Monday, December 12, 2011

More Christmas'

Christmas Cave

Last weekend we had to go to the Christmas Cave Twice yes TWICE .
The first time was just to pick up some lights and some other bits and pieces.Well the LM was totally
mesmerized by the whole thing. One thing he said to me was "Dee I have never seen so many beautiful ornaments in my life". How sweet is he.

This is taken  on our second  trip to the cave.I just had to get some photos of him
enjoying the lights and Santa's.
He loved this Santa and wanted to take it home.

LM asked me to take his photo here so I did,

Dee I am a little bit tired .....I think I will sit next to my new friend...

I like this one...Ho Ho Ho

More Santa's....Can we come back here again?
Also LM said to me was"this is the most beautiful shop I have ever seen"


Christmas lights


I have been so slack putting  posts on but  I am back ready to go .(who am I kidding I will still be slack but hopefully  not as bad )

So to my friends who ask me (yes Lisa I mean you..) 

 when I am going to put some thing on my blog

Well watch out.

Hang on to your chair cause here they come...

Christmas Lights...

Well we didn't put up our  Christmas lights last year last year  because we went to mum's.

So as the LM is so excited about Christmas this year .....

Out comes the ladder and my little elf Kevin is off and away..(I must say he makes a cute little elf  -nice legs ha ha ha)

Well   while the photos aren't the best  it gives  you an idea of what it looks like. .
The LM loves it. He goes to the window and peaks out to check out the lights.

He told me last night  "Dee we have the most beautiful house I have ever
 seen can we keep it please....'"  What do you say like how cute is he...

Well that is the end  of my first blog as such but watch out  more to come ...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

bad good news

Some sad news ,Kerry has after talking to various professionals  to withdraw her
offer on the unit.

She is pretty upset but realises there must be a reason for all this.Also a big
Thank-you to Uncle Ross who sat down with her and gave her some advice.

So the hunt is on again...she will be out looking on Saturday again.

I'M BACK -maybe

I think I am on a comeback.....Yes I know I sound like an idiot but if you don't like it don't read me you won't understand how down down down I get.....

But once again I thought I cant let the  sickness win.I have lost friends who I thought were in there  for the long run.Family isn't the same anymore no one pops in to say hello or ask if i want anything or if i need doing.anything,it's funny though it has ended up being my blog friends can you believe so seem to be there for me.  leaving me little comments or Even sending me emails which i love.

  Anyway Kev and I were watching TV on Sunday night and they were cooking pavlovas.

Kev pipes up and says YUM then they put passion fruit on it and he nearly loses it.( helps that it was hot and he had been drinking beer ha ha ha ) so I decided then to make him one from scratch.

So finally today I made Kev a beautiful pav and for the LM with the bit left I pipped some kisses and he is wrapped.(happy)

Merguine kisses for the LM.Kerry used to love theses when little.

Kevin's pav was just how he loves it.

Kev thought this was a nice sunset ,to me -uhhh! oh yeah it's a sunset.

The Christmas ball lady has started again.These 2 balls are for Kerry's friends,

The loves of my life the LM and Kerry on their way out.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mavrelous Monday

                                                               Marvelous Monday

Yes that's what i am calling today.

No why was it so marvelous?

Well first off I spoke today to a very special friend  who I haven't spoke to for -well it felt like years but actually it was only about a month ha ha .It really made me happy to speak to her again

.What a start to the day.

Then Kerry had an annual  leave day so she could  do things about the unit she put a deposit on.We decided to go out for lunch together.I couldn't believe it -I was well enough to go out .Yeah

Well a lunch of chicken with avocado on a salad with a seeded mushroom dressing ( I am mentioning what
I had because if you know me you know I don't  eat salads)  well today I did and it was Yum.
So i accomplished something new  which i feel is good.

I guess I have to step out of the square every so often .

Then we went shopping .OMG I was still well enough to keep going.

I was happy about what I bought but I don't like to think about is the credit card bill when it comes ha ha ha

and last but still cherished were my daily calls to mum just to talk about whatever.....

