Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spring flowers.

Today after Kevin was working on the yards I was looking at my beautiful flowers.
The smell from the jasmine was so sweet I loved it.
It really makes me want to get well so I can go down into the garden and  weed etc-at the moment Kev is doing it,Don't get me wrong I didn't dig the holes for the plants or heavy work but I would help trim and weed and do the mulching --most of the time I would love to water the plants and grass and  anyone else(kevin) who came my way...

So now I am going to bore you as well and show you some plants ha ha

Can you see my church birdhouse.Gee I love my Jasmine...

Love my May Bush.

Love it love it Love it...........

And I found this little fella in my grass .Isn't he cute.

dee x

New Crocs

My posts are all mixed up sorry about that ....Any way have you seen those plastic shoes called'crocs'.

Well my niece loves them and her son Tyler wears them everywhere.So while in Target buying baby gifts I saw pale pink baby crocs size 1.

Well I just had to get them .

So here they are with the cow I got from Fred the Needle.They have some gift ware and I thought this was better than a bear like everyone will give her...

And here is Makayla wearing her new shoes.Way to big at the moment but she will grow.

And her mother Kat just loves them.

dee xxx

My little Tadpole

Well Spring  really is here.

Today I was spring cleaning Aidan's room and Kev was working doing the yards.Well Aidan decided to take his clothes off and go for a swim.

Now before I go on I have to tell you I am a good mum and If my kids ever get hurt I will be there for them in a flash.

         WELL.....I kinda didn't  today  because I was doubled up laughing.
You see Aidan was naked standing on the back deck when Bonnie our pug dog came along-
now she is just the right height and well Aidan was flashing his private bits  so Bonnie decided she was going to have  them .Aidan was yelling for me to come and for Bonnie to go away and I was cracking up watching this truly funny scene.

Sorry Aidan -next time I will be there.

Any way we put his knickers back on to stop temptation and boy the tadpole was back.

At first he didn't want to go in the pool so Kev (being the good dad that he is )  (hey i should talk ha ha ) picked him up and threw  him in well that was all it needed.2 hours later we dragged him out he was shivering but wanted to keep swimming.

PS -Aidan still has all his bits no  thanks to me....

I'm not shivering ....

And after a long day of sun and swimming I need a vegemite sandwich and a drink of juice.


Craft for baby M

Well on Friday night I made up a few things to give my nephew's wife (Kate) for the baby's room.

She asked me for something personal that they can put up in her room...

No problem-I have only known about this for a couple of months yet I made it the night before.ha ha

I couldn't forget Tyler so I made him a mini canvas.

This is a large M canvas.
Excuse the bad lighting it has made this look very high sheen which it wasn't.

                                                                 Mini M canvas.

Name plaque with butterflies.

Also I needed a card for Tyler so I quickly made this one.
                                                                                Dee x

Meeting my new niece...

Well on Saturday we went up the coast so we could see our new little niece...

OMG talk about little I mean Aidan was 4lb something and then Kerry was 9lb but you forget .Makayla is sooooo little (5lb 10oz) that the stork I made was a bit big but we are going up again in 2 weeks so she hopefully  will have filled out a little...

I was pleased with the other photos   I took. So here are some to check out

This is my nephew his partner -their son Tyler who is 4 and now Miss Makayla.

This is the stork  but bub is too little.

We tried to hold her up from the bottom... like I said will try again in a couple of weeks.
She still looks cute though.

This is the dolls tutu I bought..and it was still big,

This is cute but didn't turn out how I wanted it.

This is my favorite photo...Angelic...

Love it..

No I think I like this one best..........

Love this one as well.
I made the name sign last night.
Kate loves butterfly's and wants to put butterfly's all over her room.

Can't not show a picture of proud Auntie and Uncle...

.Although next time I will make sure to brush my hair (NOT)ha ha

What a good baby just sleeped through it all.
This is another fairy skirt I foundI love black/white photo's..

I was wrong.I love this one.She looks like a little doll.And no I don't mean a cabbage patch doll either ha ha

Hope you liked looking at these photos of Makayla I couldn't choose which one to put on that's why there is a few

dee x

Friday, September 24, 2010

Miss Makayla Ann is now here.

Miss Makayla Ann is now here.

She was born yesterday 23-9-2010.What a little weenie though she only weighed 5lb 10oz and was 45cms long.

I hope the stork I made isn't too big now.ha ha ha

Isn't she sweet.

