out on Good Friday -sick sick sick So yes mum I will go see another doctor.And yes mum I will tell him everything.Yes mum I promise I will go see a doctor this week OK...ha ha


Friday, April 15, 2011

Kevins shadow

The little man is Kevin's shadow.  He always has been. Anyway on the weekend Kev 'YEAH' finally put a light in my pantry ( mum it's great -so now I can stop whingeing) well all the time Kev was doing it the LM was beside him helping UNTIL

                                                            Kev went into the roof

Sob Sob Sob- DA don't you want a little fellow to help you? (LM exact words)

This comment from  LM cracked me up.DA I know you up there I hear you with my ears..

Any way Kev did come down LM was very happy to see him and
they continued to work on the light.
Job well done my boys.

Later that night LM decided to fix my pictures.

                                   At one stage he was using his toy hammer to to hit  on the photos .....I just thought Oh no is this what it is going to be like as he gets bigger........No worse yelled Kev.

Also something I always remember   Happy 101st Birthday to my nana (my mothers mother)

It is a bit weird writing this as Nana has passed away a long time ago but I always remember her birthday and think about what a great Nana I had.
                                                           So Nana Happy Birthday

Love you Nana and miss you always.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Now I know this is going to shock you when I say this but once again I am sick....
Again you say...............
Yep again......... except this time it isn't my legs no I have some sort of virus and God it has knocked me for six.I have had it off and on for around 6 weeks but since Monday  BAM it hit me hard......

Anyway on Monday (before I was sick) I decided to cook the family  some soup  (thank god I did because I managed to stretch it for 3 days and Kev said it got better each day ) ...

Now this is a new recipe so Monday night soup was a follow the recipe night.On Tuesday I added bacon pieces and on Wednesday night I put more stock and 2 lamb shanks,Kev really loved this one..

                                                Autumn Tomato and Vegetable Soup

Chop and fry in some olive oil the following

1 brown onion
1 celery stick
2 garlic cloves
cook till onion has softened

now add
1 large zucchini chopped
1 red capsicum
cook stirring every now and then

Add 1 litre chicken stock
1 jar of Neapolitan pasta sauce
2 cups of cold water

Simmer till all vegetables are soft then add

1 cup of small pasta shells
1 cup of frozen peas

just before serving add 80gof baby spinach.

Serve with chopped parmesan cheese

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Away and Away

I am so glad we are home,Don't get me wrong I loved seeing mum and John and the LM enjoyed it as well but is is just great to be back in my bed my chair and my mess opps forget the mess ha ha .

Although while away I managed to get finished a few craft pieces yeah.....about time.I know Mel Kerrys best friend was due to have her baby in early May so I thought better get my finger out and do something about it...

So I made this baby blanket for Kerry's best friend (my second daughter) ,.I first saw a blanket
like this on Sherry website it was beautiful and i fell in love with it..I did try to contact her about what sort of wool etc but we went away before her reply came through. so i made my own version up and hoped it worked .
Please check out Sherry;s blog there are some really beautiful items there and the site is beautiful.

All I used was 5 balls of JAZZ and 5 balls  of PARADE made 45 chain.1 dc into every stitch till end and that's it,when it got to the lenght  I wanted I turned it around and did about 5 rows around the whole rug.
Oh I forgot I used a 15mm  crotchet hook.

Also when finished I threaded ribbon in it,
Looks beautiful if i must say so ha ha I used white ribbon for the blanket but Mel caled while we were away and she has had a little girl.So I am changing the ribbon to pink.

Now this is great,I started this rug for Kerry ages ago like last year sometime - then I didn't want to finish it so my wonderful mum did a couple of rows of dc around the edges  then her and my dad made the tassels(big job)

thanks mum looks superb and Kerry loves it.

I also bagged up my gifts for Emma the little girl with cancer i just wrote about.Now just got to post it.

Mum did hers for Emma  as well.

After getting treatment one day with Tom - Kev and I deiced to go to the Bundy Distillery,it was great,Took our mind off things

Kev and friend

Shock......I got my photo taken.

Last night at the motel and we had room service -meal was yum.
Kev wanted a cheese plate so this is what he got and he ate it all as well.

This was my treat.....whoa contain your excitement.

Now while the LM was at his grandparents they spoilt him rotten ROTTEN I say...


Trips to the park

Auntie Deb took KM and Nana to Sea World where everyone had fun,

Higher Nana HIGHER....

URKK birds,

LM rolled and rolled down the hill.

Arggh......Here LM met his long lost pirate friends,

Auntie Deb this is very slow,I know LM I know.Thats how I want it.

Nana made me baby coffee's I love them...

I love to paint at nanas

Look no floaties just a cutie in the nudie swimming..

Sorry it is a long post but i wanted to show you these before I got carried away with something else,he he you know me

oh forgot these .We stopped at a park on the way home and also maccas.Where Lm loved the play ground.

Leg update -tonight they are looking really good cleaning up well;
Thanks for everything