So that was marvelous Monday,Tomorrow is Tuesday Oh no Terrible Tuesday. NO think of something else
I know Terrific Tuesday....( i think i use to many drugs.ha ha ha)


Sunday, November 27, 2011


Sold what ? you are thinking.......


Yesterday (Saturday) my baby bought her first apartment.

You can't believe how proud I am.She did this all on her own -we let her live here rent free as long as she was saving her money and not just blowing it.........

So now we wait thee is a 7 day cool off so fingers crossed.

It is an off the plan apartment in Waterloo

Best thing about this purchase- I get to have her still living here for the next 14 months till its completed.


Anyway had to ell everyone that Kerry bought her house...

So to my baby Congratulations Kev and I are very proud of you.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chloe meets the family.

Well since mum was down the plan was for us to go and see Chloe on Friday.


I was sick .So I just said to mum to take the LM and go see her I will get there next weekend.

So off they went....and got some unreal photos that I thought I'd share............

The LM meets his niece.
Hard to believe  he is an Uncle now.... 

Great grandma and Chloe say hello....

Nana and Chloe.
Chloe is wearing one of the hats mum made...too big but sooo cute.

LM with big brother Chris and Chloe

4 Generations..

Happy families...

Chris has a couple of snakes here the LM has the baby snake on his head ,,

Gail showing LM the big snake.Nope not interested.

So hope that wasn't so boring .have a great day .I need a nanny nap now ha ha 

Gails Birthday

Gail's came over on Sunday so we could give her presents to her from LM.

I made a frame which had a photo of Chris, LM  and Chloe when they were born.

Happy birthday mumma Gail.

The photo in the middle is of the little man.

New cossies

The LM is pool crazy .

This isn't a problem .

The problem is he walks in the front door after school and leaves a trail of clothes and then starts jumping around wanting to go for a swim .all while being naked.This is so funny to see but when he goes to get in the pool Bonnie our dog runs along side him and I am frighten she will bite his willie off ( I am laughing here as it sounds so silly )

So to make him not be dog snacks I bought him so cosies.when he put them on he told me to get the camera and take a photo of him...

Cute hey..... So sorry Bonnie no snacks now.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekly bits

Well  I have been going through some ups and downs these last few weeks.Whats new hey ha ha

Been to the Doctors and they  still say the same crap I feel like I am in in the too hard basket for them.If it wasn't for my mother nagging (yes nagging me  mum but only in a loving motherly way) (and I need it ) I would have no encouragement to try anything new.

Like some days I don't seem to be able to get out of the darkness that my life has become and then mum , Gill or Gail calls and it cheers me up for a little while.

Then a few good things happen which make me think things are going to get better .

And I had 2 this last week of them.

One was the birth of my new niece Chloe and secondly my mum came down, YEAH...(I was only sick in bed 1 day for her,)you know how good it is to have your mum looking after you when you are sick -well it's UNREAL....

Anyway thanks for the lovely comments on Chloe -especially to Angie (I don't know how to respond to your comments but it was really nice-thanks.

So I hope you   enjoy the following photos.

The LM loves his Nana.

Kiss me Nana..

Aren't these just the cutest baby hats.I got the pattern for mum from somewhere
on blog land but I can't remember where.Anyway mum made them for Chloe...Now these are newborn size
and are still too big you did a great job on them mum even though you were
cursing the pattern as you were doing it...he he he

Great!!!! the LM can give the Honda a break for awhile as Kev has just got a new work car.
They are down sizing cars at the moment so changes were made
Kevin hates the car LM loves it..

I decided to get off my butt and so the 3 of us went to the park so the boys could play ball.
No I didn't run with the ball it was hard enough just standing upright on the foot path (I nearly fell over doing that ).

Catch DA....Hey where is my shoe?

DA somethings in my foot...

DA doing bindi patrol...

Nana bought LM an umbrella which he won't stop playing with....

Except this one has a whistle on it which he loves...We would have
been better off with just the whistle....ha ha

Well sorry its a long post.I will have more photos to share tomorrow.