Check out her hair...Miss Spike

Well tomorrow we are going to visit.
I have my stork and fairy wings and I bought a doll yes a doll's tutu to put on her for a photo.Can't wait.
I better go I have heaps of things I need to make tonight to give her tomorrow....

dee x

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well after being slack and down for the last week I think I am getting back to normal if there is such a thing,

Firstly this is my favorite photo of Kerry (that's a lie it is one of many of the 1000's that I have and love he he he )
   and I have finally got around to scrapping it,

Shhh ...........Isn't she beautiful -(she will kill me if she hears me talking like that about her...who cares -it's true).
This photo was taken when she was in year 10 which was 1988.In Tamworth where we lived it was the "excursion"all kids looked forward to.The Ayers Rock trip.I think it was for 10 days and this was the first time Kerry had been away from me.Very weird for both of us.When I picked her up I had balloons in the car for her I was so excited to have her home.I remember she had on a  silver jacket she had bought on the trip and I thought my baby has grown up.(still hate that thought)
I just can't belive it was that long ago ,it feels like yesterday.

New Baby coming to our family

Now I have a little niece who is due to be born this week.
Shut up Kev they have had 4 ultrasounds and they say GIRL-Kev keeps saying wouldn't it be funny if it was a boy.
Well NO it wouldn't ............I have prepared for a girl...

Anyway I made a stork .
A What?
A stork is a crotchet sack that you put a newborn baby in to take cute baby photo's..

I got the pattern off esty  and it took me  less than 2 hours to crotchet, I would have done it faster but Kev was home and kept talking to me while all the time I just wanted to be alone to  make sure I did it correctly.If you have ever used an American pattern you will understand -they are quite different to ours.I chose to make it in brown tonings because I am going to do black & white photos and this will blend in great.
I am very happy with how it turned out and can't wait for her to be born to take the photo's with this and some other props I have..
Now please excuse the photos of the stork but as the baby isn't here yet I had to use Geoffery -Aidans show you what I am going on about,   But at least you will get the idea.


I will show the photos of the baby girl (see I am sticking my tongue out at you Kev) when she arrives...

dee x

New shoes

Well the boy has finally grown enough for these shoes to fit him.

I bought them earlier this year as I just had to have them.I thought Aidan would look cute and cheeky in them

I was right(as always)

He calls them his"big boy shoes"...

Just  too cute

dee x

I'm back...

Well I am back ,I haven't felt like doing anything this past week but sleep.
 I feel crap and tired-I just feel like it is all to hard but then I realise there is always someone worse off then me and that gives me the kick in my ****  so life goes on.

So what has been happening over here,

Surprise surprise I did some shopping....I know that shocks you but how could I resist..

                                              This little cutie is for my kitchen.

I love this little stand and I put  a ceramic pear inside it,

Oh no they are breeding ,birds everywhere.

I just fell in love with this birdhouse .You can't see properly but it has a bird in it as well
The weird thing is -I hate real birds-yuk they scare me but give me a birdhouse or little ornament and I love it.


Our dear friends Alan & Lisa came over for tea on Saturday night and brought their niece Jahnaya with them,
Now Jahnaya is Autistic but you should have seen her and Aidan running around together-chasing each other it was beautiful.
She doesn't talk at present but it will all change now as she now lives with her nana (long story) and is now attending a different school.No talking  but boy she was communicating with Aidan and she understood everything we said to her.I was really happy that when they left I asked Jaynaya to give me a kiss bye bye Well she came over to me and let me give her a kiss not once but twice made me feel 10 foot high.
The next day Aidan asked if Naya was coming over to play .Well Naya you made an impression on my little man ha ha  .

This was the boy on Sunday ,
Boy he was worn out.....Slept like this for almost 2 hours.
One minute he was watching tv the next zzzzzzzzz

dee x

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yum stones...

Today I was feeling a bit better no fevers yeah just very sore legs... Anyway I thought I would make something yummy for Kev and the boy for when they got home this afternoon..

Couldn't decide what to cook  until I remembered STONES.

Stones are you crazy .Well maybe a little but when Kerry was a little girl for some reason she couldn't say ROCK  CAKES and so she called them stones .

Well the name stuck .

So today Aidan had his first then second then third stone so at least I know he likes them.


Isn't it funny how names stick. Another food Kerry had a funny nickname for was roast pork,
It was her favorite food and ever since she could talk it was called "CRACK A LA" ..sounds posh hey .
Even now if I ask her what she wants me to cook her for a special meal  like birthdays's crack a la.

dee x

Playing hookie

Well Kev had an rdo today so we thought yeah lets play hookie and go to the movies.

