Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lucky girl.

Lucky girl..   .yep the title says it all....I am one very lucky girl.
Kevin had a day off today and for the first part of the "day" Kev had things to do with his son Ashley so I just did my ironing whoop whoop and THEN Kev came home and said lets go out for lunch,
Well we don't get the chance to go out on our own  much because of the LM  so I was out the door as fast as my fat sore little legs could go....

Now I thought we would be going to the local pub for lunch but no we went up market ..Oh La La.

This place is really nice.  We have been here before .You can eat outside or stay inside-today we sat inside as there was a slight breeze and my legs don't like being cold...Gee that sounds dumb it is like my legs have their own personality...(truthfully I think they do )


Kev enjoyed his salmon with asparagus in dill sauce with crunchy baked potatoes...Like I said too many veggies for me......One is one too many ha ha ....

I was presented with this yumo dish ....mushroom and chicken crepe with the best potato chips ever..
The portion sizes are really big so Kev ended up with half of this as well as his lunch.Luckily salmon and chicken go together good.
Sorry about the photos I took them with my phone and felt really weird doing it so it was quisk "snap" and then put the phone away PHEW did any one see that? ha ha
Thanks Kev for such a lovely afternoon .Good food and the best company,Love you Kev  (mush mush mush )

Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Craft.

Hi.... I have been crafting heaps this weekend like I haven't been going to bed till around 2.30am.That's because of all the pain I am having -so instead of staying in bed and trying to settle down with the pain I have been just getting out of bed and going into the craft room and messing around until I am exhausted and then I go to bed.
I only have one totally finished project to show and I need to finish off some today and take my pictures etc.....So that will be in my next post.
I really love these button letters. For this one I had to buy a bag of blue buttons from Spotlight for $8.00 as I don't do much in the colour blue (because I hate the colour.I can handle navy or denim but that's it.Sorry mother nature but blue isn't my colour )
 I have double doors which open to my  craft storage area and even though that is a large space of course I have filled it up ( Kevin said with crap ) so I am always looking for ways to store stuff and make more room.
I can't remember where I saw these but thanks to the original .
We bought little rails from Bunnings the ones we got were about $3.00 (no screws came with them )
We just screwed them to the inside of the door and now most of my punches have a new home.I have heaps of smaller punches so I need to get a basket to put them in and also something not so deep for for edges punch but for now I am really happy how this turned out.
 On the other door we hung a small rail and also a little basket .Again these were from Bunnings the  rail was $2 something and the basket $3 something. and now I have a home for my rolls of paper and cellophane .No more crushed paper or rolls falling on my head when I move something to get something else ha ha
This is a fun picture the Little Man took of me.When I saw I thought  DELETE....but then I
starting to giggle to my self  thinking it looks like one of those paparazzi  pictures when the subject is saying   "No pictures ...."
Yes my mind is warped.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Cake flops and cake pops.

OMG I must be losing it.....I had decided to make some cake pops for Little Man's birthday party next week- BIG MISTAKE

I wanted to make 2 types one just with candy coating with sprinkles (well the kids are only 5) and the other was using marshmallows and were Lego man heads.



Now I have made a serious amount of wedding cakes and 21st cakes etc.I went to Tafe for a year doing Cake decorating and passed with really good marks (gloat gloat gloat )..You know proper cakes with almond paste and fondant -pipped lace work hand moulded flowers you name it I did it and did it good..... Until now..

It started around 2.00am I couldn't sleep so I thought I would do a practice round of cake pop making ...hey I don't need to practice I can do these with my eyes closed...And that's how they looked as if I made them with my eyes closed...

 My balls are good now put them in the fridge ..
I think the picture says it all.

So after the dismal effort I made at making my cake pops I thought just go to bed.  Where I was greeted by a loud train sleeping in my bed...(I should have just come out with it straight-.Kev was snoring so loud ....OMG deafening....My punishment for being so cocky about how easy these cake pops would be.-Hence the title Cake flops.....

Today is a new day... I Started again.... and while they aren't perfect they will get better after a few practice goes...Hey I did say LM's party is next Sunday didn't I ?????????????

