Friday, May 11, 2012

My Best friend

Today is the  anniversary of a  incredibly sad event in mine and Kerry's lives and I am not sure if I will be able to complete this post without breaking down,I already have tears streaming down my face just thinking about it,

Today is the 6th anniversary of my best friend Jan's taking of her own life.
Jan left behind 5 beautiful daughters and now there is a little Granddaughter who is 5years old and some times when I look at her I am reminded of Jan.Luckily the girls all seem to be coping on the outside.The eldest daughter has been Kerry's best friend since they were 4 years old and she has had to grow up fast raising her sisters and OMG she is amazing.Every time I see her I am reminded of Jan's face ,smile,and laugh so although Jan is not here with me now she is here in her daughters and granddaughter and for that I am thankful that we are still part of their lives.

I miss her so much and think and talk to her all the time.I hope she can hear me as I tell her how the girls are going and how proud Kev and I are of them all.

I hope you have found happiness you were looking for Jan.
Love you and miss you heaps

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Monster Spray

Lately we have been having trouble with the LM when it comes time to put him to bed at night.

He has monsters in his wardrobes and under his bed.
These monsters are scaring him quite regularly at the moment.Now I know this is a phase but I don't like seeing him upset so I decicded to fix the problem.


I made some Monster Spray.

Sorry about the photos but it was really hard to get it right and these are the best I could get.
I had a spray bottle of carpet and fabric freshener so I used that.I then used mod  podge to
attach a piece of paper to the bottle.Then I wrote

Monster Spray
Get rid of monsters in a single spray
No more monsters

You have to remember the LM is only 4ys old so I didnt want to use big words or rave on.Just wanted it short and sweet.

Then another coat of Mod podge over the writing then when this was dry I used a texta to "dot"
my writing.Now I added the monster stickers and


When I showed the LM he wanted to spray it straight away.
So for something that didn't cost much  or take too long to do I now have a monster free bedroom and one very VERY happy little boy....

Last night

Whoa guess what !

I went out with Kevin last night -ALL BYE OURSELVES NO LM.
Although  I had a really good night with Kevin I did miss the LM and I melted when Kerry said he was crying for me but we both survived.

We went and saw Heath Franklin's "CHOPPER"

We have seen him before with friends and his was very good and we had a laugh and a good time.So this time he was playing  near us so we thought we would go ..

So off we went and yes I did try to get out of going I had excuses made up but no Kevin and Kerry said "just go and enjoy " so I did and yes I did enjoy it very much.
I must have taken too many pain killers though cause I found myself nodding off abit during the show and when Kevin saw this he gently squeezed me (what a baby I am ).
Regardless of this it was a good show.
Except for the heckler...OMG he was a fool.I don't know if he thought this was the real Chopper or not but on and on he went yelling out stupid things and just being a d@%
.But Heath put him in his place and everyone loved it.
So if you ever get a chance to see him try to go.I know he swears alot but it is just part of the character and after awhile you dont even notice it.

So who knows I might just get used to going out again and being the Dee I used to be...


Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Best friends Birthday

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Kevin
Happy Birthday to you....

Well today is my Best friend Kevin"s birthday.
Yes he is my husband -but Kev is more than that,

He is my everything....( I hope no one is gagging yet ha ha )

Sounds corny but who cares but I couldn't exist without  him.

Even though he makes me sooooo angry sometimes and the snoring and other body  noises drives me insane -He only has to smile at me or start laughing at his own jokes ( although I would rather call it a giggle that he does as it is so cute and warms my heart )
He also has a cute dance that is just for me and it is precious to me.

He has taken on a big task with me -The Little Man and for that alone he is one in a million.He always sees the bright side of life which I hate  when he does that or he sees good in every one. Another of his traits is singing to everything and anything and I love it.

I thank God although maybe not enough for giving me Kevin.He is my everything and more.xx

Didn't he make a beautiful baby...xxxx

The LM and Kev  with the birthday cake.
The LM shouted FIRE when Kerry brought out the cakes.

So Happy Birthday Kevin Love you heaps xxx

LM and Kerry blowing out candles..xxxxx

Now my beautiful girl also had her birthday on Thursday and I couldnt resist
posting these pictures.
She will kill me .I know but I couldn't help it I love her heaps and the LM was really excited about her Birthday, so if I go missing you will know what happened.ha ha


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our birthday gift

Kev and my birthday's  are pretty much close together in this  horrible month of May so we tend to do joint presents.

I am sure every one has a month like this -we have 13 birthdays and this year one is a 21st .Mothers Day,car rego, just to name a few of our expenses for the month.

So I have been wanting a new camera for awhile now especially since the LM broke mine .It still works but it needs a complete new battery compartment which will cost around $100 plus.So this has made me want a new one more.I wanted a Cannon EOS  but we have decided (Kev did) that it is not practical for me because I am so lazy.I just want to point and shoot but want  the SLR quality.

We received an email from Sony about their new camera and after talking to the salesman we have bought it.

It is a joint birthday present for me and Kev and I love it......Already I love what it can do and can't wait to play with it.

So Happy birthday to us.Yeah I got a new camera.

Love it love it love it.    

Thursday, May 3, 2012

crafty week

Well apart from me being in the doldrums for the last couple of years  I mean weeks ha ha - I  still had to do some craft for a couple of gifts -also it keeps me sane. If you can call me that..ha ha
So here goes ...

I can't take credit for this blanket but I wanted to show my mum's progress on a Lego rug she is making for the LM. It looks so great I can't wait till it is finished as it is  just so fabulous.I am repeating myself again and again.
Thanks Mum you are the best...

Now this blanket I will take credit for.It is for baby Shakira and it is so warm and soft. I am really pleased with how it turned out.

Just another name sign .But I couldn't bring myself to do it in blue so I chose green and orange. I am very happy with this colour combination. I have also done the LM's in this combo  as well.

I was going to make this for my step sister for Christmas last year as she loved the one I made for my mum  but you know the story I wasn't well last Christmas- any way
I found the letters in the craft room and thought just do it now.At least she will have it for this Christmas.Glad I did cause I really like it as well.I am going to get my dad to cut out the letters and I want to make mine with all the letters in the music paper. .

My friend Tracey made the flowers for me so I will have to see if she can make me some more as I think they just finish it off perfectly.

I saw this in the new Kaiser range it is called Twig Wall Art  and just had to make it.This one is for Shakira I am going to make a couple of more for the other girls and I might put little hooks or pegs on it for their hair ribbons? I made this in the papers Kaiser suggested but I am going to change them next time.I also added the little flowers from the Dear Lizzy range.

                                           Just a few close ups of the Twig Wall art.

                              This is the canvas to match the name sign.Turned out good hey.

                        Then I finished off  the week with this digital book from Snapfish of Shakira.
They had a special offer on and from the time I submitted it I received it in 4 days .Not bad hey.It is just photos of her 1st week and luckily her parents loved the book.

Space man ....
Isn't his smile sooooo cute.Check out the shoes.What a westie. Its times like this that make me melt.Other times I boil over ha ha