Kev took the boy to school while I raced around  and cleaned up the house did some washing.

Then off we went for our DATE...

What a unreal time we had ...The movie was Disney's "the Sorcerers Apprentice"
It was good.You know the type of movie  where you just sit back and relax and enjoy it.

I don't know how he did it but at 10.30am Kev was eating a choc top ice cream.Weird

When we go to movies he requests every time a choc top ice cream -popcorn and some sort of chocolate.
Oh well he deserves it putting up with me.ha ha

Anyway it was wonderful to forget about doctors, work and the boy for a couple of hours.It is nice just to be kev & dee  although I did miss the boy but don't tell kev.

Then it was back to reality......

Off to the doctors again to get a blood test request for me.More pills for me..And Kev's results from his blood test the other day.
Ouch I didn't like them.His cholesterol is high other than that he is ok.So he (we) are going to watch what we eat.

So tonight for dinner I made chicken & sweet potatoes.So yummy -I will even eat the baby spinach,
This is the easiest meal to make.I'm sorry I don't do measurments real well.Just look at it and add to it -you can't go wrong.

Chop sweet potatoes -drizzle some olive oil and some  minced garlic in a baking dish add potatoes -cook

When potatoes are almost cooked add chopped chicken breast and -almond dukkah.It is some sort of spice and it can be bought in Woolies or Coles and is nice in salads or on potatoes etc.

When all cooked put in a dish with some baby spinach -yum.
I make a dressing with pure cream- 1 teaspoon horseradish and 1 teaspoon seeded mustard,
Truly this is such a fast easy meal you will love it.

                    Even Aidan eats it.He wanted me to take his photo to show he is a good boy.who ate  his dinner.

Now for the secret room......

This was a bedroom which already had a small built in .So we made a new built in with double doors going straight across the wall.
So if you can understand me the secret room is actually a secret L room-since it is L shape.

The open part of the room is now a office.The serect room is for craft supplies party bits and pieces presents for the future and junk.
But don't forget the junk because anyone knows this is the best part,

 Room isn't finished yet.   Plastering etc to go but at least it gives you an idea.

The photo on the right shows how you turn to go into the oringal wardrobe.
Yes this is tidy..

dee x

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our weekend...

Well I got some  much needed sleep early this morning so thank goodness .

So this morning Kev dropped me off at Westfeilds  while he took Aidan swimming so I could get a few things and have a look around without the boy.BLISS

Sorry Kev some things I bought  weren't  on the list he he he........

I just loved this candle handle so it came home with me...where it is now hanging happily in the lounge room.

This is cheating got these laterns  the other weekend but kept forgetting to put them out.I now need to get some citronella candles for them..

This was a must have .I wanted a knitting bag and couldn't find anything except a real tacky one from spotlight...Then I saw this how yum...

And lastly even though we both love our music we never end up buying it.Maybe we are too old he he he
All our Cd's are old records that we have replaced or the odd gift from each other.

Well we both love these bands-I went to get the AC/DC for fathers day for Kevin but they had sold out.
So I saw these and thought yep buy them.I don't regret it as they both sound awesome.Now I sound like Molly Meldrum...

Saturday night Batman made an appearance ,Tough looking Beware bad man the new Batman is in town. He just can't fill his suit yet... but he looks cute though.

Sunday thought I would try something new.
This breakfast was in the Coles magazine,
The only thing missing was the pesto toast and Kev said Yuk.

Kev enjoyed it but not too leen on the tomatoes he like his eggs soft and you have to bake these.

Then I know this is hard to believe but I got a fever and slept for a few hours in the afternoon.

When I woke Aidan wanted me to take photos of him and making bubbles...if you look carefully you can see a bubble in the photo.Aidan is a bit slow blowing them(bubbles) but we got one....

Then Miss Bonnie wanted her photo taken ....

The ballerina Miss Bonnie...

The snorting grunting dribbling Miss Bonnie...

Then Kev was watering some plants around the pool and it was just too nice not to have a photo of.Wish you could smell this-freshly mown grass  -beautiful...

I am determine to start on my craft tomorrow.   I wrote a list of all the things I need to make before christmas and had heart failure.So tommorrow I tidy the secret room (whoa that is something different to see) then a crafting I will go

Well that's it .
dee x