 All wrapped and looking pretty..Not really the bags cover alot of faults and hopefully by the time you take the bag off you will just eat it not examine it.....(PLEASE)

Now for my balls...Not bad ...Just don't think they can really be called "balls" the shapes are - well they are different....

 So tomorrow I am going to do some more but this time I am just going to concentrate on one style at a time.And I will never gloat again...(well maybe just a little )he he he

My afternoon quickie....

My afternoon quickie ......Ha ha ha that got your attention didn't it.No it isn't what you are thinking -like how rude do you think I am????

No yesterday I decided to make Little Man a treat for when he got home from

Here is what I did...

He loved it .All I did was butter 2 slices of bread.   On one slice I sprinkled 100's and 1000's .On
the other slice I got a cat shaped cookie cutter and cut  out my shape and placed the slice on top of the other.I thought why waste bread so I placed the little cat on the plate and sprinkled that one as well with the sprinkles.
I used Nestle's choc bits for the cats nose and for the eyes I had some pre made ones that I bought
from my local cake supply shop-What for I can't remember but who cares look great the way I
used them on this sandwich....

And the final verdict was -------drum roll-----------

Little Man loved them and said he just loves pussy bread.(leave it don't say anything   please )

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Crafting part 2

Well here I am again with the balance of my craft that I couldn't fit in last time or if I did you probably would of died of boredom....ha ha
So here is the rest of my goodies....
Give me some glitter and what do you get ?????
Apart from the mess (ha ha ) you get 2 really pretty signs..

More letters from Typo and more names from Cherry Blossom Decor and now I have more Christmas presents all painted and finished.
I made my JOY sign for Christmas...
Get one Typo letter A add an atlas page of Australia and presto another cute alphabet letter
for the LM's room..
More of the letters......Seems like an endless parade of these but I did 12 in total.
More name plaques.....These ones turned out really good....

Joys for my mum....so she can put away for christmas presents.
OMG I can't believe how much I have done ,I mean they wern't hard just fiddly but worth it...
Better go I have heaps more to do...and I have a Little boys birthday party to get ready for also....

Monday, July 23, 2012

I've been crafting again part 1

Now remember I said I was on a mission to get all my unfinished craft bits done- Well for the last two weeks I have been working really hard at it and I have finished quite a bit.
My problem is though I start to finish something and BANG an idea comes into my head and I just have
to start on it and so the cycle goes on.....
But at least I have finished quite a bit.It is quite a few pictures so sit back and enjoy (I hope ).....

A plain pink C from Typo for $3  ...............

Add some bling and a butterfly and now it's looks sooooo cute..
A Bunnings gift card holder for $1  ............
What a difference a little doiley and flower can  make....
A clear mobile phone case....
Add some bits...and now its just how I like it.( This cover is empty as I couldn't put it on my phone but trust me it does look good )
I really like this.I saw it somewhere in blog land and thought YEAH I can do this. I have used
a plastic picture frame and sprayed it white and added material and wadding and then
finished her off with a few little decorated pins......Hope you like it mum....
Yeah I know Christmas Balls in July.....but my niece wanted some in pale green for her family
so out came the glitter and glue...
This is the Little Mans handprint which I cut out onto some scrap paper and.....
Added the little verse "I love you this much" just a cute little keepsake for Nana and pop.
Typo letter A for $3 and I ordered the name from Chantel at Cherry Blossom decor  I just love her goods anyway the name was $5.... So now that makes a great gift..

I really love these little wing books my dad cuts them out for me (lucky me ...)This one is for my niece
she was born in November last year but I have just got around to doing the book.Better late than never...
Lastly another baby rug.I can't stop making these .They are so fast and warm and just yum looking
if you can call a blanket that..ha ha
I also finished off this little note book I had with some bits and bobs that I had..
Now for this letter "C" I just glued on buttons.How easy is this and I love it .This would have to be a big favorite for me now.....Bring on the buttons...
Now I have more that I have done but this post was getting quite big so I will do another one later