Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween  from us to you....

The pictures say it all....

 I edited these pictures on Pic Monkey.I have said it before but I love it...The fastest easiest program to use with great results....
 I made these last night for the LM to take to day care ....Yuk.....35 little eyeballs looking at me and 15 spiders.Why couldn't they be butterflys and ladybugs  ha ha ha ....

 LM looks too cute to be scary......These pictures were taken at 6.30am before they left for school.

Lm enjoyed dressing up this morning and I thought he was cute.We don't let him go around trick or treating but we do have a skeleton on the front door and lollies for the kids that do.

People say we are following an American trend but Actually Halloween is believed to have it's origins from an Ancient Celtic Festival of Samhara.It was when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts.

Well thankfully we don't have ghosts in our house just our little "Demon child" who is having fun today dressing up and giving other like dressed kids some lollies.

To me it's just about some innocent fun.

Happy Halloween..........BOO!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012



So sorry I haven't done a post in the last few days but we went to Coffs Harbour for our Gran daughters Christening.....I will do a post on that later when I have sorted my photos....all 600 plus yeah that's right...... 600 but that is before after and during the christening.

So today's post is just a fun post...

I asked the  LM to help me put away some shopping a job he usually loves to do...He put things away no problems....


I said "Go put the toilet paper in the basket for me "

"OK "he said and wandered off...

He came back with the empty wrapping and I told him he was a good boy helping me and gave him a chocolate  for helping me out ...... .

Off he went "la la de de doo" skipping away.....

So I finished off my bits and went down the hall to close the bathroom door....this is what greeted me...

URGGGHHH  I guess boys will be boys and little boys will be the same.....

The moral to the story do it myself...No way ...Get Kev to do it ha ha ha ......

Friday, October 26, 2012

Grankids sign

Kev's mothers birthday was on Sunday.
So on Sunday Yes Sunday I thought we would make her a Grankids sign I had seen.
I always leave things till the last moment but I usually find that they turn out much better this way than if I sit and plan it...
Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it anyway..ha ha ha

Well even though it took awhile to get to the finished product next time will be easier and I will probably leave it till the last minute as well  ha ha ha but I am really pleased with this and Mrs S seemed to like it as well.

Kev you did well with the bits I hate doing -measuring  -cutting - sanding and printing the pictures.What did I do ..well all those little pegs took time and I found the photos and I painted it -HANG ON ---OK it was a combined effort .What a great team we make hey Kev ....Kev can you hear me...KEV  where are you ?  KEV are you hiding from me....

I guess he is waiting for me to start the next one.... ha ha ha

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vintage Photo Thursday 3

Well today I thought I would show some vintage (well Mum I don't mean you are vintage just the pictures.I am going to shut up now before I get in a deeper hole )  pictures of my wonderful and  beautiful mother.

She will be cringing when she reads this as she knows I really love this photo...ha ha ha

Isn't she beautiful......and she still looks the same.

Masses of dark curly hair...too cute

I don't think she has changed much over the years....

Love the dress mum...taken in the early 70's and check out the avocado green cupboard doors.

Mum still has the dark curly hair and a mischievous grin..I know where the LM has got his  from....

This says it all ......

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tom and Jerry

Do you remember these little guys?...

When my daughter was little this was her favorite show,I am talking about 25years ago...and it was videos ha ha

Well  I have  now gone full circle.The LM loves this show. He gets to see it for a few minutes before he goes to day care each morning and when he gets home if it's not on TV he will put a DVD on and sit down and you can hear his laughter throughout the house (love it )

How nice it is to see that a show like this can still make a child smile and laugh in different generations.
Also even though they "blow"each other and such it just doesn't seem like some of the violent cartoons that are around today.(sound Irish )
So Dear  Tom and Jerry when the LM has finished watching you and gone onto something else I just need to sit back and wait for Peanut to be old enough to watch you two and we will start the cycle again.... 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

