Monday, August 29, 2011

School Photo 2011

Kev brought the Little Mans school photo's home today and let me tell you .

He is SO cute,(till he opens his mouth )  ha ha ha

Looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth .
Wrong -but he is mine and I love him.

Just another little thing he has started doing is-When I call Kev to come and help me LM rushes in and says "it's me Little Kevin what do you want?" he then calls himself  Little Kevin for the rest of the day and that is so funny...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Thinking of you Muriel

This post is for my mother in law-- Kevin's mum.

I mentioned last week about her being ill -Well today is the big day.

At 1.30pm she will be operated on and we will know a couple of hours later how she is and what happens next.

So good luck  Muriel and remember all our prayers and thoughts are with you today.
I know Kev is very uptight about it as I know Pam and Sharon will be the same but you will be fine.Too many people care about you.

You will back to being  so many things to so many people.Going to soccer again (how exciting) and still going  for The Bulldogs-(cant change that one hey...)And giving the grandkids chocolates or having chocolate biscuits on hand.(LM loves this but hey Ashley still does as well)

We are all wishing you well so  we will see you later tonight.
And don't worry I won't bring my camera and take photos.......

Not-You think I am going to let a  chance like this past me by and not do it ha ha ha


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fairy Bread

Today I have just a little post for you-

Can you make fairy bread look any more cuter than how it looks now?

Well yes you can and also more yummable.
I read this handy hint in the Doctors the other week and yesterday the Little Man and I did some fairy bread magic.....(don't expect anything toooo magic this is just a little cute...)

Spread your bread with butter

Next choose your favorite biscuit cutter and put on the bread and press shape out,

We used a heart and a weird looking Mickey Mouse head cutter.I got 2 of the Micky heads  from one slice of bread but you get the idea.

Once they are cut out give the sprinkles to the fairy helper beside you and let them cover the bread shapes.
I must have forgot to tell my fairy helper not to make a mess because we had fairy sprinkles in some really weird places and a lot around his mouth.

Aren't these so cute.....

I guess it does look Mickey mouse head (if you couldn't see  ) But who cares
the Little Man loves them so we are going to get more cutters Yeah and do some more.

Even just make a normal Vegemite and cheese sandwich (yeah I know yuck but LM loves it)
and cut out your favorite shape on.
You just made a boring sandwich MAGIC.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Cold Friday

It's Friday and it's freezing.Not cold but freezing.....

The little Man said he isn't getting of bed today he is too cold.

"Look Dee I have purple toes" Yep it's that type of cold...

And so with  that comment the LM snuggled back down in my bed and
proceeded to watch cartoons...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Little Dragons

Last week the Little Man started Little Dragons.

What is that you ask??? Well he is now doing karate and Little Dragons is the 4-6yr age group.

Karl goes here and I think he has his black belt now so maybe one day that could be the Little Man.....If his instructors can handle him for that long ha ha

When he came home he could only remember one thing...
The Stance.

OMG how scary looking is he.

I hope I never run into him in a dark alley...

Too cute for words....

The next day as they were  going to day care  LM asked Kev "why did I go to  little dragons?"
                                           Kev said "we thought you might like it"
                           "Well you were wrong " was his reply.Kev said he had to really try hard not to
 laugh as  LM sounded so serious.
                          Today we said to him "your going to Little Dragons today."
                                                "Yeah  I want to go now" he said.
                                                        You can't win with kids ....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Party

Well welcome to my 4yr's farmyard birthday party.
I am really excited about it and hope everything works out.I couldn't have done all my bits without the
help of mum-john and Gail and my wonderful Kevin
Kids seemed to like it but we had chocolate so that doesn't really count......

We had lots of family and friends come to help us celebrate which was good and the LM had some of his friends from daycare here,I think there was about 20 kids and about 30-40 Adults.
As usual plenty of food but not too many leftovers ......

We even made kebabs from different sausages and vegetables for the adults to eat-but forgot to cook them till almost the end.

Weather was OK till the animal nursery arrived then we had sprinkles of rain.Animals rain and little kids dosn't work really well but I must say I was suprised -they kids behaved really well.

and OMG- they weren't the little baby animals I was expecting....

Oh no they were big.

The LM was a bit scared at first or that could have been my fault because if those animals came near me they would have to get through the LM first...

The birthday boy all dressed up..

LM and his brother Chris.

Sam is Chris's partner and they are expecting their first child,

Watch out LM he is a big sheep...

Mumma Gail Chris and the LM.

Come on LM feed this little baby.

Kerry and Emanuel.

Feeding little piggy.LM wanted a baby pig soooooo bad ,Later i said come on lets
go see the pig."I'm not interested"he replied.

Milly and LM patting chickens.

LM and Annaliese with a really big rabbit.I have never seen a rabbit that big.I thought it was a dog.ha ha
Actually they were bigger than our dog,Great we had killer rabbits.

Happy birthday to LM......
Happy Birthday to LM.....

All worn out .Well I know I am even if the other 2 aren't.
Thank God no more kids parties for another 12 months....yippeeee


Party Bits.

It seems like I have been making bits all week for this party.

Thank God it is over.Next year I think it will be a McDonald's party no mess no really yummie food but hey when the party finishes that is it...

Here are some more bits I made for the birthday boys farmyard party.

Choc top's
which i forgot to handout earlier but they still went latter on.

LM wanted a Tic Toc cake for his party.He went through the book and was
 determined he wanted this one

The party bags.

It is a shame you can't see this properly but the bunting looked great..
I had to paint the white cardboard with black splotches.then I cut out some white and black circles-they could have been bigger but I gave up I mean they are only babies they wont notice-it's just the mothers and godmothers ha ha that i have to worry about.

I ordered 10 of these and had them hanging up everywhere.

                                 The table looked great.(of course it did -you didn't think otherwise did you)

Some of the food.Chocolate crackles-cupcakes and my teacup biscuits-
chips lollies .
And to think all this plus more got eaten by tiny munchkins,

The Little Man turns 4 (belated post ha ha)

                              The LM is now 4.
                 I can't believe how fast the time  has gone,
          Just think so he will be off to school and OMG won't they know it then but before that happens we
have to survive his 4th party...
So sit back and be prepared to be bored  or to enjoy the build up to LM's 4th birthday party  as I put his photos  on the blog....

6.00am yes you are now 4 but couldn't you be 4 at 8.00am? ha ha

I know  you are 4...
You love Hungry Hippos....(not too noisy for me )

OMG you got a little kitchen to be a chef like your big brother Chris.

Lm and his Da...

My mum and dad.

Yum I love cake mix.

mmmm yum

This is LM"S 4th birthday cake,He picked the pig.
Cake tasted good.

Blowing out 4 candles....
The big 4year old
Happy Birthday to you....

I love sparklers..

All up we had a busy day but it was worth it to see the LM get excited about his birthday.
Party bits and pieces next time.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Horrible weekend

Well we had 2 lots of horrible news this weekend .

First off Kev's mum is sick and may loose either part or all of her kidney.
She is having more tests today to get a better idea and then more tests on Friday,Also they have to look at her liver as there seems to be a problem there.

It's not fair Kevs mum is a good mum and nanna .She is a great mother-in-law to me as well-as she dosn't butt in but she WOULD do anything we ask.

So we are thinking and praying for you...Just take care Mrs S and I will let you know when we have some more news