 Today the LM's school has a Grandparents Pink Morning tea to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.
 All kids are  encouraged to wear PINK... Now of course the LM is a boy, We don't own a "PINK" t'shirt so I had this white one and painted his name and a smiley face in PINK.The I bought a Pink bow tie from the reject shop.And my favorite is his hair.We sprayed it white then put the PINK on top he looked PINKALICIOUS......
 I also made cupcakes.The PINK heart ones are red velvet.The PINK glitter is just what it says  edible glitter.I bought the cupcake picks on line .I thought they looked cute.
LM was very excited getting dressed up even if it was YUCKY PINK -his words ha ha and we even had to find a pink ribbon for Dog Dog.
Kevin's parents are coming to the morning tea and get to see his school work and watch the Wombats-(that is classes name ) perform some songs.

If you are attending a PINK morning tea today hope you also have a wonderful

Just a little add on....
The LM's Grandparents took these photos and said they enjoyed their visit. LM also enjoyed his cupcakes.
They said at one stage they were watching the kids sing and said "where is LM?" Well one of the teachers found him up stairs in class he had wandered off and was doing his own thing.Strange child.Must be the hair spray.ha ha .Although they did say he was happy to see Nana & Grandad come ,
Thanks for this photo and Thanks for going to the morning tea Mr & Mrs S.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Kev got a new Tatoo

I love tattoos........... Kevin doesn't........Actually he really does not like them

So how come Kevin got a new tattoo?  Because he loves me.....awwww moosh moosh

Kev first got my name on his arm around 10years ago then a few years later he got KKMA which is our children's initials.

When the LM came along we dubbed him the "Demon Child" as he has been in the terrible two stage for the last 4 years ha ha ha.   Any way that is why the' A' tattoo has little horns and a tail.

The LM took the picture of Kev getting the tattoo and whenhe took the picture  he yelled out to Kev "Good luck Da " while waving at him tooo cute.

I asked Kev when or what will he get next????? He just looked at me  with THAT look and I knew to shut up ......he he he

And I guess that's another reason why I love him because he will do something for me even though he doesn't like it.True love.   Thanks Kevin x 

Gee I love him....Too much mush I'm going ha ha ha .

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dinner in a box

I am just starting to cook each night again feels weird like it has been almost 3years since I used to do it all.

No No No it's the woman's job to cook wash clean and iron.

But then I got sick and all that went out the window real quick..

Come on down Kevin your apron awaits you ha ha ha .....Kev still does most of the cooking but like I said I am getting there and I am just starting out slowly..

Anyway when I do cook I try to do bake dinners or something that goes in the oven that way I'm not hanging around stirring and such ...and I need to make good FAST food...

Well last week I found this and thought I would give it a try.

It's a Thai green curry by Marion's Kitchen.and let me tell you Kev loves a hot green curry and is pretty fussy with pre mixed foods but he said this was delicious and I can make it again...

The last photo is what the LM and I ate chicken and sweet potato and baby spinach.
Kevin's curry was way too hot for us but like I said he loved it ...

The best thing about this curry is everything was in the box except the chicken  and some mixed vegetables,There was a sachet of curry paste-fish sauce-bamboo shoots-coconut milk and even dried herbs and chilli's .

It took around 20mins to cook.Oh and I had jasmine rice with this as well So in the time it took to cook the rice the curry was ready...

So it is on my shopping list to buy again...I hope you will try it I don't think you will be disappointed...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Operation Christmas Child.


Have you heard about this- Operation Christmas Child?

I hadn't till I read this post on One Crafty Mumma's Blog.I thought this is such a great idea I am going to do it.
Actually I saw it last year on her blog but I am afraid that Christmas 2011 is a bit of a wipe out if you are a long time reader you will remember that I collapsed and was in intensive care for a few days and then stayed in hospital for a total of 5days this happened on 27th Dec but apparently I had been sliding downwards for a few weeks just didn't know it.So long story cut it short that's why I didn't participate then.

I had forgotten all about it this year  until like I said I read it on Mel's blog.

AND YES !!!!! I am doing it this year this week well truth be told  I am doing it now as we speak..
I have actually made two shoe boxes and even made a start for next year.
Next year I hope to do 6 boxes I am starting early to gather bits..
Not like this year I just went to the Reject shop and bought  2 of everything....
We decided to do our boxes for 2 little girls this year aged between  6-9 years old.
The LM was involved I picking out our gifts and helping wrap the box -well as much as a 5year old can be.

He will get the idea after a few years and I think this will be a good foundation for him on how to help others less fortunate then us....

The idea is pretty simple when you think about it ...

You have to fill your box with items from the 6 category's they give you..

You can put in as many items as you like.

There are a couple of restrictions such as

items that require batteries
toy guns /soldiers or anything that relates to war.
or any thing that relates to gambling.

The category's are as below and what we bought I wrote in red.

SOMETHING TO LOVE. -A little teddy bear.
SOMETHING TO WEAR.- A pair of thongs.
SOMETHING FOR SCHOOL-36 coloured  pencils & a pencil case.
SOMETHING TO PLAY WITH.-A skipping rope.
SOMETHING FOR PERSONAL HYGIENE.-Some soap and a hair brush comb mirror combo.
SOMETHING SPECIAL.-A craft kit to make a cute little cat.

So now Kevin will  take them to the drop off point and hopefully there will be 2 little girls somewhere in the world who will be very happy when they receive their shoebox at Christmas .

Thanks so much Mel for bringing this info to me & others .I know that I have passed it on to my mum and friends and mum put it on her face book page so hopefully some other people will decide to participate as well...Like a pass it forward gesture.

Do you think you may be interested in doing this ? Here is the link...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Big boy room


We are in the middle of re doing the LM's bedroom.

It is going to be a big paintjob because the ceilings had all this crap texture paint on it .Kev has removed all of that and patched the joins now he has to seal it all then paint.Well we started this in August and havn't got much further with the ceiling .....ANYWAY I cant wait till the ceiling is done I want his room all changed and looking just right NOW.....ha ha

It used to be done in 'Zanizbar" which was elephants zebras etc in greens and cream.The room looked beautiful but it had been this way since he was 18 months old and was a little baby boys room.

So this time we have gone for a "Hiccups"  design (sorry can't remember the name ) quilt cover from Domayne .It has little super heroes on it The colours are blue red green yellow.I have kept the same curtains just turned the valance around so you cant see the animals and it now brings out the green colour more I like them better this way I should have done it earlier for a quick change.

LM is fascinated by  world globes  at the moment so we got him a globe lamp.Looks great when you turn it on and it was only $20 from Burnings Hardware.

I love bunting so I bought the matching bunting online and  we ( well it was Kev ) hung that across his window and also on the wall.

This is how it looks now.I have tried not to get the ceilings in ....but you can see the cornices yuk...
   My wonderful mum painted the giraffe and zebras and they will be staying...I have said it before but I love "Letters" And  this room has plenty of "A's" in it.Love it.....

I can't believe how many toys he has and we have stuff still from last years birthday and last  years Christmas that we haven't opened yet...

I am going to do a massive clean up and take some down to our Doctors surgery and give the rest to a charity shop but have to wait till the LM isn't here because he LOVES all his toys and dosen't like to give them up...

Another item mum painted was this growth chart...Beautiful isn't it....I have all his heights written down just have to get around to putting them on it,But this is staying as well... 
 One of the things I like about the LM's bed is that we can put toys underneath it.very handy.
 You can see the before photo here....Well it is semi before.The animal print side to the quilt is underneath.I was sick of looking at it so I just reversed it. The Alphabet picture is from Kate Mason I follow her blog and have quite a few of her prints around the house.The LM loves it and it is a fun way for him to learn the alphabet..
What I like most about the room is it is big and colourful.

The LM loves it as well which is a bonus..